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19 Sweet Holiday Gifts
for Uncommon Grandparents

November 15, 2018

Here’s to all the extra plates of cookies, extra comforting hugs, and extra helpful advice we get from our grandparents. Now it’s your turn to show those holders of infinite wisdom (and, it seems, infinite candies) that you care. We put together a list of presents that’ll guarantee a good face-smush or cheek-pinch in appreciation.

1. A new way to keep in touch—literally.

Whether you live across the country or just down the block, grandparents will love to “hear” from you through these lamps. Simply tap yours and theirs will light up in recognition.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp – $85-170 Buy Now »


2. The most mesmerizing work of desktop art.

Glittering sand drifts and shifts to make deserts, mountains, and other freeform landscapes.

Deep Sea Sand Art – $85 Buy Now »


3. A future heirloom featuring the fam’s favorite recipes.

Have Grandma and Grandpa compile everyone’s favorite dishes so future generations can love them, too.

My Family Cookbook – $35 Buy Now »


4. The perfect pick for a scotch-loving grandparent.

This set of sustainably forested wooden toothpicks is infused with a barrel-aged, Islay single malt from a 200-year-old distillery. In other words, Pops-approved.

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set – $35.95 Buy Now »


5. A treat that’ll warm her heart (and toes).

Grandma will get all warm ‘n’ fuzzy over these slippers. Just pop them in the microwave for extra coziness, and to release the embedded lavender aroma.

Ballerina Herbal Warming Slippers – $48 Buy Now »


6. A gift that’s meant to really keep on giving.

Present your favorite recipe on this plate, decorated with instructions to pass it onto someone new afterward. Perfect for grandparents with a giving heart.

Pass It On Plate – $50 Buy Now »


7. A family keepsake in the making.

With prompts inside to spark important memories and lessons, this book will help your grandparent pen a memoir worth treasuring.

My Life Story – So Far – $30 Buy Now »


8. Personalized art to celebrate the moment she officially became “grand.”

New grandmothers will swoon over this personalized piece—including room for a photo, a flower representing the grandbaby’s birth month, and both baby and grandma’s names.

A Grandma is Born Photo Art – $75-125 Buy Now »


9. This new, earthy take on the classic family portrait.

Nature-loving grandparents will appreciate this customized piece, made from found pebbles, shells, and pieces of wood to represent your family.

Family Pebble Portrait – $100 Buy Now »


10. A cozy way to celebrate your family ties.

Weave everything your family loves together in this one-of-a-kind tapestry.

Fabric of Our Family Blanket- Building Blocks – $145 Buy Now »


11. An impressive spice kit for your more culinary kin.

For the Gram and Gramps who know their way around the kitchen—a 15-blend, global spice kit worthy of the pros.

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit – $38 Buy Now »


12. Tea that’s good down to the last drop.

Put a novel spin on tea time with these dissolvable drops. Just add hot water—all the sugar, spices, and organic tea are included.

Tea Drop Sampler – $34 Buy Now »


13. The best kind of elephant in the room.

Ambient lighting combined with the ultimate matriarchal symbol.

Recycled Glass Elephant Nightlight – $38 Buy Now »


14. A cribbage board that can be customized with a lake of your choice.

Pegged (get it?) as the most fun game to bring on a family vacation.

Custom Lake Art Cribbage Board – $69 Buy Now »


15. A journal for filling with fond memories.

This fill-in-the-blank style book will guide you in creating a gift that’s sure to get grandparents teary eyed.

What Makes You Grand – $22 Buy Now »


16. An evergreen piece of glowing home décor.

Grandma and Grandpa’s place is already filled with love and light, but this tea-light holder turned landscape adds another layer of warmth.

Nordic Tea Light Trough – $40 Buy Now »


17. A garden puddler that holds butterfly-attracting minerals.

Grandma’s garden is a magical place. Now she can invite even more enchantment by encouraging butterflies to stop by for a visit.

Butterfly Puddler – $40 Buy Now »


18. A bottle opener that knows how to play ball.

If Grandpa’s favorite past-time also happens to be America’s, he’ll love cracking open a cold one with this opener made from real, game-used baseball bats.

Game Used Bat Bottle Openers – $115-165 Buy Now »


19. A godsend for long days spent working in the garden.

Grandma can set her tools and herself right on this seat-slash-tool-caddy.

Gardener’s Tool Seat – $36 Buy Now »


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