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Last Minute Gifts for Everyone on Your List

December 14, 2014


Still looking for just the right thing for someone on your holiday shopping list? We gathered 20 of our favorite last minute gifts under $50 with all types of giftees in mind. So, whether you’re a secret Santa searching for something special, trying to stuff that last stocking, or just looking for a few final perfect presents, we can help!

Crumple the Make-it-Yourself Bear | UncommonGoods

1. Your favorite DIY-er will get a kick out of Crumple–The Make-it-Yourself Bear. A. Because he’s fun to make and B. because his name is Crumple. How adorable is that?

Faux Boise Sticker Clock | UncommonGoods

2. The punctual decorator on your list will love the Faux Bois Sticker Clock. The sleek shape and bold numbers make it a hit with fans of modern designs, while the “wood grain” gives it a nice, homey feel. Oh, and since it’s made of self-adhering vinyl, this gift is sure to stick with them.

Soup and Sandwich Ceramic Tray Duo | UncommonGoods

3. We all know someone who has “a thing” about their food touching. Give them this thing to deal with that thing. | Ceramic Soup and Sandwich Tray Duo

A Grand Adventure Activity Set | UncommonGoods

4. How do you put hours of fun, bonding, and memories into Grandma or Grandpa’s stocking? With A Grand Adventure Activity Set.

Camera Puzzle | UncommonGoods

5. This Camera Puzzle should get double exposure. It makes a great gift for any puzzle person, but a photographer will also love to take a shot at putting it together.

Love Story Journal | UncommonGoods

6. Need a mushy (in a good way) gift for the lovebirds on your list? Give them this chance to tell their story, with prompts to make sure they don’t miss any of the details of their epic romance. | Our Love Story – A Journal

Popcorn Kernels and Seasoning Sets | UncommonGoods

7. Whether they prefer sweet or savory, your favorite foodie will find gourmet Popcorn Kernel and Seasoning Sets irresistible.

Foldable Market Basket | Uncommongoods

8. It might be just a bit to big to fit into the typical stocking, but a fashionable on-the-go-getter will prefer stuffing a Foldable Market Basket to a big, fuzzy sock anyway.

Tortilla Baby | Uncommongoods

9. The perfect gift for a baby so cute “you could just eat him up!” | Tortilla Baby 

Wishing Ball | UncommonGoods

10. It’s not just wishful thinking to imagine that an introspective dreamer might enjoy a beautiful hand-blown glass accent piece that serves as a vessel for little messages of hope and gratitude. | Wishing Ball

Reclaimed Bike Gear Bottle Opener Coaster | UncommonGoods

11. Know a cyclist who likes to enjoy a refreshing beverage from time to time? This Reclaimed Bike Gear Bottle Opener Coaster is ride up their alley.

Constellation Mug | UncommonGoods

12. These days, “geek” is a compliment. Give an amateur astronomer something to geek-out over with the Constellation Mug. 

Tea Party Soap Set | UncommonGoods13. Tea drinkers expect to get leaves, bags, and cups for the holidays, but they’ll feel like they really cleaned up when they open this  Tea Party Soap Set.

Lunchbox Car | UncommonGoods

14. By grade school, most kids know better than to play with their food. Many, however, still like to play with toy cars. | Lunchbox Car

The Mug with a Hoop | UncommonGoods

15. Teenagers, on the other hand, might benefit from taking a break from teen angst to give the playing with food thing another try. | The Mug with a Hoop

Blacklight Putty | UncommonGoods16. Older kids, and kids-at-heart, will also love Black Light Putty. You’ll be able to tell by the way they glow when they open it. (Even before turning on the black light!)

Make Your Own Body Butter | UncommonGoods

17. The woman who loves to treat herself can be tricky to shop for, but she’ll love the chance to give her skin a treat with a Make Your Own Body Butter Kit.

