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Bloggers Who Believe It’s Better to Give

October 27, 2016


Thanksgiving Day is less than one month away, which means that we are officially entering the eye of the holiday season! (Cue “Eye of the Tiger.”)

Between between hours of travel, days of holiday dinner prep, and months of coordinating reunions with loved ones, it can be hard to take the time to plan anything that doesn’t revolve around your own seasonal traditions.

But there’s no denying that taking the time to give back is invaluable. All year long, we offer our customers the chance to give back through our Better to Give program. With every purchase you make, we’re proud to donate $1 to a Better to Give partner of your choice (at no cost to you). This year, we want to make sure that giving back is part of your holiday planning. So, we turned to our community to spread the word about our Better to Give program.

We asked our brand advocates to write about our Better to Give program on their respective platforms. In return for sharing the program with their community, we offered to donate $100 to the non-profit partner of each blogger’s choice (as noted in
parentheses below). Thanks to each blogger’s efforts, we’re excited to share that we’re donating a combined $1,200 to our Better to Give partners!

Please join us in wishing a very special thank you to the following bloggers who believe it’s better to give!


The Paper Chronicles (RAINN)
The mission of The Paper Chronicles is to keep letter-writing, card-sending, and invitation-using alive. The Paper Chronicles is produced by Sarah Schwartz, who is the founding editor of Stationery Trends, a quarterly magazine devoted to all things paper, and the Trends Editor at Gift Shop Magazine.


mommasbaconMomma’s Bacon (Reach Out and Read)
The mission of Momma’s Bacon is to share intentional product reviews to empower families to make good choices. Momma’s Bacon is produced in Austin, Texas by a working mom, a stay-at-home dad, a first grader, and a preschooler.



ClimateMama (IRC)
The mission of ClimateMama is to empower parents of all ages to make sense of and a difference on climate change. ClimateMama is a go-to resource for climate change facts and information to share with the kids.


Midlife at the Oasis midlifeoasis (RAINN)
Lois Alter Mark is the award-winning writer of Midlife at the Oasis, a community of women who are going after all the joys that make them happy. Lois is celebrating midlife by rediscovering her husband, comfortable shoes, the joy of female friends, and, most of all, herself.


babyboomsterBaby Boomster (RAINN)
Dedicated to women 50 or over who want to enjoy life on every level, Baby Boomster is produced in Los Angeles by Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski, a purveyor of all things fun.


honeycomb-home_1The Honeycomb Home (American Forests)
The Honeycomb Home is a source for all things interior design, DIY, and home and garden. Written by Roxanne, who is on a mission to transform her “cookie cutter” home on a budget. Roxanne lives in  a small builder grade house in New Jersey with her “reluctant DIY” husband and two daughters.



Our House Now a Home our-house-now-a-home(American Forests)
Our House Now A Home is written by Emily, a mom of three boys who enjoys sharing ideas for home improvement, crafts, decorating, upcycling, and organization. Emily started Our House Now a Home to share low cost solutions to creating a dream home, and now considers it to be a celebration of all homes.


Vegging at the Shorevegging-at-the-shore (American Forests)
Vegging at the Shore is a food blog that features mostly vegetarian recipes. Based in the Jersey Shore, Vegging at the Shore is produced by Marci Lutsky, a mom of five-year-old twins who is a firm believer that food tastes better when it is made from scratch.


Adventures with Fouradventures-with-four (Reach Out and Read)
Adventures with Four is a lifestyle blog about family, food, fun, and trying new things. Heather, who produces Adventures with Four, tries new things for her blog with the motto “sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t!”



thepainteddrawerThe Painted Drawer (IRC)
The Painted Drawer Collection is the result of Suzanne Bagheri’s obsession with design and color. This love blossomed into a design site that incorporates both paint and serious decorating on a dime tips for today’s modern home.



nomadic-decoratorThe Nomadic Decorator (IRC)
The Nomadic Decorator is produced by Deb, a traveler, decorator, and DIYer in two cities: Chicago & Chennai, India. Deb blogs about home decor, design, and DIY projects with global style.




my-soulful-homeMy Soulful Home (Reach Out and Read)
My Soulful Home is a home and garden blog for the heart, mind and soul of your home. Based in California, My Soulful Home is produced by Kelly, a mother who blogs about design ideas, projects, home inspiration gardening tips, recipes, and more.

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