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Our Guide to Fourth Anniversary Gifts: A Fresh Take on Fruits and Flowers

July 18, 2017

Four years in and the Fs keep coming, by which, of course, we mean “fruit” and “flowers,” the two alliterative gifts traditionally given to mark your fourth anniversary. “But wait,” you stammer. “You sell fresh fruit?” Well, no. “And fresh flowers?” Again—negatory. Could we rightfully call ourselves uncommon if we sold stuff you could get at your nearest corner store? I think not. All the more reason why the fruity, flowery gifts we do sell, from pens made with rose petals, seeds, and stems to copper cuffs covered in layers of specially dried and thinly sliced fruit, are so special. Read on for ten of our top fourth anniversary picks—five floral, five fruity—and, as always, one additional pick for our modern cohorts. (This time, you get your very own appliance.)

Traditional: Fruit and Flowers

Birth Month Flower Necklace - UncommonGoods

Made from real dried flowers tucked inside a silver-plated bezel, Shari Dixon’s handmade necklaces add a touch of the personal to an already heartfelt gift. 

Birth Month Flower Necklace – $48 Buy Now »


Floral Garden Felt Table Runner - UncommonGoods

Looking for something a little more tactile, but longer-lasting than a bouquet? This felt table runner—handmade in Nepal—mimics the beauty of the natural world with none of the associated delicacy or decay.

Floral Garden Felt Table Runner – $99.99 Buy Now »


Floral Glasses - UncommonGoods

The wine glasses in this set may be stemless, but they definitely bring the blooms. Meredith Gordon’s four delicate goblets—hand-painted in Plymouth, MA—feature an array of vibrant flowers, from tiger lilies to purple hibiscus.

Floral Stemless Wine Glass Set – $112 Buy Now »


Steeping Flower Blossoms - UncommonGoods

Floral teas are already a favorite, so why not spring for whole blooms you can steep?

Steeping Flower Blossoms – $28-36 Buy Now »


Rosebud Garden Pen - UncommonGoods

Made with real rose petals, seeds, and stems, this sturdy ballpoint pen comes complete with its very own maple wood gift box. It’s a perfect gift for the office pro who still has a taste for the great outdoors.

Rosebud Garden Pen – $45 Buy Now »


Pineapple Tumbler - UncommonGoods

A time-honored symbol of whimsy and welcome, the pineapple is adored for its tangy taste and playful shape. Wrought in brassy-colored aluminum, this stackable tumbler recalls all the fun of the tropical fruit with none of the messy prep or clean-up… thank God.

Pineapple Tumbler – $35 Buy Now »


Gourmet Tuscan Chocolate Bars - UncommonGoods

This suite of artisanal chocolate bars includes two varieties prepared with fine fruits: dark chocolate with strawberries, cherries, and raspberries and slightly-less-dark chocolate with peaches and apricots. Our mouths, we promise, are watering.

Gourmet Tuscan Chocolate Bars – Set of 4 – $40 Buy Now »


Berry Colander - UncommonGoods

A fruit-shaped bowl designed to rinse (and serve!) fruits… short of actual fruit, it doesn’t get much sweeter than that. 

Berry Colander – $50 Buy Now »


Vegetable Cuffs - UncommonGoods

Don’t let the name of this product fool you—it contains its fair share of fruit! Maker Margaret Dorfman cures, presses, ages, and dries an array of edibles to form a thin sheet of parchment that she then fuses to a copper cuff, creating a truly unique, if inedible, tribute to nature’s bounty.

Vegetable Cuffs – $40 Buy Now »


Air Cork - UncommonGoods

Ideal for your in-house sommelier, this handy gadget helps guard against oxygenation in unfinished bottles of wine. And, perfect for the purposes of this gift guide, it’s shaped just like a real-life bundle o’ grapes.

Air Cork – $28.50 Buy Now »


Modern: Appliances

Butter Churner - UncommonGoods

Although it’s no blender, this little contraption is worth a peek if you’re feeling more functional and less traditional this time around. With a bit of elbow grease and some room temperature whipping cream, you’ll have your own home-churned butter in no time… or, more accurately, eight minutes.

Butter Churner – $39 Buy Now »


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