Old Fashioned Kit \ UncommonGoods

18. Wow a whiskey drinker with a good ol’ fashioned great gift. | Old Fashioned Whiskey Kit

Beer Pop Chart | UncommonGoods

19. Impress a beer-loving guy or gal with this infographic that doubles as decor. | Beer Pop Chart

Ceramic Pin Cushion | UncommonGoods

20. Finding the perfect little gift for someone who loves to sew has never been so easy. | Ceramic Pincushion 


Gift Guides

Gifts for Men: 14 Designs that the “Man Who Has Everything” Doesn’t Already Have

December 11, 2014

Gifts for The Man Who Has Everything That He Doesn't Already Have | Gift Guide for HIM | UncommonGoods

In a world with endless options, some of us suffer from some form of analysis paralysis. We over-think the pros and cons of our gifts, fearing buyer’s remorse or another oversight. This is especially true when we encounter those guys on our wishlists who appear to own every cool thing ever made. Whether he’s a modern-day Renaissance Man, or just a distinguished hoarder, he is completely immune to any fear of committing to a collection of very useful, fashionable, well made things. And why shouldn’t he? You only live once! But fear not! No one has it all and it’s not impossible to find him a gift he wouldn’t want to add to his collection. We’ve picked out 14 cool and unique items that will be sure to impress that special man who seemingly has everything.


Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage | UncommonGoods

1. Rain or shine, the guy who has it all should never find himself out of stock! Now if only he would remember to leave the toilet seat down. | Cloudy Day Toilet Paper Storage


Stone Drink Dispenser | UncommonGoods
2. Sticks and stones will break his bones, but they will also make for a very sophisticated drink dispenser. | Stone Drink Dispenser

Whiskey Wedge | UncommonGoods
3. Cheers to whiskey on the rocks that isn’t watered down! | Whiskey Wedge

Beer Opening Glass | UncommonGoods
4. He doesn’t always drink beer, but when he does, he’ll prefer the Beer Opening Glass.

Seven Deadly Sins Pilsner Glasses | UncommonGoods
5. Whether he’s lusting after a cold one, or indulging in the gluttony of a third, these witty glasses will ensure that his bros won’t lose track of their brews at the next house party. | Seven Deadly Sins Pilsner Glasses

Wise Beer Growler | UncommonGoods
6. It would be wise to gift this companion before the next beer run! |  Wise Beer Growler 

Boombox Touch Speaker | UncommonGoods


7. He has the newest smart phone, but does he have a smart speaker? |  Boombox Touch Speaker 

Foodie Dice | UncommonGoods

8. From his beloved Vitamix to his people-pleasing pasta maker, we know he’s got his home cooking routine down to a science. Shake things up by introducing this uncontrolled variable to his foodie lab! | Foodie Dice

Literary Cufflinks | UncommonGoods

9.  Help him suit up like a gentleman and a scholar. | Literary Cufflinks 

iPad Foosball |UncommonGoods


10. He already has the iPad, but we doubt he has a bunch of those little wooden soccer guys lying around!  iPad Foosball lets him transform his tablet into a Foosball table in no time.

Fixie Pizza Cutter | UncommonGoods

11. If he’ a pizza fan, he’ll love it. If he’s a pizza fan and a cyclist, he’ll love it even more and  burn off the extra calories during his next ride. Double win. | Fixie Pizza Cutter

Magnetic Bike Lights | UncommonGoods

12. Speaking of biking–really cool, super strong magnets first. Uh, we mean “safety first.” In this case, it’s actually both. | Magnetic Bike Lights

Laser Projection Keyboard | UncommonGoods

13. Why yes, that is a futuristic Laser Projection Keyboard with motion sensing technology that turns any flat surface into something that looks like it was pulled from a sci-fi film.

Men's Military Field Grooming Kit | UncommonGoods14. Good hygiene is one of the things the guy who has everything already has, so he’ll love this collection of high-end men’s toiletries. He’ll also love that they come in a real, upcycled US Army supply can, because that’s just cool. | Mens Military Field Grooming Set


Gifts for The Man Who Has Everything That He Doesn't Already Have | Gift Guide for HIM | UncommonGoods

Gift Guides

Gifts for Women: 19 Finds for the Zen Seeker

November 28, 2014

Gifts for Women: 19 Finds for the Zen Seeker

Getting a daily dose of relaxation can be difficult when we’re surrounded by a hectic world, but some women are so passionate about finding balance that they seem to make the most of every moment. These zen seekers can teach us a lot about doing what’s best for our bodies and minds if we would just listen to them as well as they listen to their Chakras. This collection of 19 gifts celebrate self-awareness, meditation, and the yoga lifestyle.  So, while we may not all be as in-touch with the universe as these wise women are, we can still let them know that we appreciate the lessons they’ve taught us about connecting with our surroundings and our inner selves.


