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Advice for artists and designers, the inside story on UncommonGoods Product Development, and design inspiration for your everyday life.

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Behind the scenes at UncommonGoods, interviews with our team, and interesting odds and ends.

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Cassie spends most of her time at work writing and editing things. She loves books (including comics), sketch comedy, and sci-fi. She’s inspired by art and science. As a former Minnesotan, she longs for an afternoon on a lake, Grain Belt in hand. The New Yorker in her is happy spending that afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History instead.


Jessica, a recent resident of Rhode Island, has been in the graphic design world for over a decade.  She has a penchant for vegan sweets, vintage shops and public radio.


Eric is a copywriter for UncommonGoods. He knows just enough about art history to be dangerous. He has delivered furniture in the Adirondacks, played Dixieland trombone in Bulgaria, and researched Frank Lloyd Wright in Buffalo. He likes neither piña coladas nor getting caught in the rain, but loves craft beer and bicycles. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son, and a small menagerie of animals.


Jen is a PR & Social Media Associate at UncommonGoods. She believes that the perfect day begins with a cappuccino and ends with red wine. She admits that she possesses an inner Recyclops. She likes to think that her friends compare her to Liz Lemon because of her quirky sense of humor, rather than the first 30 Rock episode where Liz buys $150 worth of hot dogs to spite a man who cut her in line. Her favorite uncommon goods are anything made by Fernanda Sibilia or Emilie Shapiro. If you would like to get in touch with Jen and the PR team, please send a message to press@uncommongoods.com.



Marisa is a contributor to The Goods. She likes realist paintings, realist fiction, and, uh, well, that’s it for reality.


Stephanie is a vagabond copywriter and design critic who has contributed work to some top-notch institutions, retailers, and publications, most recently The New York Times, MoMA, New York Magazine, the New Museum, and UncommonGoods—of course! When not pun-slinging and agonizing over picayune grammatical quandaries, she can be found sipping bourbon in Brooklyn with her husband and trying (unsuccessfully) to walk her very stubborn bagle hound, Ginger.


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