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13 “Something Extra” Birthday Gifts Under $25

April 23, 2018

Birthday Gifts Under $25 | UncommonGoods


Nothing makes us happier than hearing these four magical words: But wait, there’s more! At least when it comes to presents (and puppies, but that’s a different blog post). Go the extra birthday mile by adding any of these small but mighty thoughtful gifts to their birthday bundle.


1. Shot glasses they can eat for dessert.

Chocolate Waffle Shots | UncommonGoods

It’s like an ice cream cone and a candy bar had a baby. Fill the chocolate- or cookies and cream-dipped mini cups with ice cream, espresso, or—if the mood is right—a little liqueur.

Chocolate Waffle Shots – $24 Buy Now »


2. An adorable llama pouch to carry essentials.

Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch | UncommonGoods

Tote change, keys, makeup, and candy across the Bolivian Altiplano, or just through the produce section, in this colorful carryall made in India.

Llamarama Large Zipper Pouch – $18 Buy Now »


3. Bottle stoppers that rep their birth month.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper | UncommonGoods

Help them party like it’s their birthday every time they open a (second) bottle. Jill Henrietta Davis hand blows these colorful glass globes inspired by birthstones.

Birthstone Wine Bottle Stopper – $24 Buy Now »


4. Sharpen their foodie cred.

Foodie Pencil Set | UncommonGoods

Whether they’re making a farmer’s market list or taking notes for their food blog, these playful pencils are just their taste.

Foodie Pencil Set – $12 Buy Now »


5. A bag-holding bird that prefers tea leaves to seeds.

Songbird Teabag Rest | UncommonGoods

Deborah Chapman’s handmade feathered friend holds your drippy tea sachets in its wings. Three chirps for chai!

Songbird Teabag Rest – $15 Buy Now »


6. Socks that let them wear their pup on their dogs.

Choose Your Dog Breed Socks | UncommonGoods

Now they can pull on these super-soft socks and let it be known just how much they adore their pooch.

Choose Your Dog Breed Socks – $12 Buy Now »


7. A glass to toast to their favorite town.

City Map Glass | UncommonGoods

An intricate city map, street names, and city coordinates are all etched into this glass for some serious celebration of their stomping grounds.

City Map Glass – $16 Buy Now »


8. A bottle opener that fetches caps.

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

This adorable beech wood and stainless steel pooch holds caps obediently in his magnetic mouth. He’ll sit patiently until good humans earn another IPA treat.

Go Fetch Magnetic Bottle Opener – $15 Buy Now »


9. Give them an army of ohm.

Yoga Joes | UncommonGoods

This troop’s mission? To keep inner peace. They come packaged in a mini “studio” with a bamboo floor, and serve as a reminder to soldier through basic (yoga) training.

Yoga Joes – $25 Buy Now »


10. A science kit that goes for the goo and the glow.

Glowing Slime Kit | UncommonGoods

Little slimemasters can explore the cool chemistry of gels, polymers, and glow-in-the-dark stuff with this set of 15 experiments that’ll create everything from glowing gel to fizzing eco-foam.

Glowing Slime Kit – $18 Buy Now »


11. A candle that turns any time into happy hour.

Craft Cocktail Candle | UncommonGoods

This candle’s scent is as complex as its signature drink—citrus mixed with steeped juniper berries, black currant, and musk. On the back is a bit of tippling trivia to get them in the, ahem, spirit.

Craft Cocktail Candle – $16 Buy Now »


12. Earrings that give good vibes.

Peace and Love Earrings | UncommonGoods

Christine Schmidt crafts these playful mismatched studs to look like tiny illustrated hands making the signs for “peace” and “love.” Groovy.

Peace and Love Earrings – $20 Buy Now »


13. Trivets with a colorful past.

Braided Sari Fabric Trivet Set | UncommonGoods

Just like the vibrant saris they’re made from, these trivets are made to celebrate—even if it’s just dinner on a Tuesday.

Braided Sari Fabric Trivet Set – $25 Buy Now »


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