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Our Guide to 10th Anniversary Gifts: In Your Elements (Tin and Aluminum)

August 4, 2017

Congratulations! Together, the two of you have weathered a decade, and it’s time to celebrate in style. This year, the traditional list gets a little elemental, highlighting two oft-overlooked metals, tin and aluminum. But don’t settle for a roll of foil or a DVD copy of 1996 Kevin Costner rom-com Tin Cup—have a look at our top ten picks to celebrate your ten years instead, and discover a world of metallic goodies, from reclaimed cookbook stands to matching bracelets to centuries-old games redesigned. And worry not, modern friends; we haven’t forgotten you. With diamond jewelry your designated gift, you’re bringing the bling for the first time this year—and our pick will help you get a little personal, too.

Traditional: Tin and Aluminum

Reclaimed Tin & Wood Magnetic Frame | UncommonGoods

This magnetic frame comes ready to hang, with reclaimed plywood and roofing tin all set to add a rustic touch to your favorite five-by-seven inch family photo.

Reclaimed Tin & Wood Magnetic Frame – $16.99 Buy Now »


Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets | UncommonGoods

After ten years, why not cement your bond with a pair of matching bracelets? Each is engraved, with one for the little spoon, the other for the big, so you’ll never accidentally swap.

Couples Engraved Wrap Bracelets Set of Two – $59.99 Buy Now »


Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand | UncommonGoods

Each of these made-in-Hungary cookbook stands is unique, crafted from salvaged tin and reclaimed timber sourced from European buildings. Ideal for your beloved baker, it’s just the right size to cradle their iPad, too.

Reclaimed Wood Cookbook Stand – $95 Buy Now »


California Extra Virgin Olive Oil | UncommonGoods

Other half got a penchant for fine EVOO? This certified organic California variety tastes good and looks even better thanks to its shiny aluminum trappings—and the bottle’s recyclable, too.

California Extra Virgin Olive Oil – $40 Buy Now »


Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener | UncommonGoods

If your honey’s an aircraft aficionado, this bottle opener crafted from the fuselage of an authentic Pan Am Boeing 707 will be sure to please. A little Pan Am logo even ups the nostalgia factor.

Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener – $125 Buy Now »


Turtle Handheld Grater | UncommonGoods

This little cutie adds spice to your meals—literally. Perfect for the sweetheart who appreciates a good dose of nutmeg (or ginger, or lemon zest, or… well, we could go on and on), it’s handmade by artisans in Japan. 

Turtle Handheld Grater – $40 Buy Now »


Paper Airplane Necklace | UncommonGoods

For a truly uncommon take on the 10-year theme, consider maker Jerry Moran’s tiny airplane. It’s cast from bits of real aircraft aluminum.

Paper Airplane Necklace – $50 Buy Now »


Personalized Napkin Rings | UncommonGoods

Has your family grown a little after 10 years? Worry not: With this set of eight personalizable napkin rings, everyone will get their very own seat at the table, and if your spouse is a seasoned entertainer, they’ll come as a welcome anniversary gift.

Personalized Napkin Rings – Set of 8 – $64 Buy Now »


Antique Metal Picks | UncommonGoods

We can’t neglect the musically inclined among us. After all, who hasn’t gone sifting through their attic only to find Dad’s old acoustic guitar? If your partner has a habit of penning little ditties of their own, consider this suite of three picks handmade from recycled metals to celebrate your 10th anniversary.

Antique Metal Picks – $80 Buy Now »


Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign | UncommonGoods

Show the world how much in love the pair of you are with this eight foot tall sign bearing both of your surnames, plus the years that you met and married. Equipped with a stake for easy sticking in your lawn, its design was inspired by San Francisco’s iconic Haight-Ashbury street sign.

Intersection of Love Outdoor Sign – $450 Buy Now »


Modern: Diamond Jewelry

Double Heart Diamond Necklace | UncommonGoods

Hey there, modern lovers: It’s about time we broke out the diamonds. This subtle, yet sweet design puts them in two places—on one heart at the wearer’s throat and another concealed at the nape of the neck.

Double Heart Diamond Necklace – $560 Buy Now »


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