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19 Sweet Holiday Gifts
for Uncommon Grandparents

November 15, 2018

Here’s to all the extra plates of cookies, extra comforting hugs, and extra helpful advice we get from our grandparents. Now it’s your turn to show those holders of infinite wisdom (and, it seems, infinite candies) that you care. We put together a list of presents that’ll guarantee a good face-smush or cheek-pinch in appreciation.

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Gift Guides

Gift Lab: A Grand Adventure

November 28, 2014

Daniella | A Grand Adventure | UncommonGoods

Product: A Grand Adventure Activity Set


Can this Grand Adventure Game be really fun for a 5 year old? I chose to do this activity with my grandaughter on a Saturday afternoon. We did many activities indoors and outdoors, which was a lot of fun. This gave us the opportunity to enjoy activities together and build beautiful joyful memories filled with smiles and laughter. This set of twenty activities will become a treasured keepsake for the both of us.



I went in hoping that this set will be a fun learning experience that my granddaughter Jailah would enjoy. I was happy to see  many learning activities provided in the deck. I was also looking for activities that could keep her entertained,  rather than buying a new toy knowing that she wouldn’t play with again.

Activities for Grandchildren


First we spread out the 20 activity cards that were designated for “Little G”–AKA Jailah. Then we took turns completing the activities that were provided for “Big G”–ME! We Started with one activity and continued moving on to the next.

Playing A Grand Adventure Grandparent/Grandchild Game


Being a Mother and Grandmother you are always looking for a way to entertain your children. This Grand Adventure activity was filled with hours of fun and bonding. Her favorite activities were Buggin’ out, Thumbs up, and Have you heard the one about the funny Grandkid?. I enjoyed all the activies that were included in this game and would definitely recommend this as a gift for all grandparents to share the experience with their grandchildren.

Having fun with A Grand Adventure Activity Set | UncommonGoods


Gift Guides

12 Grand Presents for Grandparents

November 20, 2014

Grand Presents for Grandparents Gift Guide | UncommonGoods

Have you ever heard your grandmother or grandfather say, “I’ve seen a lot in my day!”? The wisdom that grandparents gain over the years is certainly something they can be proud of (and pass down to you, if you listen), but seeing it all can also mean that they seem to have everything they need. So, we rounded up 12 gifts we’re pretty sure they haven’t come across before to help you find something they’ll absolutely love.

Vintage Family Winebox | UncommonGoods
1. Stock the Family Vintage Wine Box with your grandparents’ favorite vino as a reminder of the way things tend to keep getting better with age.

Personalized Holiday Family Print | UncommonGoods2. Help Gram and Gramps show off the whole happy family this holiday season, with this personalized print. | Personalized Holiday Family Print


Personalized Family Ski Art | UncommonGoods
3. Or, help them celebrate family togetherness in a different winter setting, with Personalized Family Ski Art.


My Life Story So Far Journal | UncommonGoods

4. Grandparents always have great stories. This cloth-bound, hardcover journal is the perfect place to write them all down. | My Life Story-So Far


Grandmother's Garden Necklace | UncommonGoods


5. “A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart” and yours will certainly love the Grandmother’s Garden NecklaceBirds and Blooms State Pillow | UncommonGoods6. Whether you live close to your grandfolks or are sending warm holiday wishes from across the country, state your love with Birds and Blooms Individual State Pillows.

Teas from Around the World | UncommonGoods
7. Your grandparents don’t have to be world travelers to enjoy this collection of tasty teas. | Tea from Around the World 

Glass Teapot with Stand | UncommonGoods


8. And tea time with with Grandma and Grandpa can last a little longer, thanks to this Glass Teapot with Stand that keeps the freshly brewed beverage warm.

Heirloom Recipe Journal | UncommonGoods

9. There’s nothing quite like Grandma’s (or Grandpa’s) cooking, so get those recipes in writing! | Heirloom Recipe Journal


Varietal Honey Flight | UncommonGoods
10. Even if you’re all grown up, there was a time when you were their sweet little grandbaby. Remind them how sweet you still are with a Varietal Honey Flight.

Lake Topography Art | UncommonGoods
11. If Mema and Granddad call a place on the lake home, vacation in a summer cabin, or have fond memories of family outings on a special shore, this custom art is sure to make them smile. | Lake Topography Art

Custom Satellite Map Puzzle | UncommonGoods
12. Even if your grandparents don’t have a lake they love,  you can still give them a gift based on a special location. | Custom Satellite Map Puzzle


Gifts for Grandparents | UncommonGoods