1.Yoga can take a load off the body and the mind, but lugging a mat isn’t always relaxing. This Upcycled Sari Yoga Bag makes the commute to class as peaceful as Lotus pose.

Meditation Box | UncommonGoods

2. Even those who seem the most calm may need to take a moment to reflect every now and then. This low-tech “tablet” is the perfect place to write down thoughts and watch them fade into the sands of time.  | Meditation Box

Yoga Poses Poster| UncommonGoods3. Whether she’s just starting her practice or is a long-time yogi, she’ll love this artful collection of illustrated Asanas. | Yoga Pose Poster

Zenguin Mugs | UncommonGoods

4. Zenguin Mugs— Because the quest for zen doesn’t have to be without humor.

Yoga Tote | UncommonGoods5. The Yoga Tote carries everything she needs before she lets go of the days extra baggage in Shavasana.

Yoga Pose Pendants | UncommonGoods

6. She may not be able to break into Bow pose in the middle of an important business meeting, but she can wear a Yoga Pose Pendant as a comforting reminder to stay calm even when things get stressful.


Chakra Flag Chime | UncommonGoods

7. The Chakra Flags Chime is a handmade reminder to stay in touch with the 7 Chakras, or “windows to the soul.” The pretty sounds  made by its rustling bells are reminders that beautiful art goes beyond what the eye can see.

Ganesh Chain Chime | UncommonGoods

8. If vertical art fits more easily into her personal space, she’ll love the Ganesh Chain Chime.
Chakra Bath Salt Set | UncommonGoods9. A long, hot bath can be one of the best ways to de-stress, and this Chakra Bath Salts Set makes soaking even more serene.

Teabag Tub Soaks | UncommonGoods

10. If bath salts aren’t her cup of tea, she might enjoy a soak enhanced with herbs. | Teabag Tub Soaks

Cherry Blossom Snow Globe | UncommonGoods11. Give her springtime in the middle of winter with this tranquil scene. | Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Recycled Wine Bottle Candles | UncommonGoods12. She may already have a soundtrack for her daily yoga routine, but eucalyptus and lemon or lavender will add a lovely scent-track. | Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

Many Moons Screenprint | Uncommongoods

13. She may be the earthy type, but she’ll be over the moon when she opens this gift. | Many Moons Screenprint 

Silk Wrapped Soul Bracelet - Consciousness |UncommonGoods14.  Those who seek zen must find a connection with the present; this Silk Wrapped Soul Bracelet – Consciousness symbolizes awareness of the moment.

Chai Tea Kit | UncommonGoods

15. Enjoying a cup of tea is a great way to loosen up after a long day, and this loose-leaf collection with make that cup even more enjoyable. | Chai Tea Kit

Glass Teapot with Stand | UncommonGoods

16. Of course, that moment of zen doesn’t have to end when the first cup is empty. | Glass Teapot with Stand

Healing Stone Mugs | Uncommongoods

17. Add yet another level to that soothing tea-time experience with a handmade Healing Stone Mug.

Zen Cat Garden Sculpture | UncommonGoods

18. Whether she prefers to meditate in an outdoor garden or in a corner of the den, these calm kitties will fit right into her quiet space. | Zen Cat Garden Sculptures

Balance Necklace | UncommonGoods

19. The busier her lifestyle gets, the more amazed you are that she always manages to find balance. Show her how much you appreciate this special quality with charming necklace says it perfectly. | Balance and Harmony Necklace



Gifts for Women | UncommonGoods


Gift Guides

Gifts for Women: 16 Designs She’ll Show Off in Her Home

November 27, 2014

Designs She'll Show Off In Her Home | UncommonGoods

We’ve all heard the expression “home is where the heart is.” Initially, this expression can be interpreted to mean that “home” is wherever you are surrounded by the people you love. That is a very true sentiment, whether “home” describes the place where you grew up, or the new dwelling that you’re building with your growing family. But we think that this expression can be interpreted even further. Some people pour their hearts and souls into their homes. For true home decor lovers, walls aren’t just infrastructure that hold a roof, but a canvas for daily inspiration. Shelves display timeless pieces, not dusty picture frames. Clocks don’t just tell time, they also tell a story. Chances are, the mothers, grandmothers and other special ladies on your wish list share heartwarming pride for the decorative details that make up their homes. We’ve picked out 16 pieces that will add even more love and personality to her home, and give her another reason to show off her digs this holiday season.


