Family Time Conversation Kit
Family Time Conversation Kit
Family Time Conversation Kit
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Family Time Conversation Kit

Put down the phones and make conversation around the table with this recipe card-inspired kit.


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Almost perfect


I bought this game as a Secret Santa gift for a co-worker with two children. The family spends the holidays baking and preparing traditional family dishes, and since they're traveling this year for Christmas I thought this kit would be perfect for them while they're on the road. I spent a bit more than planned because I loved the recipe format and the fact that all ages could participate. I also hope that the kit will help them create new family memories. I still love the idea and think the gift will be well-received, but I was disappointed in the packaging. Basically, the box as shown with the cards inside is all you get--there's no lid to the "recipe box," and the whole thing is just shrink-wrapped. For the price, I thought that was a little stingy. In fact, once the plastic wrap is removed, the recipe box will be susceptible to spilling, and the cards can scatter in the car--a recipe for disaster. :) I suppose rubber bands can be deployed, but this is a strange set-up for a product touted as travel-friendly. The packaging and the name of the kit make this seem more like a prototype than a finished product. If I were selling these kits, first thing I'd do is change the name to something more fun and better connected to cooking/recipes: Kitchen Table Talk? Roundtable Recipes? Creative Conversation Cookery? OK--I'll keep my day job. But overall, this is a perfect gift for the family who will receive it, and that makes me happy. So, with all the disclaimers, I would recommend this kit to others.

Liberty, NC


Family Time Conversation Kit

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