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Send Love Long Distance:
Gifts for Faraway Friends & Family

November 17, 2018

Distance really can make the heart grow fonder. We all have those special people who never leave us—no matter how far away they are. But what to send to show you cherish staying in touch? Whether it’s for your beloved niece who’s moved abroad, your brother from another coast, or your college bestie who just had a baby—in Brazil—we’ve gathered 11 terrific tokens to keep your past ever present. Your love goes the distance; now you can be be sure your gift does, too.

1. Candles that celebrate your shared memories.

Scent from heaven—or the place you both love, in any case. Once lit, the soy candle emits a familiar aroma that will remind you of your days of yore.

Homesick Candles – $30 Buy Now »


2. A kitchen must-have becomes a must-read.

The recipe for sibling revelry: Send big sis or little bro a reminder of home—and a helpful tool, to boot—by gifting a cutting board engraved with an old family favorite.

Family Recipe Cutting Board – $140 Buy Now »


3. A lamp that you can light from afar (with just a touch).

A set of long distance, Wi-Fi-connected lamps will eliminate phone tag while illuminating your love. Simply tap to send your friend that glowing feeling.

Long Distance Friendship Lamp – $85-170 Buy Now »


4. Personalized jewelry that displays your affection.


State of the heart: A sterling silver pendant with a diamond chip—from their home base or yours—will make the miles between you seem small.

Custom State Necklaces – $180-200 Buy Now »


5. Coasters that make every toast personal.

Marble coasters with a map of their new ’hood, or your current one, will result in a subtle salute with every sip.

Custom Map Coaster Set – $65-75 Buy Now »


6. A lunar necklace that celebrates your connection.

The sky’s the limit to your love. That message will never be clearer than when they unwrap this bauble that signals you’re both gazing at the same moon every night.

Under The Same Moon Pendant – $84 Buy Now »


7. A bottle opener that cheers a sense of place.

That vacation you took long ago? The summer camp where you first became friends? They’ll remember your bond every time they kick back with a brew.

Wall Mounted State Bottle Opener – $22 Buy Now »


8. An easy way to send a love note every day.

Letters? Too slow. Email? Too, well, no. Each time you send your loved one a sweet, digital sentiment, the heart on this sweet box is set aflutter—just like theirs.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger – $99 Buy Now »


9. Connect over a special location with a custom puzzle.

It all fits. Help them celebrate their new zip code, or the previous one you shared, with an aerial-view geographic puzzle.

Custom Satellite Map Puzzle – $129 Buy Now »


10. How to show someone you love you’re really there for them.

A total eclipse of the heart happens every night with a speaker and corresponding wristband that sends your loved one the reassuring sound of your very own ticker.

Long Distance Heartbeat Speaker – $189 Buy Now »


11. Ring in your friendship the best way possible.

A city skyline set into sterling silver can mean only one thing: Every time they show their hand, they’ll think of you — and maybe even plan a visit.

Cityscape Rings – $99 Buy Now »


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