Wooden Wrap Lamp | UncommonGoods

1. Clap-on lights are so 1980s. Introduce a gorgeous natural touch to your lady’s living room with a lamp that blends fine craftsmanship with modern design | Wooden Wrap Lamp


Handmade Sparrow Pillow | UncommonGoods


2. Can’t keep up with her idea of feng shui? Gift her positive vibes with this flock of sparrows, which are said to be harbingers of good news and good luck. | Handmade Sparrow Pillow 

Agate Desk Clock | UncommonGoods

3. In ancient times, agate was thought to bring pleasant dreams and protection to its owners. Time to ditch that raggedy dream catcher! | Agate Desk Clock

Gold Leaf Upcycled Bowl | UncommonGoods

4. One woman’s wine bottle is another woman’s treasure (or bowl, in this case). | Golden Leaf Upcycled Bowl 


Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit | UncommonGoods

5. Give a kit that will display the beautiful perks of being a wallflower. | Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit


Orange Peel Spiral Coaster Set | UncommonGoods

6. Next time she’s exchanging stories around the coffee table, she’ll jump at the chance to describe the juice-to-table origins of these coasters. | Orange Peel Spiral Coaster Set

Lumino Gilded Multicolored Coasters | UncommonGoods

7. When your favorite hostess stands-in as the house party bartender, these vibrant cuts of agate will provide a breathtaking backdrop to any muddled cocktail. |  Lumino Gilded Multicolored Coasters



Earth Science Stacking Cups | UncommonGoods

8. Show the girls in your life the creative side of STEM with these colorful stacking cups, which combine science with sophisticated design to display the planet’s geographical and marine layers. | Earth Science Stacking Cups


Well Read Women: Juliet Capulet | UncommonGoods

9. Spark inspiration at her next book club gathering with this elegant portrait of one of literature’s beloved star-crossed lovers. | Well Read Women: Juliet Capulet 



10. Any interior designer in the making knows that lighting makes a room. | Upcycled Bottle Pendant Lamp 


Kantha Shower Curtain | UncommonGoods

11.  Your globetrotting gal might long for her backpacking days, but she certainly doesn’t miss those hostel showers! This worldly shower curtain will remind her of exotic destinations in the comforts of her home base. | Kantha Shower Curtain 


Recycled Wine Bottle Candles | UncommonGoods

12. Setting the perfect mood is about getting the little details just right, all the way down to scent, lighting and aesthetics. |  Recycled Wine Bottle Candles


Inspiration Bent Wood Planter | UncommonGoods

13. Help her make a statement in her home with this coiled planter. |  Inspiration Bent Wood Planter 



Perching Bird Bookends | UncommonGoods

14.  Even if you’ve already left the nest, these Perching Bird Bookends will remind your crafty Mom that home is always just a flight away.

Birds of a Feather Sculpture | UncommonGoods

15. For an added touch of home decor magic, this sculpture can also remind your empty nest-er that your flock will always stick together. | Birds of a Feather Sculpture 


Moon Phase Pillow | UncommonGoods

16. For the nights when your favorite decorator sits on her furnished porch and marvels at the natural sparkle surrounding her home. |  Moon Phase Pillow 


Home Decor | UncommonGoods

The Uncommon Life

Gifts For Women: 15 Eco-Chic Designs for Her

November 26, 2014

Eco-Chic Designs for Her | UncommonGoods

At UncommonGoods, we love searching for sustainable and handmade designs when it comes to the products we share with you, especially with our jewelry and accessories. You want your gift to be unique and a reflection of who she is, so whether the word “stylish” or “eco-concious” (or both) describes your special girl, we got you covered! Below are 15 eco-chic designs and handmade items that you can gift her this holiday season that will not only add to her fashionable wardrobe, but also her green impact on the world.
Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

1. We love our gorgeous lace jewelry collection. This Vintage Lace Heart Within A Heart Necklace is made out of timeless materials such as gold, silver, and lace – the perfect gift for any mother or daughter.

