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The Essential Guide to Anniversary Gifts By Year

June 22, 2018

Whether it is the celebration of something fresh or the commemoration of an enduring bond, anniversary gifts by the year help acknowledge the most important moments in marriage.

Over the long history of giving, a number of themes have emerged that define the most suitable offerings for each passing year. Drawing inspiration from this well-spring ensures you get the sentiment right without losing a wink of sleep worrying what to get.

So do yourself a favor and scroll through our essential guide to help you evoke the most fitting symbolism at the appropriate stage of your loved ones life.

Anniversary Gifts by Year

A Year of Gratitude Anniversary box set
A Year of Gratitude – $30 Buy Now »

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Gift Guides

Gift Lab: Screen-Free Kid Fun with Flipbooks and a Castakite

June 14, 2018


Flipbook Kit (T. Rex/Pteranodon version)

I was once a child. Isn’t that enough? OK, no.

I was planning a Mexican beach vacation with my mother, my brother, and his five year-old son, “The Chooch.” Like most kids, The Chooch is addicted to screens of all sizes. We wanted to get him away from them. His dad and I chose these two toys for our experiment in behavior modification.

The Chooch will have a blast with these. More importantly for us, he’ll be distracted from his tablet for a significant amount of time.

Part I: Flipbook Kit

Boy and Flipbook. Initial response: positive. (Note experiment-appropriate lab wear.)

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13 Tasty Gifts for the Dad
Who’s Got It All

May 30, 2018

13 Tasty Gifts for the Dad Who’s Got It All | UncommonGoods

So your dad’s impossible to shop for. So what? If one thing’s for sure, it’s that a guy’s gotta eat. For those who can’t imagine a Father’s Day gift that’s not a version of something Dad already has, let us present a selection of our most scrumptious, uncommon foodstuffs, from irresistibly tangy condiments to cocktail kits that’ll have him feeling like a real bartender. Check ’em all out below. (Sorry if we make you hungry, but some things can’t be helped.)

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Gift Guides

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Only Get at UncommonGoods

May 30, 2018

Father’s Day Gifts You Can Only Get at UncommonGoods

Your dad is one of a kind. From his funny stories (sure, you’ve heard ’em before, but you love hearing ’em again), to his funny jokes, to his ability to always know exactly when you need some fatherly advice, he’s a pretty special fella. We’re here to help you make your papa feel even more special on June 17 with a selection of unique Father’s Day gifts that you can only get at UncommonGoods.


Beer Diagram Glassware | UncommonGoods

Got a pops who loves his hops? This set of pint glasses celebrates the ingredients that make beer great with Alyson Thomas’ clever illustrated diagrams.

Beer Diagram Glassware – $25 Buy Now »



The Complete Absinthe Set | UncommonGoods

Maybe a touch of absinthe is Dad’s drink of choice? This set comes with everything that would have been included in a 19th-century absinthe service for one. (Except that enchanting green spirit. Throw in a bottle of his favorite brand and he’ll surely raise a glass to you on Father’s Day.)

The Complete Absinthe Set – $155 Buy Now »



Baseball Snack Server | UncommonGoods

Are Dad’s favorite pastimes baseball and snacking? This clever tray and dish combo makes it easy for him to nosh while he watches.

Baseball Snack Server – $65 Buy Now »


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12 Father’s Day Gifts for the Practical Pop

May 28, 2018

12 Father’s Day Gifts for the Practical Pop

So your dad’s the kind of guy who doesn’t love it when you spend money on lavish Father’s Day surprises for him. He really believes it’s the thought that counts and would be perfectly happy with the gift of a pair of tube socks or a value pack of batteries—ya know, something he can really use. While we understand Dad’s devotion to utilitarian gifts, we think there are plenty of creative ways to compromise. This collection of thoughtful-yet-useful gifts will help you find something that makes you feel great about gifting while, more importantly, giving Pops a practical gift he’ll want to try out right away.


Find a Fountain Water Bottle | UncommonGoods

So maybe a water bottle that looks nice isn’t on the top of your practical dad’s gift list. But one that’s made of super durable borosilicate glass, easily attaches to his bike or bag, and comes with an app that tells him the closest places to refill it for free probably is. The nice-looking part is just a bonus.

Find a Fountain Water Bottle – $49 Buy Now »



No Mess Coffee Press | UncommonGoods

Dilemma: Dad loves strong coffee but hates cleaning up. Solution: This press lets him make French press-style brew without the residual sludge.

No Mess Coffee Press – $80 Buy Now »


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Father’s Day Gifts for the Backyard BBQ Master

May 24, 2018

Father’s Day Gifts for the Backyard BBQ Master | UncommonGoods

Ah, the lawn-loving dad. You know the type: when he’s not atop his riding mower, he’s getting veggies sliced and spiced for the grill—and when he’s not doing that, he’s setting up the badminton net or the croquet wickets. Ready for a little one-on-one? OK, calm down, we’re just setting the scene. For the pop that’s always outside, we’ve assembled 13 little somethings to enrich the experience this Father’s Day, from hammocks to handheld tools that keep the grill extra clean. Read on for more.

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Gift Guides

Our Favorite Products This Week

May 23, 2018

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks—all just for you.

1. A cocktail kit that makes eight smokin’ margaritas.

Smoky Margarita Cocktail Kit | UncommonGoods

With smoked sugar syrup, lemon mint shrub, and dried lemon slices on deck, you’ll be making A+ cocktails for a crowd in no time.

Smoky Margarita Cocktail Kit – $30 Buy Now »


2. A little something to bring butterflies into your garden.

Butterfly Puddler | UncommonGoods

Too many butterflies? No such thing. This puddler’s designed to hold onto the minerals our six-legged friends crave once water evaporates—and to keep them coming back for more.

Butterfly Puddler – $40 Buy Now »


3. An at-home fermentation kit for probiotic fans.

DIY Fermentation Kit | UncommonGoods

Can’t get enough of that fresh-pickled flavor? We feel you. This kit makes it easier than ever to keep the sharp, tangy treats flowing. (Pro tip: Try binging It’s Alive for funky new ideas.)

DIY Fermentation Kit – $42 Buy Now »


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