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Our Summer Favorites Under $50

July 19, 2018

Summer’s the time for fun in the sun, but days at the beach, backyard barbecues, and endless outdoor events can start to get spendy. We’re not about to let dollar signs put a damper on summer celebrations, so we picked a few of our favorite warm-weather finds that cost less than $50.

  1. A tap that turns a melon into a keg.

What’s even more refreshing than a summer cocktail? One served right out of a melon. Just hollow out your fruit and fill with your favorite alcohol–or juice if you’re going the mocktail route–then tap and enjoy. (Tip: Turn the removed watermelon into a puree for a tasty mixer.)

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit – $19.99 Buy Now »



2. Rubs to season your summer eats.

Get your grill on with these hand-blended, small batch spices. The set includes Cajun blackened, Caribbean, chipotle & honey, and Vermont Maple, so you can take your pick from savory, a little sweet, or nice and spicy.

Grilling Spice Blends – $36 Buy Now »



3. Bowls that up your guac and salsa game.

Illustrator Alyson Thomas’ diagram dishes make serving up perfectly proportioned guacamole and salsa easy. Not only do the bowls come with recipes to create the delicious dip duo, they also nest for easy storage.

Guacamole and Salsa Diagram Nesting Bowls – $45 Buy Now »



4. This spatula has a light for grilling into the night.

Your barbecue doesn’t need to cool down just because it’s getting late. This spatula comes with a handy light so you’ll be able to see those grill marks even in the dark. Since the light’s magnetic, you can stick it on the handle, put it right on the grill, or attach it to any other metal surface.

Grilling Spatula with Magnetic Light – $35 Buy Now »



5. A bib with a place for stashing snacks.

Little tummies get hungry, even when out on summer adventures. This bib serves as a handy snack storage container, then unfolds to do the more traditional bib thing.

Snack & Go Travel Bib – $22.50 Buy Now »



6. Seed bombs that grow into edible herbs and greens.

Toss these little balls in your backyard (or anywhere you want to grow an impromptu garden) and wait for something tasty to grow.

Herbs & Greens Seed Bombs – $18 Buy Now »



7. BBQ sauces made for beer lovers.

These spicy sauces are the natural evolution of beer + BBQ: They’re actually infused with craft brew.

Beer-Infused BBQ Sauce–Set of 3 – $35 Buy Now »



8. Adorable little watermelons you can grow at home.

Summer is almost synonymous with watermelon, but did you know those juicy treats come in a super cute “baby” variety? Grow your own with this kit that comes in a nutrient-rich biodegradable planter, so you can start your melon indoors and then move it outside when the seedling is ready.

Baby Watermelon Grow Kit – $10 Buy Now »



9. A kite with a reel that makes flying it a breeze.

Flying a kite can be pretty relaxing…until the string gets tangled. Nix the spool and focus on the fun part with this innovative kite that lets you cast the line, so you don’t have to worry about unwinding it.

Castakite – $20 Buy Now »



10. A kids’ croquet set shaped like a pack of pups.

This croquet set is just the right size for kids–and the colorful pooches on the hoops make it extra cute.

Doggy Croquet – $30 Buy Now »



11. This versatile handwoven tote has a removable linen lining.

Handwoven from seagrass and just right for beach going, this tote has a removable, easy-to-clean linen lining. See you later, stowaway sand!

Handwoven Market & Beach Tote – $45 Buy Now »


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