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

2. If the girl in your life is one to stand out and tends to go against the norm, this Waterfall Ring will quickly become one of her favorite treasures in her jewelry box!

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

3. This Wine Cork Sling Bag is made out of 100% sustainable cork! The wine lover in your life will appreciate this eye-catching tote and it’ll conveniently play a weekly reminder to pick up more wine!

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

4. Skip the plane ride and take your wanderlusting lady on a trip to Africa with this organic-designed clutch. It’s woven by artisans in Madagascar from sustainable raffia palm fiber. | Madagascar Handwoven Raffia Clutch

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

5. The Provence Scarf is a lovely combination of upcycled burgundy cotton jersey and elegant black lace, the perfect touch for any outfit throughout the seasons.


Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

6. Let your lady know that your love for her only grows more and more everyday with this delicate A Tree Grows Necklace.

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

7. For the ultimate bohemian chic in your circle of friends, bring the essence of India to her wardrobe with this Upcycled Sari Kantha Klutch. (The production of these clutches provides Indian women with a beautiful opportunity to create a better standard of living for themselves, their children, and their communities!)

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

8.  This Emerald Mosaic Ring is made out of beautiful, rough-cut emeralds and is embedded in textured brass. A bold ring to represent the bold love you have for the boldest lady you know!

Tagua Gem Necklace

9. A stunning Tagua Gem Necklace  that helps curb illegal elephant poaching, prevents deforestation, and allows local artisans to make a living from the harvesting, carving, and dyeing of the seeds. #winning

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

10. Chronic tea drinkers and vintage fashion hunters will give you more than a spoonful of smiles when you gift them these Spoon Handle Drop Earrings. They’re casted from 19th century demitasse spoons and then designed into these chic jewelry pieces!

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

11. Gift a pair of nature-inspred earrings for the ultimate nature lover! | Fern Frond Hoops

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

12. For the girl who loves to accessorize, this handmade Bora Scarf can pose as a scarf, neck warmer, or chunky necklace!

Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

13. Help keep her precious jewelry organized with a zen-ful touch by gifting her this beautiful handcrafted Hand of Buddha Jewelry Stand.


Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

14. The intricate designs you see on this wallet is made out of discarded black plastic bags in Cambodia. | Upcycled Plastic Crocheted Wallet 


Eco-Chic Gifts For Her | UncommonGoods

15. These beautiful bracelets you see are actually upcycled water pipes made by the hands of Namibian artisans. They use intricate carving techniques to transform utilitarian material into stylish accessories! | Hand Carved Upcycled Pipe Cuffs Set
Green Gifts | UncommonGoods

Gift Guides

12 Grand Presents for Grandparents

November 20, 2014

Grand Presents for Grandparents Gift Guide | UncommonGoods

Have you ever heard your grandmother or grandfather say, “I’ve seen a lot in my day!”? The wisdom that grandparents gain over the years is certainly something they can be proud of (and pass down to you, if you listen), but seeing it all can also mean that they seem to have everything they need. So, we rounded up 12 gifts we’re pretty sure they haven’t come across before to help you find something they’ll absolutely love.

Vintage Family Winebox | UncommonGoods
1. Stock the Family Vintage Wine Box with your grandparents’ favorite vino as a reminder of the way things tend to keep getting better with age.

Personalized Holiday Family Print | UncommonGoods2. Help Gram and Gramps show off the whole happy family this holiday season, with this personalized print. | Personalized Holiday Family Print


Personalized Family Ski Art | UncommonGoods
3. Or, help them celebrate family togetherness in a different winter setting, with Personalized Family Ski Art.


My Life Story So Far Journal | UncommonGoods

4. Grandparents always have great stories. This cloth-bound, hardcover journal is the perfect place to write them all down. | My Life Story-So Far


Grandmother's Garden Necklace | UncommonGoods


5. “A garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart” and yours will certainly love the Grandmother’s Garden NecklaceBirds and Blooms State Pillow | UncommonGoods6. Whether you live close to your grandfolks or are sending warm holiday wishes from across the country, state your love with Birds and Blooms Individual State Pillows.

