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Our Best Bets for September Birthdays

August 24, 2018

September’s coming, and you know what that means: September birthdays are coming, too. (It is the most popular birth month, if you didn’t know.) Don’t know what to snag your best Virgo—or Libra—pal? Worry not. We’ve got 19 suggestions, each more likely to induce birthday smiles than the last.

1. Fragrant soaps that mimic the look of real birthstones.

Birthstone Mineral Soaps | UncommonGoods

These soaps are so pretty, we wouldn’t begrudge you buying more than one—even if September’s all you really need. Colored completely with veggie-based dyes, they’re loaded with invigorating minerals and soothing vitamin E oil.

Birthstone Mineral Soaps – $20 Buy Now »


2. A necklace filled with real nonpareils.

Sprinkles Heart Necklace | UncommonGoods

Handmade in Brooklyn, it’s a great way to pay tribute to your sweetest pal.

Sprinkles Heart Necklace – $52 Buy Now »


3. Puzzles that unlock bottles of wine.

Wine Bottle Puzzles | UncommonGoods

Got a friend who likes their liquor with a side of problem-solving? These wooden brainteasers require decoding before they’ll relinquish their precious vino.

Wine Bottle Puzzles – $30 Buy Now »


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Editors’ Picks: A Roundup of Our Favorite Products

August 17, 2018

UncommonGoods Editors' Picks: A Roundup of Our Favorite Products

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, it’s not easy to pick favorites. It’s certainly fun trying, though. Our blog team took a look through our collection of product roundups to make this list of the items that got us the most excited.

1. Jars that make growing herbs indoors easy.

Mason jars aren’t just cute, they’re also perfect planters for your hydroponic herb garden.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden – $20 Buy Now »


2. Animals that’ll keep your houseplants company.

Made from bendable brass-plated steel, these furry (and scaly!) friends adjust to hug the stems of your favorite indoor tree.

Plant Hanging Animals – $22.50 Buy Now »


3. Glasses that link two of our favorite things: wine and the stars.

Sure, you could take a look at the stars by walking outside at night, assuming you don’t live in a big city. But these glasses make for an even more fun way to track the location of each constellation.

Stargazing Wine Glass Set – $30 Buy Now »


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13 Lovable Wedding Gifts for Uncommon Couples

August 8, 2018

Finding a good wedding gift ain’t easy, especially if you’re looking to live a little and—gasp!—go off registry. Lucky for you, we’ve got plenty of goods that freshly minted husbands and wives will appreciate, from sweet, cheerful mugs to custom artwork. Check out 13 of our favorites below.

1. Mugs for the couple that caffeinates together.

Open-Minded Couple Mugs | UncommonGoods

Handmade in California, these adorable mugs hold up to 21 ounces of coffee. (That’s a lot.) They’re also sold individually, so it’s easy to nab pairs for couples of all kinds.

Open-Minded Couple Mugs – $48 Buy Now »


2. Hand-painted platters that toast happy endings.

Happily Ever After Platter | UncommonGoods

Suzanne Pollack’s sweet, sentimental design celebrates a love that’s written in the stars, whether it’s between brides, grooms, or both.

Happily Ever After Platter – $84 Buy Now »


3. A custom-made vase crafted from a champagne bottle.

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase | UncommonGoods

They’ll be popping champagne all night. What better way to remember their big day?

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase – $75 Buy Now »


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Our Summer Favorites Under $50

July 19, 2018

Summer’s the time for fun in the sun, but days at the beach, backyard barbecues, and endless outdoor events can start to get spendy. We’re not about to let dollar signs put a damper on summer celebrations, so we picked a few of our favorite warm-weather finds that cost less than $50.

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Our Favorite Products This Week

May 23, 2018

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. A cocktail kit that makes eight smokin’ margaritas.

Smoky Margarita Cocktail Kit | UncommonGoods

With smoked sugar syrup, lemon mint shrub, and dried lemon slices on deck, you’ll be making A+ cocktails for a crowd in no time.

