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Spa and Relaxation Gifts for the Stressed-Out Mom

April 21, 2017

Holy macaroni (and cheese), it can be exhausting being a mom! With others to care for — even if they’ve flown the nest — and the demands of life, mama birds often sacrifice their own sanity for the health of their flock. Sound like the lady in your life? You probably can’t talk her out of any of her commitments or extracurriculars, but you can encourage her to slow down and enjoy the moment. Each of these thoughtful gifts was chosen with one goal in mind: to help her relax.

Healing Stone Mugs - UncommonGoods

Sip, heal, repeat. Drinking her coffee from a hand-thrown mug adorned with a crystal is sure to become a simple daily ritual. | Healing Stone Mugs


Teapot with Brewing Steeper - UncommonGoods

Everything about this kettle — from its graceful lines to its no-drip spot — is designed to bring an extra dose of zen to her tea time. | Teapot with Brewing Steeper


Flavor Fusion Water Bottle - UncommonGoods

Hydration as celebration. Drinking water feels like a reward for hard work when it’s infused with natural goodness. Pair the bottle with a cucumber and mint or fresh fruit for a fabulous treat. | Flavor Fusion Water Bottle


Ayurveda Inspired Chocolate - UncommonGoods

Some days, it seems chocolate can solve all — especially when it’s infused with a superfood that can aid in balancing the body. | Ayurveda Inspired Chocolate (Set of 5)


Recycled Wine Bottle Candle - UncommonGoods

A soy candle hand-poured into a recycled wine bottle and infused with the scent of lavender, eucalyptus or lemon will help her, well, un-wined as thoroughly as a glass of Merlot. | Recycled Wine Bottle Candle – Relaxation Station


Chakra Gemstone Bracelet - UncommonGoods

Arm her with Ayurveda: Every one of her energy centers will be targeted when she wears a balancing bracelet made from stones that correspond to each of the seven chakras. | Chakra Gemstone Bracelet


Life By Definition Tea Mugs - UncommonGoods

A mulcifying moment. Each mug in the set features a definition of an antiquated word that once meant, more or less, relax. | Life By Definition Tea Mugs


She’s more likely to take a restorative bath when presented with an all-natural, hand-poured soap that’s carved to look like her birthstone. | Birthstone Mineral Soaps


Spa To Go Set - UncommonGoods

Does your mom tend to be up in the air? A set of all-natural, carry-on sized spa essentials will take her away… from her work trip. | Spa To Go Set


Stainless Steel Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace - UncommonGoods

She sticks her neck out for you — now pamper it for her. A sweet silver necklace that diffuses essential oils will keep her calm from dawn ’til dusk. | Stainless Steel Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace


Reassure her that she can — literally! — kick back and relax. Pair the socks with a bottle of vino if she’s a woman who needs extra convincing. | Please Bring Me Wine Women’s Socks


Custom Meditation Box - UncommonGoods

Raking sand helps clear the mind. This portable box, with a customizable inscription, can lend her a meditative moment anywhere. | Custom Meditation Box


Aromatherapy Knit Jersey Scarf - UncommonGoodsA tiny pocket tucked into the fashionable scarf holds an aromatic pad infused with therapeutic oils, ensuring she’ll always feel wrapped in love and kindness. | Aromatherapy Knit Jersey Scarf

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