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That’ll Save Your Holiday

November 27, 2018

For some, the words “holiday season” and “survival” are synonymous. Between hyperactive kid cousins and grandparents who just don’t get it, hanging with the family can be… well, we won’t say it’s challenging, but you get where we’re going with this. So what’s the glue that’ll hold you together? We suggest giving a good game a shot. If that sounds promising, you’re in luck: We’ve collected eleven of our best below, complete with co-signs from real customers.

By the way—we know some people like family time. (The writer of this gift guide happens to be one of them.) If you’re one of those who’s pumped to give Mom and Dad the hugs they deserve, then sneak off to gossip with your now-grown-up sister, read on anyway: You’ll find something fun to help pass the time, too, which will come in handy when you’re snowed in!

1. Scores of goofy pictures to pair with famous film quotes.

We had so much fun playing this. We laughed until we cried. We were terrified at some of the pictures (people really took these pictures!!). It’s Cards Against Humanity meets Awkward Family Photos. You will NOT be disappointed!!!Fun Mom, Troy, NY

May the wackiest caption win. As Fun Mom notes, don’t forget the best part: Every one of these photos is real!

Awkward Family Photos Movie Caption Game – $25 Buy Now »


2. A game that pits orange ping pong balls against white.

Super simple concept with many fun variations—the whole family wanted to play. Definitely a hit with my 22-year-old son!Customer, Scottsdale, AZ

Easy to learn, this compact showdown offers bounce after bounce of fast-paced fun and dozens of ways to duke it out.

Bounce Battle Game – $25 Buy Now »


3. A scavenger hunt that relies on your smartphones.

I purchased this for a family Christmas party. This was the best activity of the night.Moviemama, Illinois

Psst… use your pocket distraction machine to bring the family together for once. And if you already love the base game, why not nab one of our new expansions?

Game of Phones – $5-20 Buy Now »


4. A simple crowd-pleaser that’s tough to win.


I’m part of a group who play cards and games together once a month and love trying new games. We played this—as advertised the rules are simple but winning [is] hard, but familiarity with Parchisi, which we all played as kids, helps—and judged it well worth playing again.Lake Lady, Kansas

The wooden board fits together like a puzzle and easily changes size, so you can play with four, six, or even eight players.

UDog Game – $95 Buy Now »


5. One tough test of your knowledge of minutiae.

Bought for granddaughter. She has four brothers & sisters, Mom & Dad. EVERYONE plays it! Friends play it with them! Questions are great, educational, challenging, & fun! DEFINITELY [a] great gift! Thanks UncommonGoods!Grammy, Chicago, IL

Challenge yourselves to a round of trivia, no Googling (aka CHEATING) allowed.

I Should Have Known That! Party Game – $20 Buy Now »


6. A Shakespearean riff on a family fave.

My sister loved it. If you love Cards Against Humanity with a little educational twist you’ll love this.Lex, Colorado

This classic fill-in-the-blank card game uses out-of-context Shakespeare quotes for maximum hilarity. Only the best medieval madlibbers will reign supreme.

Bards Dispense Profanity Game – $25 Buy Now »


7. A little something physical for those with strong fingers.

Wow. Brought this to a [family] party. The whole family couldn’t wait for their turn. They even had a tournament going by the end of the night.Tina, Virginia

Trust us: We’ve played this, and it gets competitive. If you’ve been biting your tongue about politics (or how bad your aunt’s casserole was), flinging these wee pucks may be a good outlet.

Handmade Pucket – $18-50 Buy Now »


8. A sweet little something to unearth precious memories.

It was so much fun to play with older generations. The game had them discussing their memories we never would have known about. Often hysterical memories. It was great fun for all who played. It has the ability to open discussion.Duncan, Claremore, OK

Huddle up by the fire, hot cocoa in hand, and relive days gone by with this touching game.

Rememory Game – $23.95 Buy Now »


9. Cards that simulate mortifying moments.

Fantastic fun! We played this game soon after my friend’s son received it. We had a blast!! We couldn’t stop laughing at the situations and reactions! I keep talking to people about it.Tredd, New Jersey

Being a teenager? Sounds like bad times. (Good times, too, but we’re focusing on the bad here.) This side-splitting game forces grown up players to face the awkwardness of adolescence again. OK… real teens are also welcome.

Awkward Moment Card Game – $19 Buy Now »


10. A way to play baseball even when it’s snowing.

Great game for children & adults of all ages and abilities! My 17-year-old son has autism and his passion is sports of any kind! This is a great way to engage his attention and interact with him at the same time! We have a lot of fun!PLK, Hershey, PA

A roll of the dice dictates how you move across this gorgeous board, made by hand in St. Louis, Missouri. (Yes, that’s the home of the Cardinals.)

Baseball Game – $50 Buy Now »


11. Trivia powered by hard-to-crack hints.

We used it with our grown up kids at Christmas. Everyone seemed to really get into it and have fun. It stimulated a lot of discussion, conversation, and bantering!Clarkswife, St. George, UT

How quickly can you figure out what this game’s getting at? Each round, you’ll have ten clues to help you guess, but don’t take too long—the more you need, the fewer points you earn.

Kwizniac Trivia Game – $18 Buy Now »


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