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Flavor Faves: 15 Foodie Gifts

November 17, 2017

Pretty much everyone appreciates good food, but “foodies,” as they’re known, are another breed entirely. We all know at least one spice hoarder that fits the bill, and finding a gift to please their palate can be daunting, especially when you’ve seen them tackle ingredients out of one of Chopped’s crueler episodes. Thankfully, we’ve selected 15 of our favorite food-themed treats to make your life—and your holiday shopping—easier. Whether you’re on the hunt for something wearable, hangable, or, of course, edible, our well-seasoned selection of gifts for foodies has something just for you.


Spices have always had a place in your food. Now they have a place in your ears, too, thanks to these eye-catching studs.

Spices of Life Studs – $28 Buy Now »



Speaking of spices, this fifteen tin set pairs perfectly with fine EVOO and a hunk of crusty bread (alas, not included).

Gourmet Oil Dipping Spice Kit – $38 Buy Now »



Za’atar, a Mediterranean blend of spices like sumac, oregano, and thyme, takes a spreadable turn with this addictive small-batch condiment.

Mediterranean Za’atar Condiment – $20 Buy Now »



Listen, garlic does so much for us. I think we can all agree it fully deserves its own house. (Or “keeper.” Whatever.)

Stoneware Garlic Keeper – $42 Buy Now »



Shake, shake, shake. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your ’cado.

Avocado Salt & Pepper Shaker – $45 Buy Now »



Tortillas: the final frontier… in taco-making, anyway. This inviting cast iron press makes homemade versions less intimidating. And it comes with hot sauce!

Homemade Tortilla Kit – $48 Buy Now »



Is gold plating a carb?

Pasta Bow Tie Necklace – $40 Buy Now »


We know no man, woman, or child who can resist the savory goodness of Himalayan salt, and these skewers come with pre-pierced blocks guaranteed to grant grilled veg a hint of extra flavor.

Himalayan Salt Block Skewer Set – $24 Buy Now »



Shopping for a locavore? These state-specific seasonal food guides will ensure they know what’s good to eat… well, pretty much whenever.

State by State Seasonal Food Guides – $38-90 Buy Now »



Take a trip through the wildlands of Missouri, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and Texas with these tasty BBQ nuts—no vehicle needed.

BBQ Road Trip Nut Sampler – $35 Buy Now »



Equipped with four bottles and two distinct spice blends, this make-it-yourself kit allows you to craft two distinct brands of oomph-laden hot sauce, neither recommended for the faint of heart.

DIY Hot Sauce Kit – $45 Buy Now »



Foodies have to write too, you know, and we happen to think these pencils will speak to them.

Foodie Pencil Set – $12 Buy Now »



Ooh, a gift box! What’s inside? Just some of a foodie’s favorite pairings, like chocolate with wasabi peas, chocolate with figs, and chocolate with spicy rice crackers. Nom, chocolaty.

Sweet & Savory Chocolate Gift Box – $40 Buy Now »



Brigadeiro—a Brazilian delicacy—is a truffle-like confection make from condensed milk, butter, and cocoa powder rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Sounds pretty good, right? Now imagine spreading it on everything. Yeah, that’s the stuff.

Brazilian Chocolate Spread – $22 Buy Now »


Speaking of condensed milk, this delectable, caffeinated Vietnamese treat gets a portable makeover with the aid of this fully loaded five pack of pour overs.

Vietnamese Coffee Portable Pour Overs – $15 Buy Now »


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