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17 Unique Stocking Stuffers Under $25

November 30, 2018

You bought your gifts, wrapped them with care, and just when you sit down for a slice of Christmas Eve pie it hits you… the stockings! Sound familiar? Save the last-minute trip to the drugstore. We’ll deliver these small but sweet gifts so you can fill their stockings before the big day.

1. A coloring book-inspired mug that charts their travels.

Reminisce on journeys near and far with this color-it-yourself mug. Helpful hint: Bake each time to set the ink.

Color Map Mugs – $18-24 Buy Now »


2. Extra “spirited” Arabica coffee beans.

Kentucky’s signature booze makes a cameo in this bag o’ beans.

Bourbon Infused Coffee – $20 Buy Now »


3. Finnish bedrock that relieves tired peepers.

They’ll love chilling out with these stones that soothe puffy and/or itchy eyes.

Orbits Eye Stones – $20 Buy Now »


4. Their very own beer-opening dog.

Scruffy’s got the IPA coming, stat. His secret? Powerful magnets.

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener – $15 Buy Now »


5. A poster that lets ’em scratch their way through iconic movies.

Encourage them to grab the popcorn and get to watching these fantastic films from Casablanca to Jaws.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – $15 Buy Now »


6. A way to shear kale (and herbs) in seconds.

Nobody likes a stem in their salad, right? Cue this steel gadget.

Kale & Herb Razor – $15 Buy Now »


7. A gadget that turns an old wine bottle into a micro garden.

Their old wine bottles go from Bordeaux to basil (and dill) with these hydroponic stoppers.

Bottle Stopper Garden Kit – $22 Buy Now »


8. A water bottle that was a life coach in its past life.

They’ll get to hyrdrating in no time with this glass bottle.

Drink More Water Bottle – $19.99 Buy Now »


9. All the basic bike-tuning tools in a pocket-sized tin.

Are they known to wheel their heart out? This pack has their back.

Bicycle Repair Kit – $17.50 Buy Now »


10. This mason jar light is fueled by the sun’s energy.

Illuminate their adventures no matter how far they stray from civilization.

Solar-Powered Mason Jar – $25 Buy Now »


11. A cure for avocado casualties.

A hugged avocado is a happy (and fresh) avocado.

Avocado Huggers – $7.95 Buy Now »


12. Socks to complement great strummers.

Just because they’re made from cozy cotton doesn’t make them any less rock-n-roll.

Men’s Guitars Socks – $10 Buy Now »


13. Unexpected prompts to give their date nights a makeover.

Birch wood sticks offer surprising new adventures like stargazing or checking out a local museum.

Date Night Bucket List – $18 Buy Now »


14. Honey with a spicy side.

Don’t call this honey “sweet.” Its got a kick and it’s not afraid to use it.

Spicy Honey – $14 Buy Now »


15. A game that turns phone time into a family bonding activity.

Only the fastest and the funniest will survive.

Game of Phones – $20 Buy Now »


16. A helpful owl who keeps glasses in one place.

Hoo will hold their reading glasses between chapters? This little birdy volunteered for the job.

Owl Eyeglasses Holder – $24 Buy Now »


17. This deck lets them play cards with the queens and kings of music.

Bob Dylan, Lady Gaga, and Jimi Hendrick just showed up to poker night.

Music Playing Cards – $10 Buy Now »


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