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10 Excellent Father’s Day Gifts You Can Only Get At UncommonGoods

May 24, 2019

Not to brag, but we’re kind of experts when it comes to gifting. From picks that appeal to the most obscure of interests to majorly crowd-pleasing presents, our selection lets you find just the thing for the person you love. Since Dad’s time to shine is coming up fast (ahem, June 16th) peruse this list of finds you can only get at UncommonGoods—each of them perfect for Father’s Day.


1. A smart serving solution for pistachio-lovers.

Pistachio Pedestal | UncommonGoods

Does he go nuts for pistachios? Solve the whole shell-pile-up problem with this elegant server—just place any debris in the lower tier for easy clean up later.

Pistachio Pedestal – $48 Buy Now »


2. A retelling of the of civil rights movement through top-notch reportage.

New York Times - A History of Civil Rights | UncommonGoods

Whether he’s a history buff, activist, or simply a believer in equality for all, he’ll appreciate this assemblage of New York Times pieces.

New York Times – A History of Civil Rights – $50 Buy Now »


3. Custom outdoor art that shows all signs point to love.

Personalized Family Member Signpost | UncommonGoods

Faraway family members will still feel close with this personalized signpost. Choose loved ones’ names and distances, then metalworker Chris Crooks will work his magic in weatherproof steel.

Personalized Family Member Signpost – $125-200 Buy Now »


4. A board-game-turned-drinking-game that’ll brew up hours of fun.

Beeropoly | UncommonGoods

Got a Dad that knows his beer? Roll the dice, participate in fun challenges, and knock back a few cold ones along the way thanks to this updated take on a classic board game.

Beeropoly – $35 Buy Now »


5. And all-inclusive kit for refreshing, homemade boba.

Bubble Tea Kit | UncommonGoods

Now Pops can take pride in whipping up his own Taiwanese bubble tea right from the comfort of his kitchen. This do-it-yourself set includes two flavors of tea, tapioca pearls, and a reusable metal straw.

Bubble Tea Kit – $35 Buy Now »


6. A custom map that celebrates your most-loved family vacations.

Personalized Family Travel Pushpin World Map | UncommonGoods

Put a pin in cherished memories with this personalized work of art. You can have your family name included on top, then mark the destinations you’ve adventured to together. Consider it payback for all those heavy suitcases you had Dad lug around.

Personalized Family Travel Pushpin World Map – $175 Buy Now »


7. Outdoor sculptures that’ll turn his backyard into Jurassic Park.

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set | UncommonGoods

What was that rustling in the leaves? Just a pair of velociraptors, no big deal. This pair of steel dinos will add extra personality to his garden.

Velociraptor Garden Sculpture Set – $180 Buy Now »


8. A guided journal that’ll help him preserve his life story.

My Life Story - So Far | UncommonGoods

He always has the best stories—help him make ’em official with this book of prompts. Once he works his way through the nine sections, he’ll have a fully realized personal memoir.

My Life Story So Far – $30 Buy Now »


9. Home décor that shines light on his favorite city.

City Skyline Lamp | UncommonGoods

Now Dad can enjoy his favorite skyline—no matter where he lives. This cleverly designed lamp casts an exaggerated shadow of iconic views from either Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, or Seattle.

City Skyline Lamp – $100 Buy Now »


10. A grooming kit for embracing his inner lumberjack.

Woodsman Beard Bundle | UncommonGoods

Shout-out to the beardy dads. The natural ingredients in this oil and balm duo will help him finesse his facial hair to perfection.

Woodsman Beard Bundle – $33 Buy Now »


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