The Bad Dog Doormat
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The Bad Dog Doormat

Though he may not be able to come and stay, this mat will certainly invite your family and friends to.

$30.00 $ 19.99

Amazingly awesome mat!


I am a lifetime lover of dogs, and I have two fantastic big dogs who crack me up and bring me so much joy every single day. This mat is hilarious because it accurately portrays rebel dogs -- which remind me of my very own fur babies who sometimes don't like to follow commands. Dogs are the best, and I'm always on the lookout for cute and functional items for the house that are dog-themed. :)

Springfield, IL


Really cute, but does not hold up well in weather.


Because I thought this was cute, and it's a great way to let people know I have a dog, I bought this mat. It arrived promptly. The colors were very vibrant; however, after one summer in the sun it faded really fast. You can no longer read the words or see all of the dogs.

Chapel Hill, NC


The Bad Dog Doormat

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