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April 14, 2017

One of the things you love about Mom is her discerning nature. And it’s quite charming that, when she sees something she wants, she goes out and gets it. When a holiday rolls around, however, the mom who has seen it all (or maybe even has it all) creates a conundrum. How can you show your appreciation for her with a gift she’ll actually appreciate? We say, go thoughtful or go home. Whether it’s a personalized sign or an in-sync set of lamps, a unique present that comes from the heart means so much more than anything she’s found so far. Behold, our picks for a picky woman.

Zen Driftwood Pen - UncommonGoods

A handsome and sustainable driftwood pen nestled in its own wooden box makes a statement on anyone’s desk.  Zen Driftwood Pen


Wine and Beverage Dispensing Tote - UncommonGoods

Sure, she’s accumulated a collection of beautiful purses over the years. But does she have one that dispenses wine? We drink not!| Wine and Beverage Dispensing Tote


Mug with Tea Bag Holding Lid - UncommonGoodsShow her some tea and sympathy: A woman who loves a brew may not have a two-piece mug that doubles as a plate, too. | Mug with Tea Bag Holding Lid


Horseshoe Heart Trivet - UncommonGoods

You’re in luck — and so is she. A metal heart tucked around a horseshoe to form a clever trivet makes for a one-of-a-kind way to say, and hear, “I love you.” | Horseshoe Heart Trivet


Long Distance Touch Lamp - UncommonGoods

The two of you are connected — and so are these lamps. Set up a pair over Wi-fi and with a simple touch of your hand, its mate will glow no matter where it is in the world, letting you send a message of love and light. (These lamps are sold out until summer, but they’re worth the wait! Our printable card lets Mom  know what’s in store in the meantime.)| Long Distance Touch Lamp


Beating Heart Wall Clock - UncommonGoods

It’s time to pump up your expressions of love! This handsome heart clock appears to beat as the seconds tick by. | Beating Heart Wall Clock


Bedside Essentials Pocket - UncommonGoods

She loves to read and though she may be choosy about the books she peruses, you can still deliver wisdom. An over-the-bed or -couch pouch conveniently keeps periodicals within arm’s reach.| Bedside Essentials Pocket


Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden - UncommonGoodsShe helped you bloom where you were planted. Return the favor with a beautiful and simple windowsill kit for planting day-brightening, edible pansies. | Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden


Personalized Family Member Signpost - UncommonGoods

Let her know her whole clan is close, not matter how far apart you are on the map. A personalized sign-post shortens the distance. | Personalized Family Member Signpost


Self Watering Eleplanter - UncommonGoods

This elegant elephant never forgets to keep Mom’s kitchen herbs watered. | Self-Watering Eleplanter


Hair Tie Bracelet - UncommonGoods

At all times, she’s got you around her finger and a hair elastic around her wrist. Help her make the latter lovely with a clever silver bangle. | Hair Tie Bracelet


Guide Birds - UncommonGoods

Feather her nest with a set of seven sweet birds that guide her to feel a joyful emotion every day of the week. | Guide Birds


Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace - UncommonGoods

She’s long inspired you with her courageous deeds and general bad-ass attitude. A symbolic necklace conveys your admiration. | Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace


Personalized Family Mugs - UncommonGoods

She’ll drink in the cuteness of having her loved ones illustrated on individual mugs over every cup of coffee. | Personalized Family Mugs


Personalized Family Tree - UncommonGoods

For your non-traditional mom, branch out from the traditional family tree with a print that incorporates big moments in history with the names from your clan’s generations. | Personalized Family Tree


She’s got a nose for the finer things in life. Help her exude the scents of her beloved wine with a perfume that complements her favorite blend. | Notes of Wine Perfume

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