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12 Space-Savers for Your Home Sweet Shoebox Small Apartment

May 10, 2018

Space-Saving Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Scientists claim the universe is expanding, but they haven’t been to our house. You feel us? When it comes to saving space, more is never enough. Each of the items below is both more, and less. (Physics is full of such paradoxes.)

1. An entryway shelf that streamlines your exits.

Out The Door Catch-All Shelf | UncommonGoods

Hang this by your door and free up a drawer. All the little things you need as you dash out—keys, sunglasses, phone, wallet—will find a place on it. You can even put reminder notes on it with a magnet. For example, “Buy that cute catch-all shelf.”

Out the Door Catch-All Shelf – $45 Buy Now »


2. A caddy for storing #bedlife necessities.

Bedside Essentials Pocket | UncommonGoods

Look at your bedroom. See any space for remotes? Magazines? Tablet? Neither do we. This pocket creates a place for them right where you need it: next to your bed. Now, cocooning will be even cocoonier.

Bedside Essentials Pocket – $20-$25 Buy Now »


3. A conversation-starting TP roll holder.

Cloudy Day Toiler Paper Storage | UncommonGoods

Concrete isn’t fluffy. So how can it be a cloud? The slight surrealness of this piece of powder room pow!  is what makes it so cool.

Cloudy Day Toiler Paper Storage – $115-140 Buy Now »


4. A mini bar cabinet that frees up floor space.

Hanging Cocktail Bar | UncommonGoods

Entertain with style—despite lacking space—with this industrial-look bar setup. We think it’s more stylish than full-size bar carts ten times its size.

Hanging Cocktail Bar – $110 Buy Now »


5. A valet that docks your phone, and a plant or two.

Smartphone Valet Planter | UncommonGoods

While your phone charges, you’re in charge of the arrangement of this compact ceramic desk organizer. A small plant or cut flowers make every workday a little better, and pens, paper clips, and sticky notes never looked so good.

Smartphone Valet and Planter – $60 Buy Now »


6. 25 toggling triangles to hold coats, hats, etc.

Flip Rack | UncommonGoods

Home isn’t just where you hang your hat—it’s where you wow guests with this ingeniously stylish coat rack made from 25 beechwood triangles. They flip down when you need them, and back up when you don’t. No closet or floor space needed.

Flip Rack – $75 Buy Now »


7. A bin that stores shopping bags to use for trash.

Urbano Eco Trash Can | UncommonGoods

Plastic shopping bags. Sigh. They can be almost impossible to avoid. But at least you can give them a second use with this modern style waste bin designed to store and then use them, all without taking up any extra space.

Urbano Eco Trash Can – $19 Buy Now »


8. A utensil holder with “wow” power.

Floating Utensil Holder | UncommonGoods

People with separate gadgets for pitting mangoes, avocados, cherries, olives are our people. But if the utensil drawer overfloweth, float daily-use tools in modern fashion with this cool holder.

Floating Utensil Holder – $15 Buy Now »


9. Stacking containers for fresh fruits and veggies.

Veggie Smart Storage Containers | UncommonGoods

“A place for every produce and every produce in its place”—we think Ben Franklin said that. Or was it Mom? Whoever said it, these containers do it. Designed to stack, they create more places—and more space.

Veggie Smart Storage Containers – $55 Buy Now »


10. A fruit bowl that helps fruit reach peak ripeness.

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl | UncommonGoods

Separating fruit by ripeness, each stage with its own “floor,” saves a whole lot of counter space.

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl – $65 Buy Now »


11. A high-design folding chair.

Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair | UncommonGoods

This warm industrial teak and aluminum chair blends good looks with efficiency. When it’s not offering lumbar-supporting seating, it folds flat against the wall, pretending to be a wallflower instead of the star it really is.

Shape-Shifting Ollie Chair – $395 Buy Now »


12. Handmade pottery wall vases for air plants.

Air Plant Wall Sconces | UncommonGoods

Each of Anna VonRosenstiel’s wall-mounted planters comes with a green, low-maintenance tenant to keep you company.

Air Plant Wall Sconces – $28-48 Buy Now »


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