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Over Pink & Blue? Our Favorite
Gender-Neutral Baby Products

March 26, 2018

Sick of pink? Bored by blue? Or maybe a gender reveal’s… not for you.  Whether you prefer non-gendered kids items or you’re just waiting to be surprised when the kiddo arrives, there’s plenty to love in this roundup of our favorite gender-neutral stuff for your baby.

1. A cute taco mobile to spice up any nursery decor.

Baby room decorations don’t have to be mushy. This one’s an ode to your favorite crunchy cuisine.

Taco Dreams Mobile – $48 Buy Now »


2. A babysuit you donut want to pass up.

It’s never to soon to treat your little sweetie to the joy of a good pun.

I Donut Care Babysuit – $22 Buy Now »


3. Soft teethers ’til baby can crunch on the real deal.

Help your little sweet pea sooth sore gums with these 100% organic cotton teethers. They even come in a wooden vegetable crate for storage, so they double as playful decor.

Organic Cotton Teethers Veggie Crate – $36 Buy Now »


4. This blanket celebrates baby’s favorite activities.

Any busy baby knows how exhausting eating and pooping can be. Luckily, sleep is also on that tiny to-do list. This cozy cotton blanket keeps baby comfy when it’s time to call nap time.

Day in the Life Baby Blanket – $74 Buy Now »


5. Blocks that help kids build science and math knowledge.

Typical blocks settle on “a is for apple,” but according to this clever set, “a is for absolute zero.” Hypothesis: Your tiny scientist will love them.

Super Nerdy ABC Blocks – $50 Buy Now »


6. Soft, crocheted rattles that look good enough to eat.

OK, so baby will try to eat these rattles. Little ones learn by putting everything in their mouths, so why not go with it and give them some handmade organic cotton ice cream cones to play with? At least until soft serve is an option.

Ice Cream Rattles – Set of 3 – $35 Buy Now »


7. A unisex, multi-feature diaper bag for parents on the go.

The days of pink floral diaper bags are in the past. This sleek pack can be slung over the shoulder like a traditional bag, worn as a backpack, or strapped to a stroller. It even comes with an insulated bottle holder and an easy-to-clean changing pad, so you’re good to go if baby does.

Ultimate Diaper Backpack – $135 Buy Now »


8. This shark tail, ‘cus baby’s cute enough to just gobble up.

This ultra cozy crocheted shark is part costume, part snuggly blanket, and completely adorable.

Baby Shark Tail – $30 Buy Now »


9. Socks that go with tiny feet like mac goes with cheese.

Keep tiny tootsies covered with this set of socks showcasing some of the most perfect food pairs ever discovered.

BFF (Best Foods Forever Socks) – Set of 3 – $12 Buy Now »


10. Booties so cute you’ll wish they came in grown-up sizes.

Though most sloths prefer to hang from tree branches, these little fellas prefer hugging up to little feet.

Sloth Booties – $25 Buy Now »


11. A set of chew-proof, rip-proof, basically-tot-proof books.

Author Kate Merritt’s indestructible baby books will inspire smiles during story time. As an added bonus, they’re so sturdy they can even go in the dishwasher or washing machine for cleanup. (So parents can smile too!)

Indestructible Baby Book Set – $28 Buy Now »


12. A crumb-catching otter that helps keep teeny clothes clean.

The furry paws peeking over the lip of this bib are just begging for baby’s dropped crumbs. Luckily, the bucket catches fallen morsels and the bib’s silicone material wipes clean with ease, so it’s OK if it seems like your kiddo is more concerned about feeding the otter than making a personal spoon-to-mouth connection.

Curious Otter Bucket Bib – $20 Buy Now »


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  • Reply Ryan Howard March 26, 2018 at 7:54 pm

    I love #5. In those first few years, it seems a constant challenge to find things to keep young ones stimulated. Anything new to advance their learning is welcome!

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