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Valentine’s Day Gifts
for Impossible-to-Shop-for Guys

January 23, 2019

Valentine’s Day is famous for hearts, flowers, and chubby little winged babies. That’s adorable and all, but we realize that some guys would rather get a useful gift than a cute one. So, we rounded up this collection of Valentine’s Day gifts to make shopping for your fella easier than deciphering a conversation heart. (URQT? LUV4EVR? Gr8GFTS4Him.)


1. A personalized barrel to age his favorite whiskey at home.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel | UncommonGoods

Great hand crafted gift to help memories last! The quality of this product is fantastic.Dusty Bottle Distillery, Saint Charles, MO

These miniature oak barrels are just right for aging spirits. Engraved with his name (or both of your names, if you’d like), it’s a personal way to make his favorite drink extra special.

Personalized Whiskey Barrel – $85-200 Buy Now »


2. Socks adorned with his initials.

Personalized Socks - Set of 5 Pairs | UncommonGoods

Ever thought you could make your guy’s day with the gift of socks? These come monogramed and there’s room for up to 20 characters across the toe. (“Be My Valentine” happens to fit nicely.)

Personalized Socks – Set of 5 Pairs – $50 Buy Now »


3. A bottle opener made from a used-on-the-ice NHL puck.

Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

The unique dings and scratches from the game use are very cool. Thankfully, I was sent a puck from a winning game this season which made the gift even better! It’s the perfect gift for a hockey nut who already has every jersey, hat, and t-shirt there whose bf never gives her gift ideas, Birmingham, AL

If you’re his first love, but hockey comes in second, he’ll adore this bottle opener. It’s made from a retired puck that hit the ice in an actual NHL game.

Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener – $95-200 Buy Now »

4. This clock has a hidden talent: It’s also a reading light.

Does he read in bed while you’re trying to get shut eye? This little lamp is bright enough to illuminate the page without lighting up the whole room. A quick flip and it’s a digital alarm clock.

Edge Light Clock – $49 Buy Now »


5. A solid addition to his home bar.

Stone Drink Dispenser | UncommonGoods

My husband was so happy with this, as was I. [It’s] not your normal present, and the craftsmanship is incredible.Stylish Shopper, Mooresville, NC

Made of a hunk of cobble granite, this drink dispenser lets him put his favorite spirit on tap. (In other words, he can serve his drinks on the rocks from a rock.)

Stone Drink Dispenser – $45-150 Buy Now »


6. This kit lets him take the leap from beer lover to beer brewer with ease.

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit | UncommonGoods

Everything he needs to brew his own tasty IPA at home is right in this kit.

West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit – $20-45 Buy Now »


7. Little lights to make his nighttime runs brighter.

We recommend these clip-on lights that attach right to his running shoes. If you choose to write “Because you’ve been running through my thoughts all day” in his card, that’s on you.

Night Runner Headlights – $60 Buy Now »


8. A robot that makes beer pong extra challenging.

Moving Beer Pong Robot | UncommonGoods

This thing is so cool ! I love that there’s no set up. We just carry them in a little reusable grocery bag along with snacks to our friends.Fran, South Carolina

He’s a beer pong pro? Set up those cups on this little robot and watch ’em roll around the table for some next-level fun.

Moving Beer Pong Robot – $60 Buy Now »


9. A portable cooker that’s powered by the sun.

Portable Solar Cooker | UncommonGoods

A must-have for outdoorsy dudes, this handy little cooker heats food and water without requiring fuel (except for sunshine).

Portable Colar Cooker – $139 Buy Now »


10. This detailed desktop model lets him explore the moon.

One small step for a man, one giant leap for spending hours using an augmented reality app to learn cool stuff about the moon.

Interactive Moon Sculpture – $89 Buy Now »


11. Five hot sauces featuring a variety of globally inspired flavors.

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box | UncommonGoods

This set of pepper sauces is like an international heat wave. Each bottle packs a different delicious punch.

Global Hot Sauce Gift Box – $45 Buy Now »


12.  A brie baker that’s fueled by a tiny flame.

Tea Light Brie Baker | UncommonGoods

How do you make candlelight even more romantic? Use it to make cheese nice and melty and you’ve got fondu for two.

Tea Light Brie Baker – $20 Buy Now »


13. These glasses are just the thing for post-run beers.

Etched Marathon Pint Glass | UncommonGoods

Maybe he runs long distance. Maybe he just likes to get in a morning jog. Either way, if he’s into drinking a cold one from time to time, he’ll enjoy these glasses etched with actual marathon maps.

Etched Marathon Pint Glass – $18 Buy Now »


14. An oak tumbler that brings out whiskey’s complex flavors.

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler | UncommonGoods

My boyfriend loved it, he’s a whiskey freak, and he was so excited. He wants to buy these now for all his group of whiskey appreciators.KJ, CA, USA

Carved from a single piece of oak, this tumbler is designed to make his whiskey even tastier. Its wide base opens up the spirit’s aromas and the honey wax lining brings out subtle flavors.

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler – $14-50 Buy Now »


15. A stylish place to stash his shells.

Pistachio Pedestal | UncommonGoods

True love isn’t about putting your partner on a pedestal. That doesn’t mean he can’t put his favorite snack on one.

Pistachio Pedestal – $48 Buy Now »


16. This sanitizer helps keep his phone germ free.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer | UncommonGoods

All the mushiness around Valentine’s day might make some grounded guys feel a little queazy. So can germs hiding on his phone. But he won’t have to worry about those, thanks to this device that zaps ’em with UV light.

PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer – $59.95 Buy Now »


17. A pen that doubles quintuples as a multi-tool.

5-in-1 Tool Pen | UncommonGoods

I bought this for a gift, then I bought one for myself.Fletch, Philadelphia

That pen he accidentally pocketed at the bank is about to be demoted. This one’s fully loaded with a level, screwdriver, ruler, and stylus.

5-in-1 Tool Pen – $25 Buy Now »


18. Beans that blend Arabica coffee and a little bourbon kick.

Bourbon Infused Coffee | UncommonGoods

These 100% Arabica beans are made with a splash of Kentucky bourbon, for a smooth cup with extra flavor. (But no alcohol.)

Bourbon Infused Coffee – $20 Buy Now »


19.  A pair of picks made from special quarters.

Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks | UncommonGoods

One is made from your choice of state quarter, the other is a quarter from a special year. Together they’ll make beautiful music with him.

Custom Repurposed Quarter Guitar Picks – $30 Buy Now »


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