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“No Gifts, Please”: 18 Gifts For Your Friend Who Doesn’t Want Anything

November 16, 2018

What they say: “I don’t want anything this year.” What you hear: “BUY ME SOMETHING AMAZING.” We all know someone who claims they have enough, but do they really? Not when these crowd-pleasers are still out there. We’ve collected 18 of our best bets for folks who say “no gifts, please” right here, complete with reviews from real satisfied customers. Take a gander—and happy gifting.

1. A one-of-a-kind puzzle shaped like a geode.

This is a very unusual puzzle. It was a great surprise to the recipient of this gift. The puzzle is very challenging and will bring hours of fun.Brigitta, Douglasville, GA

Created using a special algorithm and a cool, precise computer-guided laser cutter, each of these puzzles is different from the last.

Geode Puzzle – $65 Buy Now »


2. Cocktail stirrers with lots of room for garnishes.

My husband loves making extravagant Bloody Marys so this was the perfect gift for him. He can now put all of his ‘toppings’ on one ‘toothpick.’ … I love how small they are and [that they] don’t take up a lot of room in our kitchen.awebb48, Philadelphia, PA

Bloody Mary Cocktail Branches – $18 Buy Now »


3. Custom coasters that show off their favorite place.

This is a wonderful gift for friends and others who love where they live and appreciate the environment and its geography. Both of the friends that I purchased this coaster set for loved it.RUBINSF, Portola Valley, CA

Custom Map Coasters Set – $65-75 Buy Now »


4. A bottle opener perfect for ball game fanatics.

My husband isn’t picky but doesn’t ask for much so he is hard to shop for! He is a huge sports fan in general but really has a love for baseball. He loved having something from a game and it was so exciting looking up the info.HappyMama, Texas

These handy tools—made from real game-used bats—each include a unique identifying number, so you can look up the game in which yours appeared.

Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers – $115-165 Buy Now »


5. Mugs made especially for the whole family.

LOVE these mugs!!!! They were a hit with my family and we got a ton of questions about where we got them because people wanted to buy them as well! The personalization is a highlight.Olivia B, Orange County, CA

Personalized Family Mugs – $30-160 Buy Now »


6. An elegant dispenser that gussies up boxed wines.

Absolutely beautiful! My mother tells me how much she loves it all the time!TMB, Berlin, MD

Yes, we’re serious: The wine in this eye-catching orb originally came encased in (gasp) cardboard.

Wine Dispensing Sphere – $65 Buy Now »


7. Interactive art that forms landscapes from sand.

I was really worried about this gift. It was for the guy who has everything. I felt like it could have gone either way. He LOVED IT. Apparently you can remove or add air to make the sand run faster or slower. He’s given me several updates with photos and says it is [a] great stress reliever!Why do I need a nickname?, Atlanta

Deep Sea Sand Art – $85 Buy Now »


8. Animal friends that hang freely from houseplants.

Great gift. They are cute and very unique!Linda Surf, San Diego

Their flexible hands (OK, and feet) hang tight to stems, so they’re sticking around for a while.

Plant Hanging Animals – $22.50 Buy Now »


9. Pretty glass bookends that hold flowers, too.

My mom loved these! Could be used as vases or bookends.Aly, Sioux Falls, SD

Vase Bookends – $40 Buy Now »


10. A lamp that makes saying “hello” from afar easy-peasy.

I really love this lamp. It’s meaningful and special. … Sometimes we need something deeper than just a text message and this lamp is perfect.Steph, New Mexico

Tap your lamp to light loved ones’ lamps up and send virtual hugs whenever you want. How do they do it? It’s all in the Wi-Fi, baby.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp – $85-170 Buy Now »


11. Compact grow kits that couldn’t be simpler.

Great gift for almost anyone. It’s so much fun to see the herbs grow so quickly with very little skill or effort as the directions are simple and easy to follow.Janny, South Carolina

All they need is a bottle (check), water (check), and a little patience (be generous: check).

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit – $22 Buy Now »


12. Coffee with a hint of bourbon. (Yes, please.)

Bought this for my friend. She is a bourbon lover. She said what she loved most about the coffee was that it was all flavor with no bitter aftertaste that a lot of infused food had. She absolutely loves it.Leta, Kentucky

Bourbon Infused Coffee – $20 Buy Now »


13. A DIY kit that brings homemade gin within reach.

This [is] a great gift for that someone who doesn’t really need anything, but who loves the ‘home-brewing’ idea for beer, wine, or now gin. What do you get one of your best male buddies? This kit was perfect and he couldn’t say enough about how much he loved it!Mel—The Shopper, Vero Beach, FL

Homemade Gin Kit – $20-50 Buy Now »


14. Portable storage for their essentials, water included.

Perfect! Keeps my drink cold and the storage compartment is SUPER convenient for the gym. Its easy to use and fits my car keys and gym pass.Max, San Diego

Insulated Stow Away Bottle – $39 Buy Now »


15. Vintagesque planters with hydroponic power.

Instructions said it could take 5-18 days for plants to germinate… thankfully for this impatient gal, it was more like three days and they took OFF! Watching the progress is amazing and it’s fun to have a garden indoors. Looking forward to the harvest!New Gardener, Columbus, OH

Each kit comes with a colorful jar and seeds to grow the herb of your choice.

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden – $20 Buy Now »


16. A handcrafted holder for their cookbooks (or tablet).

Purchased for two daughters and both commented that the design, materials, and quality workmanship were ‘perfect.’ Well, I was an instant hero!Majted, Woodbury, MN

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand – $95 Buy Now »


17. Artwork that celebrates a couple’s paths crossing.

My friends said it was the best, most beautiful, appropriate, inventive gift ever! And they hung it up on their walls soon after delivery.Oaktown Momma, Oakland, CA

Intersection of Love Photo Print – $75-175 Buy Now »


18. And a necklace to toast any trailblazing lady.

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world.” That is what this necklace signifies… friendship…LALA T, USA

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace – $68 Buy Now »


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