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12 Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Split with Your Siblings

April 24, 2018

12 Mother's Day Gifts You Can Split with Your Siblings | UncommonGoods

So, you’re the only sibling that’s planning in advance for Mother’s Day? It’s hard being the responsible one—but we’re here to make it easier. Behold: a list of truly impressive gifts that you and your brothers/sisters can spring for together and split the cost. Hey, go ahead and add in a few extra bucks when you bill your sibs—call it the Golden Child Tax.


1. A serving board and cloche for her expertly baked goods.

Reclaimed Serving Board and Glass Cloche | UncommonGoods

P.S. It works just as well if she prefers store-bought.

Reclaimed Serving Board and Glass Cloche – $65-162 Buy Now »



2. A proper tea party in a box.

Tea for Two Gift Box | UncommonGoods

Pinkies up for this all-inclusive set: with it she’ll get French candies, crystal sugar, a teapot, two teacups, and other accessories.

Tea for Two Gift Box – $98 Buy Now »



3. A jewelry box that deserves future-heirloom status.

Hand-Etched Rose Jewelry Box | UncommonGoods

A rose is a rose is a rose is a perfectly lovely Mother’s Day gift.

Hand-Etched Rose Jewelry Box – $92 Buy Now »



4. A garden collage made from otherwise forgotten magazines.

Barefoot in the Meadow Collage | UncommonGoods

Got an earth mama? She’ll love this verdant scene (and the fact that it’s collaged from old magazines).

Barefoot in the Meadow Collage – $65-155 Buy Now »



5. A French press, pour-over, and cold brew pitcher all in one.

Manual Three-in-One Coffee Maker | UncommonGoods

Can we just say—this is so much better than an insert-popular-coffee-place-name-here gift card.

Manual Three-in-One Coffee Maker – $140 Buy Now »



6. An understated stunner she’ll want to wear every day.

Double Heart Diamond Necklace | UncommonGoods

The splurge is worth it for your one-of-a-kind Ma.

Double Heart Diamond Necklace – $560 Buy Now »



7. Hand-forged steel and black walnut gardening tools.

Handcrafted Garden Tool Set | UncommonGoods

Her heart will grow five sizes when she lays eyes on this set.

Handcrafted Garden Tool Set – $290 Buy Now »



8. A planter that defies gravity.

The Levitating Planter | UncommonGoods

Mom will be floating on air when she unwraps it.

The Levitating Planter – $249 Buy Now »



9. A sculptural decanter that aerates as it spins.

Revolving Walnut Wine Decanter | UncommonGoods

Go ahead, give it a swirl.

Revolving Walnut Wine Decanter – $355 Buy Now »



10. A realistic-looking cloud lamp that plays tunes via Bluetooth®.

Why so cirrus? The high-tech yet super-cute gift you’ve been looking for is right here.

Tiny Cloud Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker – $580 Buy Now »



11. Customized art that celebrates your family history.

Personalized Family Tree Wall Sculpture | UncommonGoods

You’ve got good taste—and the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.

Personalized Family Tree Wall Sculpture – $195 Buy Now »



12. A very low-maintenance garden.

Glass Flower Garden Centerpiece | UncommonGoods

Okay, it’s a glass sculpture. But a gorgeous, handmade one Mom will want front and center on her dining table.

Glass Flower Garden Centerpiece – $200-400 Buy Now »


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