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Our Favorite Gifts for Beer and Whiskey Lovers

November 14, 2018

These days, brewing and distilling industries are experimenting constantly, so it’s hard to keep track of a beer or whiskey lover’s favorites. Today, it’s this saison beer and that high-rye bourbon—but next week it’s that single-hop IPA and this small batch Islay single malt. The last thing you want to see at gift-giving time is that polite smile that says the hooch you chose is so three weeks ago. Surprise them with a gift they didn’t see coming instead. Something to elevate their drinking experience, or express their passion for their beverage of choice—like the 14 beer and whiskey lover gifts below.

1. A tap that serves their drinks on the rock.

Jeff Henderson’s sculptural granite fixture uses gravity to dispense wine or spirits—and unique style to spark conversation.

Stone Drink Dispenser – $45-150 Buy Now »


2. A shrine to hold the tiny trophies of their hoppy triumphs.

This lower 48-shaped birch display board offers craft beer cap collectors an alternative to throwing them in a cluttered drawer.

Beer Cap Map USA – $35 Buy Now »


3. Crunchy nuts seasoned with scrumptious spirits.

Haute snackmeister Neil Edley infuses kettle-cooked cashews, peanuts, and almonds with Irish stout, Jamaican lager, and bourbon.

Beer and Bourbon Nuts – $30 Buy Now »


4.  A rocks glass etched with their favorite big city’s grid.

Brian Johnson’s rocks glasses are etched with intricate city maps—even some street names—and the locale’s coordinates.

Urban Map Glass – $16 Buy Now »


5. A kit that makes them a brewmaster.

This kit includes everything they need to make not merely beer, but beer that has a delightfully complex hop profile, with citrus, floral, and spicy notes.

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit – $20-45 Buy Now »


6. A barrel o’ fun. (’Cus perfectly aged whiskey is their idea of fun.)

This oak barrel has one job: infusing their favorite whiskey with its vanilla, marzipan, buttery, coconut, and spicy flavors.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $85-200 Buy Now »


7. Small-batch preserves for grown-up palates.

Walter and Nancy Warner transform beers from local craft breweries into jellies that balance their distinct hop profiles with malty sweetness.

Beer Jelly – Set of 4 – $30 Buy Now »


8. A drinking game that encourages uninhibited fun, not intemperate drinking.

Players roll the dice and move their bottle caps around the board, landing on a series of beer challenges, from a rhyming competition to demonstrating their best dance moves. (Sorry, we ate the chips in the photo, so they’re not included.)

Beeropoly – $35 Buy Now »


9. Luxury toothpicks that put a hint of Islay distillery on their tongue.

By “luxury,” we mean a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky flavor with notes of peat and complex caramel. Now, if only there was toothpaste like that…

Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set – $35.95 Buy Now »


10.  Solid granite bases for chilling their brew.

Arra David and Anne Johnson make these robust coasters from reclaimed New Hampshire granite, which, after a stint in the freezer or fridge, naturally keeps beverage bottles chilly and non-wobbly.

Beer Bottle Chilling Coaster Set – $68 Buy Now »


11. Socks that broadcast their beverage needs.

Encourage them to put their feet up and watch their favorite beverage roll in with these cheekily suggestive socks.

Please Bring Me Beer Men’s Socks – $14 Buy Now »


12. Chocolate bars with cocktail flavors.

Too long have nightcaps and chocolate been enjoyed separately. Those days are over.

Boozy Chocolate Box – $49 Buy Now »


13. A steel poker that adds smoky sweetness to beer, following German tradition.

Pull this stainless steel rod out of the flames and stick it in that icy brew to create a rich, frothy treat: adding a little heat to alcohol caramelizes the sugars, changing the texture and taste.

Campfire Beer Caramelizer – $35 Buy Now »


14. 99 bottles of beer on the wall! (+1)

They’ll love scratching away at new squares and sampling must-try beers. Each box reveals a special illustration.

100 Craft Beers Scratch Off Poster – $15 Buy Now »


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