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15 Unique (and Super Adorable) Baby Shower Gifts

August 25, 2017

For the special mamas-to-be in your crew, no ordinary gift will do. So when the baby shower invite arrives, don’t just follow her registry — rock the cradle and give the expecting parents something unexpected! With our creative baby shower gift guide, finding unique presents for wee ones has never been easier or more adorable. Whether you wrap up a laugh-out-loud babysuit or a stuffed animal with panache (and a poncho!), let her know from the very start that you’re going to go the extra mile for her bundle of joy. Your friend is making a human, after all. The least you could do is make a clever gift choice.

Baby Mermaid Tail | UncommonGoods
Mermaid, merman… merbaby! Help Mom and Dad welcome their little guppy with a handmade, teeny-tiny tail blanket.

Baby Mermaid Tail – $30 Buy Now »


Taco Dreams Mobile | UncommonGoods
Let’s taco about the hottest gift around: Wee ones will feast their eyes on this cheery felt food mobile — until they take a siesta, that is.

Taco Dreams Mobile – $48 Buy Now »

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Treat Your Mom with Foodie Favorites for Mother’s Day

April 24, 2017

Bon appetit! Mahlzeit! Velbekomme! No matter the language your favorite foodie uses to tell her loved ones “enjoy your meal,” you can make sure she says it in style. This collection of gifts honors the woman who loves food, wine, friends and family — usually all at once! You may not have mastered the family recipes for cupcakes or corn chowder she’s handed down to you, but you can still show her you appreciate her culinary zest. Cheers to Mom!

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Spa and Relaxation Gifts for the Stressed-Out Mom

April 21, 2017

Holy macaroni (and cheese), it can be exhausting being a mom! With others to care for — even if they’ve flown the nest — and the demands of life, mama birds often sacrifice their own sanity for the health of their flock. Sound like the lady in your life? You probably can’t talk her out of any of her commitments or extracurriculars, but you can encourage her to slow down and enjoy the moment. Each of these thoughtful gifts was chosen with one goal in mind: to help her relax.

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Cool-Not-Crunchy Mother’s Day Gifts for Boho Mamas

April 18, 2017

She’s one with nature, but that doesn’t mean she’s one to wear a hemp necklace. The distance between hippie life and a boho vibe is as wide as the night sky the all-natural-everything set love to camp out under. The taste preferences between the two crews? Just as different. So if the mother in your life is more chic than unshowered, look no further for gift ideas: We’ve got a heap of goods that strike just the right balance between au naturale and Oh Happy Mother’s Day.

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Gifts for the
Impossible-to-Shop-for Mom

April 14, 2017

One of the things you love about Mom is her discerning nature. And it’s quite charming that, when she sees something she wants, she goes out and gets it. When a holiday rolls around, however, the mom who has seen it all (or maybe even has it all) creates a conundrum. How can you show your appreciation for her with a gift she’ll actually appreciate? We say, go thoughtful or go home. Whether it’s a personalized sign or an in-sync set of lamps, a unique present that comes from the heart means so much more than anything she’s found so far. Behold, our picks for a picky woman.

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Appreciation Declaration: Mother’s Day Gifts for Wives

April 11, 2017


Without her little bundles of joy, there would be no Mother’s Day celebration. And yet, let’s just say the wee ones — though they may be pros on her iPad — aren’t exactly adept at shopping for gifts she’ll adore. That’s where you come in. But fear not! We’ll help you out, too. We’ve combed our collection looking for the sweetest tokens to help you and your tykes (even the ones who can’t yet talk!) express your love and appreciation for all she does — whether it’s her first Mother’s Day or fifth.

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20 New Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2017

April 7, 2017


She’s the woman who gave you everything, so what could you possibly give her? You’ve done flowers, you’ve done brunch. You’ve probably even done something handmade (macaroni necklace, anyone?). This year, we’re offering you the chance to stop repeating yourself. We’ve gathered 20 goods that are new to our site since last Mother’s Day, so you can share your love differently than you ever have before. (And if you have a sibling gift rivalry going on, you’ll be sure to win Most Original Child.) Read on for our best and brightest gifts celebrating Mom!

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Maker Stories

Bending Stereotypes:
Dan Abramson’s Yoga Joes

November 11, 2016

Dan Abramson | Yoga Joes | UncommonGoods

When Dan Abramson was brainstorming with a friend in a coffee shop back in 2014, he hadn’t intended to start a movement. The art director, who had founded the tongue-in-cheek “manly” yoga accessories company Brogamats two years prior, was “trying to come up with a funny way to get more men to do yoga,” he recalled. “We were wondering, What can we do to make yoga more macho?” He considered a series of videos of men at construction sites or at football games striking the poses. Then, said Dan, “I thought, What if we had classic green army men doing yoga?

Yoga Joes - Green Army Men Practicing Traditional Yoga Poses

The San Francisco resident, who’d started doing yoga himself to heal a back injury, thought he had simply come up with a good video joke: “I thought we could do it on Reddit [with existing figures] and it would be funny for a day.” But after a great deal of research into plastics, he realized he could actually make the figures, posing them the way he wanted. So Dan worked to create a set of classic, plastic army figures arranged in postures such as Downward Dog and Warrior One and put his concept on Kickstarter. “It ended up blowing it out of the water!” he shared. “It raised way more money than I anticipated and had a huge audience.”

Something else happened that Dan hadn’t expected: A large number of those who donated were associated with the military—veterans, active service members, and loved ones of military members. “I started getting really heartfelt messages,” he said. “I didn’t have any idea that there was such a huge community of people doing yoga in the military.” Emails poured in from workers in veterans’ affairs, vets adjusting to life after service and loved ones of veterans. Some emails recalled happy stories, others tragic memories. But most of the messages shared a common thread: Yoga could save service members’ lives if only the practice could spread across the military community. “It was incredibly humbling,” said Dan. “I knew then I had a responsibility to do this well and do it right.”

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