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17 Unique Stocking Stuffers Under $25

November 30, 2018

You bought your gifts, wrapped them with care, and just when you sit down for a slice of Christmas Eve pie it hits you… the stockings! Sound familiar? Save the last-minute trip to the drugstore. We’ll deliver these small but sweet gifts so you can fill their stockings before the big day.

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15 Unique Stocking Stuffers Under $20

November 27, 2017

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care… better make sure there’s something worthwhile in them! It’s all too easy to let stocking stuffers fall by the wayside in the hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season. And by the time you remember, a quick trip to the drugstore finishes them off. Not this year! Behold 15 surprising, cool, and affordable picks that’ll rival the delight of their main gifts. There’s just one problem: You’ll earn such a sparkling reputation as Santa’s Best Helper, you’ll have to deliver again next year!

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25 Gifts for $25 and Under

October 30, 2017

Maybe you got a jump on seasonal shopping this year and picked up presents for the family super early. Relieved, you thought you could sit back and relax until it’s time to ring in the new year. Then you realized that Secret Santa exchange is still looming. And you need something that says “thanks for your hard work” for your postal carrier. And a little surprise for the friend who’s been there for you all year. And…and…and… Your holiday list may be an unexpectedly long one, but that doesn’t mean you have to go over your budget. This collection of great gifts for $25 (or less!) is sure to help you get a handle on that holiday shopping (for real this time).

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Really, Really Last Minute Gifts

December 19, 2016

We’ll keep this short since you’re probably in a bit of a rush. How did the holiday shopping season slip by so quickly?! Thanksgiving came and went and the clock has been ticking extra fast ever since. Now those last few giftees on your list are hanging over your head and you’re stuck on how to find them each something that doesn’t seem like you bought it at the gas station on the way over to the party–right? Or is that just us? Anyway, we’ve put together some no-fail, last minute gifts that feel personal, fun, and not rushed at all. (We won’t say a word.)

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Last Minute Gifts
That Don’t Feel Last Minute

December 8, 2016

We know we’re probably not supposed to say this, being an online store that sells really cool stuff and all, but holiday shopping isn’t always entirely fun. Sometimes it’s even stressful. Maybe you planned to get out there on Black Friday, but then spent the day recovering from too much stuffing and cranberry sauce instead. Or maybe you did get a head start on the shopping, but just realized that you still have a few people on your list, and of course they’re impossible to shop for. Now the Christmas clock is ticking. But that doesn’t mean those last minute gifts won’t be thoughtful. We’re here to help with this list of gifts so cool your giftees will wonder where you’ve been hiding them for months. (Don’t worry, the secret’s safe with us.)

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Last Minute Gifts for Everyone on Your List

December 14, 2014


Still looking for just the right thing for someone on your holiday shopping list? We gathered 20 of our favorite last minute gifts under $50 with all types of giftees in mind. So, whether you’re a secret Santa searching for something special, trying to stuff that last stocking, or just looking for a few final perfect presents, we can help!

Crumple the Make-it-Yourself Bear | UncommonGoods

1. Your favorite DIY-er will get a kick out of Crumple–The Make-it-Yourself Bear. A. Because he’s fun to make and B. because his name is Crumple. How adorable is that?

Faux Boise Sticker Clock | UncommonGoods

2. The punctual decorator on your list will love the Faux Bois Sticker Clock. The sleek shape and bold numbers make it a hit with fans of modern designs, while the “wood grain” gives it a nice, homey feel. Oh, and since it’s made of self-adhering vinyl, this gift is sure to stick with them.

Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo | UncommonGoods

3. We all know someone who has “a thing” about their food touching. Give them this thing to deal with that thing. | Ceramic Soup and Sandwich Tray Duo

A Grand Adventure Activity Set | UncommonGoods

4. How do you put hours of fun, bonding, and memories into Grandma or Grandpa’s stocking? With A Grand Adventure Activity Set.

