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15 Ways to Give Experiences, Not (Just) Gifts

November 20, 2017

We think things make dandy gifts. After all, it’s our job to curate tons of unique designs that speak to the extraordinary individuals in your life. But sometimes, the best gifts go beyond the tangible, hold-in-your-hands item. We’re talking about the gift of experience. Below you’ll find oodles of suggestions for gifts to pair with events and adventures—like portable painting sets and art classes, soothing eye pillows and a spa day, and wine-themed card decks and a winery tour. The best part: They get to keep their uncommon good as a reminder of the special experience. Now that’s what we call a holiday win-win. Read on for more.

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Gift Guides

Gifts Someone “Who Has Everything” Doesn’t Already Have

November 3, 2016


Everyone knows someone who seems to already have everything. You know, that person whose living room looks like a museum of beautiful objects. Whose kitchen is fit for a professional chef. Who is always toting the latest gadget or the most fashionable fashion accessory. Folks who already have it all can be difficult to shop for, but as purveyors of the uncommon, we’re here to to show you a few things that will leave them excitedly asking, “Where did you find this?!”

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