home decor



decorative accents

  • Llama Butler Doorstop

    Llama Butler Doorstop


  • Door Harp

    Door Harp


  • Color Changing Cinema Lightbox

    Color Changing Cinema Lightbox


  • Recycled Glass Tree Globes - Relationships

    Recycled Glass Tree Globes - Relationships


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mats & rugs

  • Pearl the Unicorn Doormat

    New! Pearl the Unicorn Doormat


  • Footprints in the Sand Doormat

    Footprints in the Sand Doormat


  • Larry the Llama Doormat

    Larry the Llama Doormat


  • Sea Spell Doormat

    Sea Spell Doormat


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  • On the Other Hand Clock

    On the Other Hand Clock


  • Eco Thermometer Clock

    Eco Thermometer Clock


  • Record Clock

    Record Clock


  • Whatever Clock

    Whatever Clock


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pillows & blankets

  • Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillows - Team Colors

    Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillows - Team Colors


  • Embroidered College Pillows

    Embroidered College Pillows


  • Personalized Tree Throw

    Customizable Personalized Tree Throw


  • Pedigree Poem Pillow

    Customizable Pedigree Poem Pillow


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  • Caterpillar Bud Vase

    Caterpillar Bud Vase

    $20.00 - $38.00

  • From an Angle Vase

    From an Angle Vase

    $15.00 - $25.00

  • Bedside Smartphone Vase

    Bedside Smartphone Vase


  • Personalized Cursive Wedding Vase

    Customizable Personalized Cursive Wedding Vase


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candles & luminaries

  • Homesick Candles

    Homesick Candles


  • Spirited Candles

    Spirited Candles


  • Beach Stone Match Striker

    Beach Stone Match Striker


  • Fireside Cozy Candles

    Fireside Cozy Candles


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  • Long Distance Touch Lamp

    Long Distance Touch Lamp

    $75.00 - $150.00

  • Let it Glow Lamp

    Let it Glow Lamp


  • My Cinema Lightbox

    My Cinema Lightbox

    $15.00 - $90.00

  • Art Deco Toggle Switch

    Art Deco Toggle Switch


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night lights

  • Let it Glow Lamp

    Let it Glow Lamp


  • Recycled Glass Elephants Nightlight

    Recycled Glass Elephants Nightlight


  • Key to My Heart Nightlight

    Key to My Heart Nightlight


  • Midnight Moon Lithopane Nightlight

    Midnight Moon Lithopane Nightlight


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storage & organization

  • Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage

    Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage

    $115.00 - $140.00

  • Fire Escape Shelf

    Fire Escape Shelf


  • Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo

    New! Hang Anywhere Shelf Duo


  • Hoop Magazine Rack

    Hoop Magazine Rack


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Home Decor
Home is where the heart is, but home décor is how the heart is revealed. Inspired home décor ideas turn bare walls into art galleries, cold floors to warm hearths, and barren rooms into cherished nooks. First-time home decorators and home decorating masters alike will find creative design ideas in our carefully curated collection of wall art, decorative accents, rugs, one-of-a-kind furniture, accent lighting, and more. Bedroom, bathroom, outdoor living space, or kitchen, we’ve got your design ambitions covered.
Bare toes prefer their floors well adorned. Soft home accents like our hand-crafted, barefoot-ready area rugs add comfort, style, and balance. Small rugs allow for numerous design options. Scatter rugs around a room to create your original mosaic by mixing and matching—and don’t forget doormats! Whether furry or funny, rubber or recycled, comical or customizable, doormats are welcoming to friends and family.
All thoughts of minimalism aside, bare walls offer a blank canvas where you can let loose your inner interior designer. Whether it’s a few pieces of wall art or an entire art wall, the possibilities are only limited by imagination. Sentimental? Custom and personalized prints are great pictures for the wall. World traveler? How about a world map or piece of topography art? Man cave? Our personalized prints, sports memorabilia, and beer art make perfect wall hangings. With countless pictures for walls, art pieces, and other art & wall décor, home design ideas are limitless.
Décor is short for decoration. You’ll never come up short when there are so many home accents to choose from. A few accent pieces here, an unusual clock or unique wall hanging over there, some table lamps to illuminate that dark corner, and home décor can go from country rustic to modern décor in no time. The fun is in the interpretation, so express yourself!
An animal-shaped table, an unusual rocker, a shape-shifting chair, a side table shaped like your favorite state, a baby wrapped in a tortilla ...one of these things is not like the other. The truth is none of these things are like the other. Unconventional modern furniture pieces add more than character to a room, they elicit conversation. Whether you’re mischievous, sports-minded, proud, or whimsical, our design furniture is uncommon and yet practical.
There is always room for change. Fortunately, there are always rooms to change. Upgrade that bedroom décor with imagination and style. Increase storage and efficiency with new kitchen tools & gadgets. Brighten up your outdoor living spaces with a set of solar lights. Add flair to room furnishings with creative accent pieces. The possibilities are endless. Change may be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful.