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15 Ways to Give Experiences, Not (Just) Gifts

November 20, 2017

We think things make dandy gifts. After all, it’s our job to curate tons of unique designs that speak to the extraordinary individuals in your life. But sometimes, the best gifts go beyond the tangible, hold-in-your-hands item. We’re talking about the gift of experience. Below you’ll find oodles of suggestions for gifts to pair with events and adventures—like portable painting sets and art classes, soothing eye pillows and a spa day, and wine-themed card decks and a winery tour. The best part: They get to keep their uncommon good as a reminder of the special experience. Now that’s what we call a holiday win-win. Read on for more.


  Cooking Guidelines Apron  

Their cranberry sauce showed real potential last Thanksgiving. Help them kick up their culinary skills with cooking classes and this stylish apron that doubles as a cheat sheet chock full of useful (and delicious) tips.

Cooking Guidelines Apron – $25 Buy Now »



New York Times – Broadway’s Best Musicals Book

They know every word to Defying Gravity, La Vie Boheme, and Good Morning Baltimore. When asked their favorite dance move, they say, “jazz hands.” Treat your Broadway buff to this dynamic pair of presents: a book of Broadway’s best musicals and a trip to the theatre. If they can’t make it to New York’s 42nd street, a local production of 42nd street is just as dandy.

New York Times – Broadway’s Best Musicals – $65 Buy Now »



Couch Bowl

Ain’t no shame in a Saturday binge of ’90s rom coms. For the lovable couch potato in your life, pair the couch bowl—our exclusive watch n’ nosh companion—with a subscription to a streaming service so they can Netflix and snack, Hulu and snack, Prime and… you get the gist.

Couch Bowl – Set of 2 – $35 Buy Now »



Personalized Amp Doormat

Do they have a whole dresser drawer worth of band tees? Did they dress up as Gene Simmons for Halloween? Get them ready to rock with this doormat designed to resemble a classic guitar amp and concert tickets.

Personalized Amp Doormat – $35 Buy Now »



Pocket Tin Speaker

We’ve all got that one friend. The one who guards the playlist like their life depends on it. Here’s a mash-up they haven’t heard (but will love): our pocket tin speaker and a subscription to a music service.

Pocket Tin Speaker – $36 Buy Now »



Wooden Heart Guitar Pick

Their air guitar skills are so incredible, you’re almost sure their real playing will catch up one day. Pair this handmade wooden heart pick with guitar lessons so your favorite rockstar-in-training can graduate from random strumming.

Wooden Heart Guitar Pick – $10 Buy Now »



Hockey Puck Chillers

If there was ever a perfect gift for the hockey fan it’d be ice. OK, not literal ice, but these ice cold “puck” chillers and tickets to their favorite winter face-off will do the trick.

Hockey Puck Chillers – $14.95 Buy Now »



The Mug with a Hoop

When you’re a basketball fan, any remotely round item and hollow basin become a ball and hoop. This playful mug was designed specifically for the alley-oop obsessed. Get two points when you pair it with tickets to a game.

The Mug with a Hoop – $24 Buy Now »



Beer IQ Party Game

The proper hops to malt ratio for a pilsner? They know it. The oldest brewery in their home state? They’ve been multiple times. For the beer geek, send them on a brewery tour and then challenge them to our spirited beer IQ game.

Beer IQ Party Game – $20 Buy Now »



Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf

This gift combo makes us made say “ahhhhhh.” For nap-loving, vacation-needing loved ones (us, pick us!), there’s this snuggly scarf with an inflatable pillow and a vacation to their happy place.

Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf – $40 Buy Now »



Portable Painter

When creativity hits: Seize the paintbrush! Help open up a whole new world of artistic possibilities for them with this portable set (about the size of a smartphone when folded) and art classes.

Portable Painter – $29.95 Buy Now »



Yoga Dice

For friends who can twist up into a pretzel or ones who want to get into the meditation groove, try our fun (and beginner friendly) yoga dice along with classes at their local studio.

Yoga Dice – $16.95 Buy Now »



Wine Lover’s Card Deck

They have a certain vintage flair. Their knowledge of techniques and styles is bar none. For the token wine lover of the group, give them a trip to a winery and this card deck that challenges amateur sommeliers to tantalizing trivia.

Wine Lover’s Card Deck – $15.95 Buy Now »



Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow

Because that trip to the Balinese spa is out of most people’s price range, there’s this soothing lavender eye pillow (hint: have them place it in the fridge beforehand) and a trip to the local spa which is halfway down the block instead of halfway across the world.

Soothing Lavender Eye Pillow – $25 Buy Now »



Do Good Travel Hammock

Did you know we spend an average of 70 hours looking at screens every week? Help a loved one disconnect from the tech, and unwind in the great outdoors with our travel hammock and a trip into the woods.

Do Good Travel Hammock – $65 Buy Now »


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