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Editors’ Picks: A Roundup of Our Favorite Products

August 17, 2018

UncommonGoods Editors' Picks: A Roundup of Our Favorite Products

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, it’s not easy to pick favorites. It’s certainly fun trying, though. Our blog team took a look through our collection of product roundups to make this list of the items that got us the most excited.

1. Jars that make growing herbs indoors easy.

Mason jars aren’t just cute, they’re also perfect planters for your hydroponic herb garden.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden – $20 Buy Now »


2. Animals that’ll keep your houseplants company.

Made from bendable brass-plated steel, these furry (and scaly!) friends adjust to hug the stems of your favorite indoor tree.

Plant Hanging Animals – $22.50 Buy Now »


3. Glasses that link two of our favorite things: wine and the stars.

Sure, you could take a look at the stars by walking outside at night, assuming you don’t live in a big city. But these glasses make for an even more fun way to track the location of each constellation.

Stargazing Wine Glass Set – $30 Buy Now »


4. A fruit bowl that helps fruit reach peak ripeness.

Separating fruit by ripeness, each stage with its own “floor,” saves a whole lot of counter space. (Vents in the top tray help the fruits on the bottom ripen just right, too.)

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl – $65 Buy Now »


5. An army of ohm.

Yoga Joes | UncommonGoods

This troop’s mission? To keep inner peace. They come packaged in a mini “studio” with a bamboo floor, and serve as a reminder to soldier through basic (yoga) training.

Yoga Joes – $25 Buy Now »


6. Planetary bottle stoppers that glow in the dark.

These handcrafted glass planets (and the sun!) stop your open wine bottle with celestial flair, even in the dark.

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers – $24-$26 Buy Now »


7. Porcelain planters shaped like prehistoric pals.

Who doesn’t love a little dino? Whether you’re a fan of T-Rex, long necks, or the three-horned triceratops, these planters—perfect for low-maintenance succulents—will be sure to please.

Porcelain Dinosaur Planters – $40 Buy Now »


8. A stylish hanging bar cabinet that frees up floor space.

Entertain with style— even if you don’t have a ton of space—with this industrial-look bar setup.

Hanging Cocktail Bar – $110 Buy Now »


9. Nightlights made from real gemstones.

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights | UncommonGoods

These nightlights don’t just glow with natural beauty, they also glow when the room gets dark–and know to turn off when it’s light out. They do have that whole natural beauty thing covered, though, since each is topped with an amethyst, rose quartz, or white quartz.

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights – $35 Buy Now »


10. A peanut butter sampler set that’ll leave you pining for more.

For the true PB fan, there’s no such thing as “too much.” This indulgent six-piece set comes with tasty mix-ins like snickerdoodle popcorn, toffee, and almonds.

Peanut Butter Sampler – $40 Buy Now »


11. The perfect babysuit for your lil’ cute-tea.

The boba graphics on this super-soft cotton babysuit are added by hand, making each extra special. The straw on the matching hat? That makes this outfit extra adorable.

Bubble Tea Babysuit – $36 Buy Now »


12. A bedding set to help kids blastoff to dreamland.

Sometimes launching bedtime is a challenge. Thanks to this matching duvet and pillowcase set, your kiddo will be eager to initiate their next dream mission.

Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set – $119 Buy Now »


13. This friendly frog helps you water your plants.

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably spotted a toad or two popping up from your garden. Since tree frogs are a rarer sight, let Frankie bring the charm of the tropics to you.

Frankie the Frog Watering Can – $42 Buy Now »


14. Doughnuts to feast your eyes on.

These sweet portraits by Meghan Cochran look good enough to eat.

Doughnut Art Portrait – $50 Buy Now »


15. A tap that turns a melon into a keg.

What’s even more refreshing than a cool cocktail? One served right out of a melon. Just hollow out your fruit and fill with your favorite alcohol–or juice if you’re going the mocktail route–then tap and enjoy. (Tip: Turn the removed watermelon into a puree for a tasty mixer.)

Fruit Keg Tapping Kit – $22 Buy Now »


16. A set of mismatched earrings for the sweet lover.

Snowcone and Popsicle Mismatched Earrings | UncommonGoods

Can’t choose between popsicles and snowcones? We know which side we fall on, but we won’t give you a hard time. After all, these earrings can’t decide, either.

Snowcone and Popsicle Mismatched Earrings – $20 Buy Now »


17. A rug that looks just like a big, lovely leaf.

No luck with houseplants? No worries; this rug adds an un-killable touch of green.

Monstera Leaf Area Rug – $225 Buy Now »


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