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Appreciation Declaration: Mother’s Day Gifts for Wives

April 11, 2017


Without her little bundles of joy, there would be no Mother’s Day celebration. And yet, let’s just say the wee ones — though they may be pros on her iPad — aren’t exactly adept at shopping for gifts she’ll adore. That’s where you come in. But fear not! We’ll help you out, too. We’ve combed our collection looking for the sweetest tokens to help you and your tykes (even the ones who can’t yet talk!) express your love and appreciation for all she does — whether it’s her first Mother’s Day or fifth.

A Mother's Love is Beyond Measure - UncommonGoods

Cook up something she’ll love. A sweet pewter measuring spoon set will bowl her over. | A Mother’s Love is Beyond Measure Spoon Set


Healing Stone Mugs - UncommonGoods

Sip, heal, repeat. Drinking her coffee from a hand-thrown mug adorned with a powerful crystal is sure to become her favorite daily ritual. | Healing Stone Mugs


Eartha Kitt's Hand Drawn Heart Throw - UncommonGoods

Fans of music — and comfort! — will cozy up to a thoughtful throw. Designed by Eartha Kitt’s daughter with a heart her mother once drew, the blanket is wrapped up in love. | Eartha Kitt’s Hand Drawn Heart Throw


Birthstone Wishing Ball - UncommonGoods

Gift her with a vibrant work of art that corresponds to her little one’s birthstone, and she can tuck a wish a week inside for her child. | Birthstone Wishing Ball


How Do I Love Thee - UncommonGoods

Since becoming parents, your love has never been deeper. Tell her all the ways she continues to amaze you with her very own personalized book. | How Do I Love Thee

Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign - UncommonGoods

She’s your North Star, now more than ever. Celebrate the dates you met, and grew your family, with your very own sign. | Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign


Rooted in Love Planter - UncommonGoods

What better way for her to be reminded of her nearest and dearest every day than with an inspirational flower pot? | Rooted in Love Planter


Grow Old With You Terrarium
As your little ones grow, your relationship does, too. A green-thumbed mama will go gaga over a living scene celebrating your bond. | Grow Old With You Terrarium


Definition of Family Necklace_resized

She’ll remember the meaning of family every time she wears this personalized charm necklace close to her heart.| Definition of Family Necklace


Circle of Love - Mother - UncommonGoods

She loves your kiddos to infinity and beyond — a feeling you can help her celebrate with a symbolic necklace. (A child-sized option is available, too, for a mother-daughter set!) | Circle of Love – Mother


Personalized Family Beach Art - UncommonGoods

Make waves with a whimsical, framed illustration that captures your sun-loving family down to the last detail.| Personalized Family Beach Art


Show her you place her on a pedestal with a ceramic jewelry tray that lets her place baubles on hers. | Pedestal Jewelry Holder


Relaxing Gifts - Wellness Gifts - UncommonGoods

Motherhood is many things — relaxing isn’t one of them. Help your wifey unwind wherever she goes with a 14k-gold-plated pendant that dispenses mood boosting aromatherapy throughout the day.| Personal Aromatherapy Pendant

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