Teas from Around the World | UncommonGoods
7. Your grandparents don’t have to be world travelers to enjoy this collection of tasty teas. | Tea from Around the World 

Glass Teapot with Stand | UncommonGoods


8. And tea time with with Grandma and Grandpa can last a little longer, thanks to this Glass Teapot with Stand that keeps the freshly brewed beverage warm.

Heirloom Recipe Journal | UncommonGoods

9. There’s nothing quite like Grandma’s (or Grandpa’s) cooking, so get those recipes in writing! | Heirloom Recipe Journal


Varietal Honey Flight | UncommonGoods
10. Even if you’re all grown up, there was a time when you were their sweet little grandbaby. Remind them how sweet you still are with a Varietal Honey Flight.

Lake Topography Art | UncommonGoods
11. If Mema and Granddad call a place on the lake home, vacation in a summer cabin, or have fond memories of family outings on a special shore, this custom art is sure to make them smile. | Lake Topography Art

Custom Satellite Map Puzzle | UncommonGoods
12. Even if your grandparents don’t have a lake they love,  you can still give them a gift based on a special location. | Custom Satellite Map Puzzle


Gifts for Grandparents | UncommonGoods

Gift Guides

16 Parent-Pleasing Presents

November 19, 2014

UncommonGoods Parent-Pleasing Presents

How do you celebrate the people who will do anything for you? It’s a complex question, but the holiday season is an amazing time to reflect on the unconditional gratitude that you feel for your parents. Whether you’re gifting to new parents, or showing love to your step-parents, in-laws, or your own lovely folks, we’ve got you covered. These 16 memorable gifts from UncommonGoods will be sure to express how much you care for the most special people in your life.

Personalized Lazy Susan | UncommonGoods

1. Gift a portrait that honors the captains of your crew, who will always help you brave the rough waters. | Personalized Family Canoe Art

Personalized Holiday Family Print | UncommonGoods

2. If your family prefers to stay above sea level, this personalized portrait will celebrate your land-bound cast of characters in seasonal fashion. | Personalized Holiday Family Print

Personalized Songbird Vase | UncommonGoods

3. A vase that doubles as a stylish wine cooler is guaranteed not to end up in the cabinet over the refrigerator. | Personalized Songbird Vase

Personalized Lazy Susan | UncommonGoods

4. A memento to your family’s beginnings, this handcrafted piece is sure to become a staple of Sunday night dinners and holiday gatherings. | Personalized Lazy Susan

Parent Letter Napkins | UncommonGoods

5. Indeed, it’s true that mother knows best. But that doesn’t mean your parents wouldn’t appreciate extra words of wisdom. Featuring nostalgic typewriter-inspired print, these decorative napkins are printed with words of love, advice, and charm from some of literature’s greatest voices. | Parent Letter Napkins 

Outdoor Fondue Pot | UncommonGoods

6. It’s your turn to answer that age-old question- “what’s for dinner?” | Outdoor Fondue Pot

Personalized Cutting Board | UncommonGoods

7. Remind your parents that they are “a cut above the rest” with this Personalized Cutting Board.

Cheese & Cracker's Serving Board | UncommonGoods

8. A snack spread isn’t complete without cheese & crackers, just as life isn’t complete without Mom & Dad. | Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

Olive Server | UncommonGoods

9. When you’re not around, this server will say “Olive You.” | Olive Server


Children Are The Anchors Necklace | UncommonGoods

10. Your folks may hold down the fort, but don’t forget that you’re also their anchor. | Children Are The Anchors Necklace

Vinotini Flip Glass | UncommonGoods

11. Whether Mom enjoys Merlot, or Dad prefers dirty martinis, wish your parents a resounding “Cheers!” with this innovative bar accessory. | Vinotini Flip Glass

Custom Address Stamps | UncommonGoods

12. Because a hand-written letter should never go out of style. | Custom Address Stamps


Parent Nestling Necklace | UncommonGoods

13. You may have already left the nest, but you’ll never forget where you got your wings. Celebrate the beauty of your clan with the Parent Nestling Necklace.

