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Geeky Gifts for Proud Nerds

November 23, 2018

PSA: It’s cool to be a nerd. Shout-out to all the science-savvy, cosmos-curious, mathematically-minded pals out there. We put together a list of gifts those proud geeks will love—or, should we say, that’ll increase their oxytocin levels exponentially.

1. An augmented reality-induced journey into the cosmos.

Bring the planetarium right into the living room thanks to this augmented reality viewer and audio guide.

Personal Planetarium – $50 Buy Now »


2. Not your average “smart” watch.

Regular numbers are replaced with equivalent notations in this genius timepiece.

Equation Geek Watch – $68 Buy Now »


3. Prehistoric friends that help preserve precious wine.

Handcrafted using open flame torches, these wine-saving dinos are nothing sort of epic.

Dinosaur Wine Bottle Stoppers – $24 Buy Now »


4. A tie that makes sure science geeks are totally in their element.

Black tie meets the blackboard thanks to this periodic table design.

Periodic Table of Elements Tie – $49 Buy Now »


5. A more literal symbol of love.

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Anatomical Heart Pendant – $180 Buy Now »


6. A self-care solar system.

This set includes a luxurious bath bomb for all eight planets, plus the sun.

Solar System Bath Bomb Set – $48 Buy Now »


7. This all-encompassing chart of otherworldly discoveries.

Starting with the 1959 Luna 2 and ending with the 2015 DISCOVR, this chart tracks over 100 pieces of exploratory hardware throughout history.

Cosmic Exploration Chart – $37 Buy Now »


8. A mug that’ll bring grumpy wake-ups to extinction.

Care for a spot of tea-rex?

Dinosaur Mugs – $35 Buy Now »


9. A pen that lets you hold the universe (well, a piece of it) in your hand.

Yep, that’s a real meteorite fragment in the cap—the Chelyabinsk meteorite, to be exact.

Meteorite Pen – $125 Buy Now »


10. Brainteasers that’ll look smart on a bookshelf.

Inspired by the cosmos and crafted from locust wood, these tactile puzzles are equal parts brains and beauty.

Interstellar Puzzles – $20 Buy Now »


11. A set of glasses that celebrates the wonder of math.

According to our calculations, everyone at the party will geek out over these.

Mathematical Glasses – Set of 4 – $38 Buy Now »


12. An old-school invention that spins when light hits it.

Modeled after the 1873 radiometer, this hand-blown piece should sit on the desk of every science-lover.

Blown Glass Radiometer – $108 Buy Now »


13. Statement earrings that say, “Ready for take off!”

No detail is spared in this hyper-realistic space shuttle pair.

Shuttle Rocket Earrings – $68 Buy Now »


14. An interactive sculpture that leads to endless lunar adventures.

3D printed and handpainted according to years of NASA data, this model is made to represent all the moon’s nooks and crannies. Bonus: It corresponds to an app with tons of extra information.

Interactive Moon Sculpture – $89 Buy Now »


15. Electric additions to any dressed-up look.

These reclaimed circuit boards are now making a more sartorial connection—they’re coated in resin to form geek-chic cufflinks.

Reclaimed Circuit Board Cufflinks – $49.95 Buy Now »


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