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Our Favorite Products This Week: Wellness Edition

April 25, 2018

Our Favorite Products This Week: Wellness Edition | UncommonGoods

With more than 4,000 uncommon goods to choose from, you might need some help finding your new favorite things. Each week, we’ll round up a mix of the brand new, the tried-and-true, and our personal picks. This week, we’re narrowing down the list a little more to focus on items that encourage self-care and relaxation. Our Accessories & Personal Wellness Buyer, Jackie, chose a selection of her favorite wellness products to help you unwind.

1. A pendant that lets you wear aromatherapy blends on the go.

Personal Aromatherapy Pendant | UncommonGoods

This pretty gold-plated pendant has a hidden surprise: It includes a space to conceal one of three included aromatherapy wicks with scents for energy, focus, and calm. Our customers love it, too:

This is an amazing necklace! I bought it for myself and everyone already compliments me on it! I’ve now had to get it for a lot of my friends. It’s a great present for yourself or someone else.Bee, Chicago, IL, ★★★★★

Personal Aromatherapy Pendant – $125 Buy Now »


2. This insect-repelling summer scarf keeps bugs at bay.

Insect Repellent Summer Scarf | UncommonGoods

This summer scarf is so airy and soft, it’s hard to believe it’s made from material originally developed for the military. Turns out the same fabric used to keep bugs off the US Marine Corps can also help keep you mosquito-bite-free at your next picnic.

Insect Repellent Summer Scarf – $32 Buy Now »


3. Shea butter bath salts inspired by the seven chakras.

Chakra Bath Salts Set | UncommonGoods

Whether you’re looking to take a soak and reflect deeply with your third eye or channel positivity from your solar plexus, these soothing bath salts can help you get in touch with your seven energy centers, or chakras. Each blend contains natural sea salt, rich shea butter, and essential oils.

Chakra Bath Salts Set – $22 Buy Now »


4. Soothing eye stones made from ancient bedrock.

Orbits Eye Stones | UncommonGoods

What’s better than a couple of cucumber slices on tired peepers? How about Finnish bedrock that’s more than two billion years old? Just pop these stones in the fridge until they’re nice and chilly and then say goodbye to puffy eyes. Consider it a “five minute vacation.”

After cooling the stones in the refrigerator they are placed over the eyes for a soothing five minute vacation. Less messy than cucumbers, the stones’ weight acts like a gentle massage while the coolness soothes tired eyes.k2, Minneapolis, ★★★★★

Orbits Eye Stones – $20 Buy Now »


5. A set of scented fizzers to add pizzazz to your bath.

Bath Fizz Serenity Set | UncommonGoods

OK, we’ll admit it. We’ve all dreamed of bathing in Champagne. While this set isn’t quite as indulgent, adding a few spoonfuls of the included lavender or orange-scented powder will turn your tub water delightfully fizzy.

Bath Fizz Serenity Set – $44 Buy Now »


6. This handmade wooden massager helps feet feel refreshed.

Handmade Wooden Foot Massager | UncommonGoods

Sometimes the handiest little device is actually one made for your feet. This wooden massager not only soothes sore soles and tired toes, it’s also small enough to use inconspicuously at your desk when you just need a moment of relief in the midst of a long day.

Handmade Wooden Foot Massager – $34 Buy Now »


7. An aromatic diffuser for a spa-experience in the shower.

These oil-filled pods transform your shower into a scented getaway. But don’t just take our word for it:

It made my bathroom smell like heaven.Geraldine, Los Angeles, CA, ★★★★★

Aromatherapy Shower Kit – $39.95 Buy Now »


8. This little clip uses acupressure to relieve tension.

Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure | UncommonGoods

Headaches, back pain, nausea, and neck soreness can all pop up when you’re under pressure. Fortunately, this little clip uses pressure to its advantage. Just place it between your thumb and forefinger (where there’s an aptly named “pressure point”) and it can instantly start to relieve pain and tension.

Tension Relief Wearable Acupressure – $20 Buy Now »


9. A comfy eye pillow filled with soothing French lavender.

Natural Linen Eye Pillow | UncommonGoods

Lavender is known for its calming properties, making it the perfect filling for this super soft, natural linen eye pillow. (It’s really too bad your screen isn’t scratch-n-sniff right now.)

Natural Linen Eye Pillow – $28 Buy Now »


10. Soap, bath salt, and body oil for getting calm all over.

Give yourself the triple lavender treatment with this extra-relaxing bath set that has you covered all through (and after) your soak.

Calming Lavender Essentials Set – $54 Buy Now »


11. A care kit for those who unwind with a little gardening.

Well-Tended Gardener's Kit | UncommonGoods

Some folks love to relax through planting and pruning, but dirty hands and insect bites aren’t exactly soothing. This set comes with everything you need to keep those green thumbs cool, clean, and sapling soft.

Well-Tended Gardener’s Kit – $48 Buy Now »


Keep calm & relax on with even more wellness goods »



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