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Our Most Lovable $50 & Under Valentine’s Day Gifts

January 22, 2019

What can you get your Valentine for $50 or under? Yeah, you could probably pick up a box of kinda nice sweets and a pretty OK bouquet, but why not do one (or a bunch) better? These gifts aren’t exactly traditional, but they’re definitely delightful. And they’re all $50… or less.

1. A glass that showcases a city they love.

Urban Map Glass | UncommonGoods

This is very unique and I was happy to find that it featured our home city. It feels like very good quality glass and the print is perfect!Miranda, Maryland

This glass is etched with a detailed map so your valentine can toast their town in style.

Urban Map Glass – $16 Buy Now »


2. This cute li’l can is packed with fun date night ideas.

Date Night Bucket List | UncommonGoods

Why settle on one date night when you can give them a whole bucket of possibilities?

Date Night Bucket List – $18 Buy Now »


3. A photo reel viewer filled with special moments.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer | UncommonGoods

Load the customizable disc with photos to give your honey a close-up look at your happiest couple moments.

Create Your Own Reel Viewer – $29.95 Buy Now »


4. An assortment of teas in adorable, dissolvable drops.

Tea Drop Sampler | UncommonGoods

Really cool gift for a tea lover. They enjoyed it a lot! [I] was trying to find something unique, and this was perfect.Tea Guy, Illinois

This giftable wooden box is filled with delightful “tea drops” in five flavors. Just drop ’em in hot water and they melt into deliciousness.

Tea Drop Sampler – $34 Buy Now »


5. This kit lets your sweetie mix up some hot stuff.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit | UncommonGoods

This DIY kit includes everything they need to make six bottles of spicy pepper sauce.

Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – $34.95 Buy Now »


6.  A handcrafted hedgehog that holds their plants.

Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter | UncommonGoods

Put pretty succulents, an appropriately pokey fern, or little buds in this handmade hedgehog planter and you’ve got fresh-cut flowers beat. Big time.

Coconut Fiber Hedgehog Planter – $48 Buy Now »


7. A worldly way to say, “I’m nuts about you.”

Around the World Spicy Nut Collection | UncommonGoods

My wife loved this gift! She talked about the freshness of the peanuts and the array of spicy tastes from several nations.Customer, New York City

We couldn’t resist the pun, and they won’t be able to resist all the spicy goodness in this assortment of seasoned peanuts.

Around the World Spicy Nut Collection – $35 Buy Now »


8. A ceramic amplifier for playing their favorite love tunes.

Ceramic Phone Amplifier | UncommonGoods

You may not look as cool holding this little “speaker” over your head as you would blasting a boombox, but they’ll love it for its sleek, cord-free convenience.

Ceramic Phone Amplifier – $48 Buy Now »


9. 24 scrumptious chocolate-covered pretzels.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels | UncommonGoods

Eight boxes, three flavors, endless crunch. That drug store box of chocolates didn’t stand a chance.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels – $30 Buy Now »


10. A crystal-topped candle that smells like sweet sage.

Cleansing Ritual Candle | UncommonGoods

This gorgeous handmade candle is equally effective as a romantic gift or a fun “thinking of you” valentine to a platonic friend.

Cleansing Ritual Candle – $30 Buy Now »


11. State-shaped boards that put wine corks on display.

Wine Cork States | UncommonGoods

That bottle of merlot from your last romantic night in? The chardonnay from that summer concert in the park? This stately art turns wine corks into keepsakes.

Wine Cork States – $35 Buy Now »


12. This book lets you tell your Valentine how you feel from A-Z.

How Do I Love Thee from A-Z | UncommonGoods

Complete the prompts to create an alphabet of sweet sentiments for your special someone.

How Do I Love Thee from A-Z – $20 Buy Now »


13. All-natural vegan gummies in wine-inspired flavors.

Wine Gummies Trio | UncommonGoods

These yummy little gummies are alcohol-free, but they taste like merlot, chardonnay, and rosé.

Wine Gummies Trio – $24 Buy Now »


14. Chocolate pops that melt into decadent hot cocoa.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick | UncommonGoods

What says “I love you” better than chocolate on a stick? When that chocolate turns a mug of warm milk into delightfully creamy hot cocoa.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick – $36 Buy Now »


15. Ready-to-grow lavender in a handmade ceramic planter.

Lavender Blossoms Grow Kit | UncommonGoods

Great little gift for the green thumb in your life.Phill, Grove City, OH

This pretty purple pot comes with seeds, soil, and instructions—so your love can grow their own lavender plant.

Lavender Blossoms Grow Kit – $34 Buy Now »


16. A necklace that celebrates her personality type.

Archetype Necklaces | UncommonGoods

Is she an innovator? A scholar? Your hero? These necklaces celebrate what makes her special.

Archetype Necklaces – $45 Buy Now »


17. This heart-shaped trivet contains a lucky horseshoe.

Horseshoe Heart Trivet | UncommonGoods

A pretty (yet practical) way to say you’re lucky to have their love.

Horseshoe Heart Trivet – $50 Buy Now »


18. Cards that let you compete to see who’s sweeter.

Marital Bliss Game | UncommonGoods

Every couple needs this!Jenny, Brentwood, TN

Your partner might actually prefer you win this couples card game. The player who completes the most tasks (like making breakfast in bed, buying groceries, etc.) in a week takes the prize.

Marital Bliss Game – $14.95 Buy Now »


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