Camera Puzzle | UncommonGoods

5. This Camera Puzzle should get double exposure. It makes a great gift for any puzzle person, but a photographer will also love to take a shot at putting it together.

Love Story Journal | UncommonGoods

6. Need a mushy (in a good way) gift for the lovebirds on your list? Give them this chance to tell their story, with prompts to make sure they don’t miss any of the details of their epic romance. | Our Love Story – A Journal

Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Sets | UncommonGoods

7. Whether they prefer sweet or savory, your favorite foodie will find gourmet Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Sets irresistible.

Foldable Market Basket | Uncommongoods

8. It might be just a bit to big to fit into the typical stocking, but a fashionable on-the-go-getter will prefer stuffing a Foldable Market Basket to a big, fuzzy sock anyway.

Tortilla Baby | Uncommongoods

9. The perfect gift for a baby so cute “you could just eat him up!” | Tortilla Baby 

Wishing Ball | UncommonGoods

10. It’s not just wishful thinking to imagine that an introspective dreamer might enjoy a beautiful hand-blown glass accent piece that serves as a vessel for little messages of hope and gratitude. | Wishing Ball

Reclaimed Bike Gear Bottle Opener Coaster | UncommonGoods

11. Know a cyclist who likes to enjoy a refreshing beverage from time to time? This Reclaimed Bike Gear Bottle Opener Coaster is ride up their alley.

Constellation Mug | UncommonGoods

12. These days, “geek” is a compliment. Give an amateur astronomer something to geek-out over with the Constellation Mug. 

Tea Party Soap Set | UncommonGoods13. Tea drinkers expect to get leaves, bags, and cups for the holidays, but they’ll feel like they really cleaned up when they open this  Tea Party Soap Set.

Lunchbox Car | UncommonGoods

14. By grade school, most kids know better than to play with their food. Many, however, still like to play with toy cars. | Lunchbox Car

The Mug with a Hoop | UncommonGoods

15. Teenagers, on the other hand, might benefit from taking a break from teen angst to give the playing with food thing another try. | The Mug with a Hoop

Blacklight Putty | UncommonGoods16. Older kids, and kids-at-heart, will also love Black Light Putty. You’ll be able to tell by the way they glow when they open it. (Even before turning on the black light!)

Make Your Own Body Butter | UncommonGoods

17. The woman who loves to treat herself can be tricky to shop for, but she’ll love the chance to give her skin a treat with a Make Your Own Body Butter Kit.

Old Fashioned Kit \ UncommonGoods

18. Wow a whiskey drinker with a good ol’ fashioned great gift. | Old Fashioned Whiskey Kit

Beer Pop Chart | UncommonGoods

19. Impress a beer-loving guy or gal with this infographic that doubles as decor. | Beer Pop Chart

Ceramic Pin Cushion | UncommonGoods

20. Finding the perfect little gift for someone who loves to sew has never been so easy. | Ceramic Pincushion 


The Uncommon Life

Uncommon Stocking Stuffers for Everyone on Your List

December 12, 2012

The holiday stocking is a magical piece of festive décor. It’s more than an oversized sock tacked to the mantle. It’s a welcome sign for Santa, a reminder to be nice (it’s very hard to get coal stains out of those toes, you know), and a boot-shaped goody bag on Christmas morning. Stocking stuffers are special, too. These extra-little-somethings don’t have to be spendy or too flashy, but their presence complements the perfect present. We’ve been sharing our favorite picks for all of the quirky characters on your shopping list all season, but we couldn’t wrap up our guide to gifts without expressing our fondness for the stuff that fills stockings. These picks may be small enough to fit snuggly into that fuzzy faux footwear, but they’re sure to elicit big smiles.

Rhythm for Color iPhone Case / Fortune Keeper Key Chain / Upcycled Knit Mittens / Mini Animal Pill Case / Birdie Mini Dish / Pick Punch / Footed Mug / Bird Light / Kwizniac Trivia Game