Classic Blue Tumbler Set | UncommonGoods

14. Perfect for parents who always have their hands full, these handmade tumblers will spin and swirl wine with a light push. Say hello to sipping made easy.  | Classic Blue Tumbler Set 

Birch Pedestal Platter | UncommonGoods

15. An enchanting platter that looks like it floated straight out of one of your favorite bedtime stories. | Birch Pedestal Platter

Custom Wooden Photo Wall Art | UncommonGoods

16. Through a unique printing method, your favorite photo can be “tattooed” to mirror the rings and contours of a custom wooden canvas. Finally, a “tattoo” that is guaranteed to earn Mom and Dad’s approval! | Custom Wooden Photo Wall Art


UncommonGoods Parent-Pleasing Presents

Gift Guides

Gifts for Kids: 15 Educational (and Fun!) Toys and Games

November 13, 2014

Scratch Map Deluxe | UncommonGoods Gifts for Kids| Educational Toys and Games | UncommonGoods Did you ever dream of growing up to become an astronaut, world-renowned artist, or president? Chances are, the kids on your holiday list are filled with the same big ambitions and want to absorb all of the knowledge they can along the way to adulthood. Keep those young, audacious spirits excited about learning the wonders of the world with these gifts that encourage creativity and make education fun.

Super Nerdy ABC Blocks | UncommonGoods


1. It’s true that A is for apple and B is for boy, but your kid probably already knows that. Teach them the ABCs from “Absolute Zero”  to “Zoological Oddity” with Super Nerdy ABC Blocks. (Or let them show off all of the cool things their first initial stands for with this matching art.)

Fresh Architecture Memory Game | UncommonGoods2. This update to the classic game of memory won’t soon be forgotten. | Fresh Architecture Memory Game

Storymatic Kids Game | UncommonGoods

3. Whether you use the cards to tell a brand new bedtime story or listen intently as your kiddo writes an original fairytale, the Storymatic Kids Game is designed to help children of all ages think outside the book.   Musical Pat Bells | UncommonGoods 4. Sure, banging on pots and pans is fun, but your little percussionist can make beautiful music AND learn the C major scale with these Musical Pat Bells.   Whatchamadrawit | UncommonGoods 5. It’s not a whatchamacallit, it’s Whatchamadrawit–a super fun way to encourage kids to get creative through guided doodling. 21830_kwizniac_kidz 6. Tryouts for a TV game show might still be a few years away, but it’s never too soon to start filling a young mind with fun facts. | Kwizniac Trivia Game for Kids   scratchmap Scratch Map Deluxe | UncommonGoods 7. Whether the giftee is already a world traveler or dreams of visiting far away lands in the future, they can uncover adventures with the Scratch Map Deluxe.   USA Scratch Map | UncommonGoods 8. If your future explorer isn’t quite ready to have the whole world at his or her hands, the United States is a good place to start. | USA Scratch Map   A Grand Adventure |Grandparent-Grandchild Game | UncommonGoods 9. Grandparents: This is your chance to win extra spoil points. A Grand Adventure lets you give grandkids hours of fun with 20 activities for Big G (grandparent) and Little G (grandkid) to do together.     Rememory Game | UncommonGoods 10. Recalling old memories can be just as fun as creating new ones, especially when those two things are happing at the same time! | Rememory Game     Kid's Edible Chemistry Kit | UncommonGoods 11. Many kids grow up to learn that cooking can come down to a science. In the meantime, the Kid’s Edible Chemistry Kit teaches the basics on acids and bases, pigments and polymers, and more.   Elements Photo Card  Deck | UncommonGoods 12. Not every kid (or adult, for that matter)  knows what bismuth or boron looks like, but this colorful card collection lets science lovers picture the periodic table in a new way. | Elements Photo Card Deck   United States of America Blocks Set | UncommonGoods 13. Your little guy or gal might still be too young for civics class, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in the building blocks of our nation. | United States of America Block Set   President Block Set | UncommonGoods 14. Want to be elected “best gift-giver ever”? Vote yes to the President Block Set.     Hanz-Genius Kit | UncommonGoods   15. Tiny tinkerers will get an introduction to kinetics, practice puzzle solving, and hours of imaginative play with the Hanz-Genius Kit.


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