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10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets
You’ll Actually Use

March 23, 2018

Genius Kitchen Gadgets You'll Actually Use | UncommonGoods

Busy foodies: This one’s for you. We put together our favorite time-saving kitchen gadgets so you can chop, infuse, grate and get to the noshing sooner. Are you crazy about cheese? Do you dig empanadas? Scroll to reveal your full-bellied future.

1. Toaster bags that make gooey grilled cheese in a pop.

Melty comfort food without the mess? Slide bread and cheese (that’s all you need!) into the clever pouches, place in the toaster, and boom: a delectable treat.

Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags – $9.99 Buy Now »


2. Sheer kale and herbs in seconds.

Eating well feels so good but can be so hard to do. Don’t waste another second debating it. Have your greens and herbs prepped in seconds with this clever steel tool.

Kale & Herb Razor – $15 Buy Now »


3. An all-in-one chopper for lightning fast prep.

You don’t need super sharp knives or TV chef level skills to dice, chop, and mince like a pro. Press down and voila!: Ingredients are ready to sizzle.

3-in-1 Produce Chopper – $49.99 Buy Now »


4. Infuse EVOO with delicious herbs.

Is that cilantro in the salad dressing? Why yes, it is. Rosemary in the bread dipping oil? You bet. The top also serves as an easy  measuring cap so you don’t have to sift through the silverware drawer for a teaspoon.

Press and Measure Herb Infuser – $13 Buy Now »


5. 45 seconds to omelet heaven – via the microwave.

You love a veggie omelet in the morning, but stovetop cooking can be a little much when you’re still half asleep. Cue this time-saver that cooks eggs in the ‘wave.

45 Second Omelet Maker – $25 Buy Now »


6. This microwave popcorn popper and butter melter.

Your favorite movie time treat is cooked safely and quickly in the glass container. Use the silicone lid to melt butter evenly over those delicious kernels.

Microwave Popcorn Popper – $12.99 Buy Now »


7. Hard-boiled eggs peeled in a few shakes.

Visualize a future without crunchy shells in your egg salad. The future starts now, friend.

Easy Egg Peeler – $18 Buy Now »



8. A scoop that softens frozen-solid ice cream for easier serving.

Wait for your sundae? We’d never make you. This heat-conducting spoon melts frozen-solid ice cream so it scoops from carton to bowl with ease.

Heat Conducting Scoop – $19.99 Buy Now »

9. Seal empanadas, turnovers, and pastries like a pro.

This steel pronged fork will have dinner guests wondering: Are these empanadas catered?

Empanada Fork – $20 Buy Now »


10. A stoneware rice cooker for foolproof, pillowy grains.

Rice can be deceptively difficult to make well. All this stoneware cooker and steamer needs is a pot of hot water to make soft, evenly cooked grains every time.

Stoneware Rice Cooker and Steamer – $98 Buy Now »


Find more time-saving tools for your kitchen here »


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