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Our Favorite New Gifts for May Birthdays

May 7, 2018

Our Favorite New Gifts for May Birthdays | UncommonGoods

So your bestie’s a Taurus. Or maybe a Gemini. That’s great and all, but the stars won’t help you pick a birthday present they love. Just leave that kind of thing to us! This month, we’ve got 20 of our coolest new items on deck, so you don’t have to think too hard about that “gifting” thing, at least as far as May birthdays go. Read on for every one of ’em.

1. A pretty piece of art that toasts their home state.

Ode to Home State Art | UncommonGoods

A watercolor portrait of their home state’s natural wonders + a super-cute acrostic = one happy birthday girl (or boy, of course).

Ode to Home State Art – $40-100 Buy Now »


2. A game that’s perfect for friends with #nofilter.

What Do You Meme Game | UncommonGoods

We know, we know, #nofilter’s an Instagram thing. But something tells us you know a little someone who’s equally deserving of that hashtag, and chances are, they’ll love this meme-tastic game that tasks them with choosing an image’s cleverest caption. (Please forgive us for saying “meme-tastic.”)

What Do You Meme Game – $30 Buy Now »


3. A sculpted llama that’s just the right size for a succulent.

Llama Planter | UncommonGoods

Whether they love llamas or little green friends (hey, plants have personality, too), they’ll delight in the presence of this petite sweetie on their window sill.

Llama Planter – $48 Buy Now »


4. An all-in-one kit that lets them grow their own palm tree.

Palm Tree Grow Kit | UncommonGoods

Did you know palm trees cost $20,000 a pop? Don’t freak. You can give the gift of a seedling—and the satisfaction that comes from hand-rearing it—for a mere $15. Sounds good to us.

Palm Tree Grow Kit – $15 Buy Now »


5. Coasters that add a psychedelic touch to any table.

Iridescent Coasters - Set of 4 | UncommonGoods

No, you’re not hallucinating. They’re just as mesmerizing as they look.

Iridescent Coasters – Set of 4 – $25 Buy Now »


6. An elegant spot to stash corks from past toasts.

Wine Cork States | UncommonGoods

Everybody has that one wine-drinking friend whose junk drawer is filled to the brim with corks. Give them somewhere special to stash old stoppers so they become “keepsakes” instead of, well, “junk.”

Wine Cork States – $35 Buy Now »


7. A trio of soaps in surprising (and enticing) scents.

Foodie Collection Soap Trio | UncommonGoods

We’ve never smelled a white truffle and cantaloupe-scented soap before, but we’ll tell you what: we certainly won’t stop now.

Foodie Collection Soap Trio – $32 Buy Now »


8. Salt and pepper grinders that look just like little cacti.

Cacti Salt and Pepper Grinders | UncommonGoods

With grinding mechanisms made from ceramic, not metal, they’re also sturdier than most.

Cacti Salt & Pepper Grinders – $48 Buy Now »


9. A pouch with a secret message inside.

Secret Message Custom Pouch | UncommonGoods

Print whatever you want (atop one of five different linings) for a gift that’s truly tailored to your pal.

Secret Message Custom Pouch – $40 Buy Now »


10. Little gemstones that know just when to light up.

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights | UncommonGoods

Made from real amethyst, rose quartz, and white quartz, these nightlights are equipped with a sensor that tells them when to glow—and when they should really lay low.

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights – $35 Buy Now »


11. A shiny balloon-icorn that holds onto change.

Balloon Unicorn Bank | UncommonGoods

Isn’t “balloon-icorn” the most fun to say? We thought so.

Balloon Unicorn Bank – $40 Buy Now »


12. A handmade mug pressed with antique lace.

Pressed Lace Mug | UncommonGoods

From “flat slab of clay” to “coffee-ready vessel,” maker Colleen Huth oversees every point in this intricate mug’s special journey.

Pressed Lace Mug – $38 Buy Now »


13. An alternative to the “box” in “boxed wine.”

Wine Dispensing Sphere | UncommonGoods

Listen, boxed wine is a good deal, and we certainly don’t judge your buds for buying it over bottled. But we do think they deserve something special to put it in that’s not, you know, a box.

Wine Dispensing Sphere – $65 Buy Now »


14. A kit that’ll help them relax from head to toe.

Refresh and Revitalize Gift Set | UncommonGoods

Salt scrub. Lip balm. Whipped body butter. It’s all good stuff, and it’s all contained within a woven basket, so you don’t have to wrap it or anything.

Refresh and Revitalize Gift Set – $37 Buy Now »


15. A set of mismatched earrings for the sweet lover.

Snowcone and Popsicle Mismatched Earrings | UncommonGoods

Friend can’t choose between popsicles and snowcones? We know which side we fall on, but we won’t give ’em a hard time. After all, these earrings can’t decide, either.

Snowcone & Popsicle Mismatched Earrings – $20 Buy Now »


16. Pasta-shaped kitchen tools for carb devotees.

Al Dente Kitchen Helpers | UncommonGoods

These are much more exciting than a box of pasta, we think.

Al Dente Kitchen Helpers – $36 Buy Now »


17. A paper airplane that’ll please even techies.

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane | UncommonGoods

“Paper airplane” doesn’t really do this thing justice. Using a Bluetooth®-enabled device, it connects to your friend’s phone, where they can control its movements using an app. No more sad nosedives, right?

Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane – $50 Buy Now »


18. A bangle embedded with stunning dried blooms.

Midnight Thicket Botanist Collection Bangle | UncommonGoods

Real flowers are nice, but they fade, and that’s a bummer. This bracelet, however, is evergreen… and ever-purple, to boot.

Midnight Thicket Botanist Collection Bangle – $59 Buy Now »


19. A dedicated spot for their favorite shower beverage.

Shower Beer Holder | UncommonGoods

If you’ve never had a shower beer, you’re missing out. This silicone caddy suctions to shower walls to keep your fave’s favorite brew on hand at all times.

Shower Beer Holder – $15 Buy Now »


20. A birthday candle made just for them.

Personalized Birthday Candle | UncommonGoods

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a candle, right? This one comes with their name and age printed on.

Personalized Birthday Candle – $30 Buy Now »


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