Smoky Margarita Cocktail Kit – $30 Buy Now »


2. A little something to bring butterflies into your garden.

Butterfly Puddler | UncommonGoods

Too many butterflies? No such thing. This puddler’s designed to hold onto the minerals our six-legged friends crave once water evaporates—and to keep them coming back for more.

Butterfly Puddler – $40 Buy Now »


3. An at-home fermentation kit for probiotic fans.

DIY Fermentation Kit | UncommonGoods

Can’t get enough of that fresh-pickled flavor? We feel you. This kit makes it easier than ever to keep the sharp, tangy treats flowing. (Pro tip: Try binging It’s Alive for funky new ideas.)

DIY Fermentation Kit – $42 Buy Now »


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Our Favorite Products This Week

May 16, 2018

Our Favorite Products This Week | UncommonGoods

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. The perfect babysuit for your lil’ cute-tea.

Bubble Tea Babysuit | UncommonGoods

The boba graphics on this super-soft cotton babysuit are added by hand, making each extra special. The straw on the matching hat? That makes this outfit extra adorable.

Bubble Tea Babysuit – $36 Buy Now »


2. A bedding set to help kids blastoff to dreamland.

Rocket Duvet and Pillowcase Set | UncommonGoods

Sometimes launching bedtime is a challenge. Thanks to this matching duvet and pillowcase set, your kiddo will be eager to initiate their next dream mission.

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set – $119 Buy Now »


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12 Space-Savers for Your Home Sweet Shoebox Small Apartment

May 10, 2018

Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Scientists claim the universe is expanding, but they haven’t been to our house. You feel us? When it comes to saving space, more is never enough. Each of the items below is both more, and less. (Physics is full of such paradoxes.)

1. An entryway shelf that streamlines your exits.

Out The Door Catch-All Shelf | UncommonGoods

Hang this by your door and free up a drawer. All the little things you need as you dash out—keys, sunglasses, phone, wallet—will find a place on it. You can even put reminder notes on it with a magnet. For example, “Buy that cute catch-all shelf.”

Out the Door Catch-All Shelf – $45 Buy Now »


2. A caddy for storing #bedlife necessities.

Bedside Essentials Pocket | UncommonGoods

Look at your bedroom. See any space for remotes? Magazines? Tablet? Neither do we. This pocket creates a place for them right where you need it: next to your bed. Now, cocooning will be even cocoonier.

Bedside Essentials Pocket – $20-$25 Buy Now »


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Our Favorite New Gifts for May Birthdays

May 7, 2018

Our Favorite New Gifts for May Birthdays | UncommonGoods

So your bestie’s a Taurus. Or maybe a Gemini. That’s great and all, but the stars won’t help you pick a birthday present they love. Just leave that kind of thing to us! This month, we’ve got 20 of our coolest new items on deck, so you don’t have to think too hard about that “gifting” thing, at least as far as May birthdays go. Read on for every one of ’em.

1. A pretty piece of art that toasts their home state.

Ode to Home State Art | UncommonGoods

A watercolor portrait of their home state’s natural wonders + a super-cute acrostic = one happy birthday girl (or boy, of course).

Ode to Home State Art – $40-100 Buy Now »


2. A game that’s perfect for friends with #nofilter.

What Do You Meme Game | UncommonGoods

We know, we know, #nofilter’s an Instagram thing. But something tells us you know a little someone who’s equally deserving of that hashtag, and chances are, they’ll love this meme-tastic game that tasks them with choosing an image’s cleverest caption. (Please forgive us for saying “meme-tastic.”)

What Do You Meme Game – $30 Buy Now »


3. A sculpted llama that’s just the right size for a succulent.

Llama Planter | UncommonGoods

Whether they love llamas or little green friends (hey, plants have personality, too), they’ll delight in the presence of this petite sweetie on their window sill.

Llama Planter – $48 Buy Now »


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