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Our Least Mushy (But Still Lovable!) Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 2, 2018

Ever feel like Valentine’s Day is… well… a little bit gross? Call us immature, but here’s a secret: We agree, at least sometimes. All that lovey-dovey stuff isn’t for everyone; heck, some of us even show our love best with gifts that may seem totally aromantic—nerdy scarves, celestial bottle stoppers, coasters crafted from vinyl LPs… Trust us, the list goes on and on. Thankfully, we’ve shown restraint in choosing our tippy-top non-mushy Valentine’s Day gifts this year, selecting an even 20 of our favorites to bring joy to your sweetheart’s face. Read on for more.

Ideal for the amateur astronomer, these celestial stoppers sparkle just like the real thing.

Solar System Glow-in-the-Dark Bottle Stoppers – $24-26 Buy Now »



For the woman who’s shattered the glass ceiling without shattering your heart, consider a statement piece to toast her accomplishments.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Bracelet – $68 Buy Now »


Mesmerize your other half with the iridescent glow of a one-of-a-kind dragon’s egg.

Dragon Egg Paperweight – $50 Buy Now »



Your in-house mixologist will go gaga for this infuse-it-yourself kit—just add booze.

At Home Liquor Infusion Kit – $30-35 Buy Now »



Other half more of a beer tasting type? This 13-piece set includes six types of glasses, an equal number of cork-backed coasters, and one handy-dandy tasting guide.

13 Piece Beer Tasting Set – $29.99 Buy Now »



Face it: Your S.O. has an inner player. Appeal to them with this set of set of dice handcrafted from Indian rosewood. (Gotcha.)

Wooden Dice Set – $15 Buy Now »



Who says you need to ingest craft beer to enjoy it? Slather it on your hair, too, and enjoy the luxuriant locks that result.

Craft IPA Beer Shampoo & Conditioner – $19.95 Buy Now »



For vinyl buffs, these inventive coasters are an ideal way to put their passion on display. Each set is unique, too, for an added element of surprise.

Record Coasters – $18 Buy Now »



Made from cotton canvas hand-coated in beeswax, this ethereal pouch says, “I’m over the moon.” (That’s not too mushy, right?)

Moon Phase Waxed Canvas Pouch – $32 Buy Now »


This long, lean lightbox, on the other hand, says whatever you want, whether that’s “OH HELLO THERE” or “BE MINE.”

My Cinema Lightbox – Vintage Edition – $65 Buy Now »



Turn Valentine’s Day into “practical DIY day” with a kit that lets you make your own kinetic card holder.

Moving Card Holder Kit – $30 Buy Now »



Spice things up—get it?—with fennel, thyme, bay leaves, and more, all grown under the Grecian sun and contained within cute little jars.

Mediterranean Herb & Spice Gift Box – $60 Buy Now »



Jewelry? OK, it’s a little mushy. Multi-tools? Not so much, and this statement-making chevron pendant melds the two for a cool, handy touch.

Tulry Utility Necklace – $84-128 Buy Now »



If you know they’ve got love for lit, a circle scarf emblazoned with a passage from one of four novels may be just the thing to make the day special.

Literary Scarves – $48 Buy Now »



For fine art lovers, Richard Glass’s expertly crafted glass bowls make fine centerpieces… especially when filled with Valentine’s Day candy.

Saturn Glass Sculptural Bowl – $150 Buy Now »



Is it weird that another multi-tool made our list? Considering this one’s equipped with a cheese grater, garlic crusher, and corkscrew, no, we don’t think so.

The Chef’s Portable Multi-Tool – $32 Buy Now »



Sure, they’re heart-shaped, but they’re also playful: understated sterling silver studs filled with a rainbow of nonpareils.

Sprinkle Heart Studs – $28 Buy Now »



Ahh, pepper: the most underrated spice. Let this gourmet grinder be your guide as you explore varieties you’ve never heard of before, some even with exotic names like “voatsiperifery.”

Gourmet Pepper Mill – $60 Buy Now »



Grand masters and architecture buffs alike will enjoy this fresh, design-conscious take on the classic game of kings and queens. See also: London Skyline Chess.

NYC Skyline Chess – $120 Buy Now »



Handcrafted and inspired by ancient symbolism, this steel sculpture is an ideal gift for anyone with an affection for the natural world.

Tree of Life Wall Sculpture – $85 Buy Now »


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