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Valentine’s Day Gifts for a Relaxing Night In

January 29, 2018

We encourage relaxing throughout the year, but even we must admit that Valentine’s Day comes at an opportune time to chill. By mid-February, the holidays are over, and the sheen of the new year’s worn off just a tad—and with real life staring you right in the face, what better way to cope than with a hot, sudsy bath or a box of dark, indulgent chocolates? Now, with our favorite gifts to keep your Valentine’s Day celebration as peaceful as humanly possible, you can make a date of de-stressing. Read on for the rundown on 13 of our best bath soaks, tea kits, candles, and more.


Salt soaks, soy wax candles, and more comingle in this kit designed to optimize bath time.

Calming Waters Relaxation Set – $50 Buy Now »


These dried blooms open wide in hot water, imparting a delicate, floral touch of flavor.

Steeping Flower Blossoms – $28-36 Buy Now »



Can’t seem to choose between chocolates and champs? Good news: With Gayle Harte’s help, you no longer have to.

Chocolate Truffle Champagne Bottle – $62 Buy Now »



Kill two figurative birds with one stone with this candle that turns to warm lotion as it melts. (Psst… nothing says you have to use this alone, you know.)

2 in 1 Body Lotion Candle – $24 Buy Now »



Fancy something hot? Indulge in a personal blend of your choice of green and herbal teas with this comprehensive mix-it-yourself kit.

Green Herbal Tea Kit – $40 Buy Now »



For a truly impressive night in, pair a prized vintage with a set of hand-blown Italian wine glasses, each featuring a vibrant pop of color.

Ribolla Wine Glass Set – $464 Buy Now »



Hey—art can be cozy, too, and Rachel Kroh’s fiery print is no exception.

Burning For You – $18 Buy Now »



Stephen Kitras’s hand-blown scent diffusers look elegant hung in a window or perched on a stand, and with two scents to choose from—lavender or cucumber melon—there’s something to calm everybody down.

Healing Scent Diffusers – $13-32 Buy Now »



Play a little game of “loves me, loves me not” as you work these soap petals into a luxurious lather, though we’d like to think you can say “loves me” with confidence now.

Soap Flower Bathing Petals – $20 Buy Now »



You’ve got wine at the ready—a must for any romantic evening. Now break out these expertly formulated bricks of chocolate to take your beverage offerings to the next level.

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Set – $50 Buy Now »



…and hey: If you’d rather not eat your chocolates, you can always drop these in the tub for a soothing, fragrant soak.

Cocoa Butter Truffles Bathtub Soaks – $32 Buy Now »



Speaking of bathing in edible goods, what’s stopping you from cleansing with wine? Nothing, thanks to this set of four full-bodied soaps.

Wine Soaps – Set of 4 – $28 Buy Now »



Grooming: It’s not just for gals anymore. With specially formulated aftershave, cologne, and more, this masculine-presenting kit is just the thing your S.O. needs to clean up nice.

Wild Man Grooming Kit – $60 Buy Now »


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