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19 Winning Gifts for Sports Fans

November 22, 2018

If you’ve got a sports nut in your life, holiday shopping victory can be yours! We’ve rounded up a competitive bunch of gifts for those with a love of the game. And if you think we’re talking about team hats or jerseys or something else a fanatic would already have, well, that’s strike no. 1. This list has a full roster of unique gifts we can almost guarantee your die hard has never dreamed of. So get ready to hit a grand slam, go for a hat-trick, score an overtime W, hit a hole in one—or any other sports metaphor you can think of—with your all-time-high offering.

1. An NHL-approved way to open a beer.

Twice as ice: Pucks that once slid across the rink in pro hockey games find new life as cherished bottle openers.

Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener – $95-200 Buy Now »


2. A home run of a gift for the baseball fanatic in your life.

Let them serve up some peanuts and cracker jacks in MVP style: a snack tray carved in the shape of a bat (ready for personalization!) with a baseball-shaped dip bowl.

Personalized MLB Snack Server – $95-100 Buy Now »


3. Pint glasses for enthusiasts of baseball stats.

Got a Moneyball admirer in your life? How about a trivia fan? A set of four glasses printed with “unbreakable” stats will quench their thirst for knowledge.

Record-Breaking Baseball Glasses – Set of 4 – $42 Buy Now »


4. A perfect present for the 19th hole.

After your favorite golfer hits the links, they can enjoy an icy tall glass of any masterful refreshment they desire—an Arnold Palmer, perhaps?

Set of Fore! Golf Glasses – $42 Buy Now »


5. How to ring a boxing fan’s bell.

Against the ropes for a gift idea? If your VIP is a boxing MVP, try a replica of the brass bell that starts each match.

Classic Boxing Bell – $80 Buy Now »


6. An alma mater keepsake as useful as it is decorative.

Give a pillow embroidered with their college’s mascot and classic campus features to either play up your rivalry with a loved one—or celebrate your shared fandom.

Embroidered College Pillows – $168 Buy Now »


7. A very grown-up replica of their favorite stadium.

Sure, a foam finger is fun. But when you present your beloved football fan with an exact replica of their team’s stadium built into a wooden end table, they’ll see sports memorabilia doesn’t have to be juvenile.

Football Stadiums Lights End Table – $600 Buy Now »


8. A desktop decoration that proudly broadcasts their love of the game.

As any true MLB fan knows, the tie goes to the runner—or to the employee who gets through their pile of paperwork fast enough to get home in time for first pitch.

‘Safe’ Paperweight – $42 Buy Now »


9. It’s a tie! …that’ll be a hit with baseball fans.

A shirt and tie dress code need not be stifling. This silk number with stadium illustrations will let diamond fans show everyone they’re a sport.

Baseball Stadiums Tie – $49 Buy Now »


10. A wallet that truly fits the bill for baseball lovers.

Now they can keep their cash and card in a wallet with dividers made from an authentic jersey worn by a player from their no. 1 team.

MLB Game Used Uniform Wallet – $160 Buy Now »


11. A car scraper that turns a hockey fan’s ice dreams literal.

Goal: Help them dig their car out of the penalty box, i.e. snow, with an ice scraper and snow brush made from a game-day NHL hockey stick.

Hockey Stick Snow Brush – $25 Buy Now »


12. A handsome, framed illustration of their favorite stadium.

Vintage never looked so good. Make their home game a little better with an archival quality blueprint of the park, past or present, that most touches their heart.

Baseball Stadium Blueprints – $185 Buy Now »


13. A custom print for the family who loves to ski.

The family who skis together stays together—which will be abundantly clear with this ski lift drawing of up to 14 personalized characters, including the family pet!

Personalized Family Ski & Snowboard Art – $75-150 Buy Now »


14. A wooden game that lets the whole family play ball.

Bring the nation’s pastime to your living room. Turn a snowy night in into a midsummer night’s dream with a wooden baseball diamond board, player pegs, dice, and a dry-erase scoreboard.

Baseball Game – $50 Buy Now »


15. A book of newspaper baseball coverage so fans can relive the nostalgia.

It’s black and white and will be read all over: Baseball fanatics will love to read archival footage all about their favorite team from the paper of record.

New York Times Custom Baseball Book – $72 Buy Now »


16. A babysuit for the gridiron’s tiniest cheering squad.

It’s a universal truth: Babies look adorable dressed up as anything—and a football is no exception.

Personalized Football Babysuit – $38 Buy Now »


17. A way to help them relive the best memories they shared with their teams.

A book with clear plastic sleeves is the perfect place for them to save all their ticket stubs. For extra points, walk down memory lane with them as they flip through the pages.

Ticket Stub Diary – $14 Buy Now »


18. For the gentleman fan, football stadium cufflinks.

Made from the reclaimed seats of NFL stadiums of days past, these special cufflinks are a touchdown of a keepsake.

Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks – $200 Buy Now »


19. A personalized gift for baseball trivia fans.

Introducing the game about the game! A trivia book—with their name etched on the front—filled with brain teasers, puzzles, fun facts and even a specific quiz about their team should be the top of your order.

Personalized Baseball Trivia Book – $42.50 Buy Now »


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