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15 Fun & Practical Gifts
They’ll Actually Use

November 28, 2018

Ah, we’ve made it to the trickiest friends on your gift list: the practical pals—you know the ones—who prefer presents with a purpose. We’re talking utility all the way here; no gag gifts or frivolous finds need apply. Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of useful, thoughtful pieces for all those efficiency-loving recipients.

1. A charging base that doubles as desktop decoration.

Handcrafted from canary wood, this artful phone accessory should never be stashed away in a drawer.

Wireless Lightning Charging Base – $48 Buy Now »


2. A genius kitchen tool (that also looks really cool).

Use the rippled handle on this hook to pull out the oven rack sans bulky mitts.

Wooden Oven Rack Pull – $18 Buy Now »


3. An organized way to travel with tech.

Let USBs, earbuds, and other little knickknacks live in perfect, untangled harmony.

Travel Cord Roll – $20 Buy Now »


4. A dual-use dream pen for avid readers (or writers).

Read, take notes, and save a page all at once—this handy pen folds flat into a bookmark.

Bookmark Pen – $30 Buy Now »


5. A coat rack that stays out of the way when not in use.

The beech wood slats pull down when you need ’em, and flip back into place when you don’t.

Flip Rack – $75 Buy Now »


6. A smart way to store every farmer’s market haul.

Almost-ripe fruit goes underneath and ready-to-go stuff hangs out on top.

Just Ripe Fruit Bowl – $65 Buy Now »


7. The ideal hanging bar for holding cocktail-making accoutrements.

Close it up to keep everything hidden away, or leave it open to keep favorite spirits and tools on display.

Hanging Cocktail Bar – $118 Buy Now »


8. A stylish composter.

Add food scraps, soil mix, and worms to this odorless, modern-looking vessel and get ready for primo plant food.

Living Composter – $199 Buy Now »


9. A scarf for sweet outfits (and sweeter dreams).

An inflatable neck pillow hides inside this warm, oversized scarf—a must for frequent fliers.

Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf – $35 Buy Now »


10. A compact set of tools that they can take everywhere.

Is your practical pal also an avid problem solver? They’ll love this day-saving mini tool set.

Fix it Kit – $30 Buy Now »


11. The key to keeping avocados nice and green.

When you don’t want to eat the whole thing all in one go, save half for later in a silicone embrace.

Avocado Huggers – $7.95 Buy Now »


12. An inflatable light source that’ll stay bright for 12 hours.

Perfect for camping, stashing in a glove box, or keeping in an emergency kit.

SolarPuff Collapsible Light – $30 Buy Now »


13. An attractive addition to any dish-washing routine.

Store that sudsy sponge in this holder, handcrafted from stone, aluminum, and granite.

Sea Stone Splash Sponge Holder – $24 Buy Now »


13. A sure-thing for at-home ice cream sundaes.

Having to wait for ice cream to soften is a crime. Save your pal with this smart scoop, which transfers the heat from their hand to encourage effortless scooping.

Heat Conducting Scoop – $19.99 Buy Now »


14. A charming toilet paper storage solution. (Yep, you read that right.)

The rolls form a little cloud, right on the wall. In the forecast: lots of compliments from their future house guests.

Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage – $115-140 Buy Now »


15. A device that frees smartphones from germs with just a few zaps.

It’s all thanks to the power of ultraviolet lights.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer – $59.95 Buy Now »


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