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Gift Lab: A Handy, Hangable

October 27, 2016
Tanya Gift Lab

SoundFlex Bluetooth® Speaker 


I’m always trying to fit podcast listening into every at-home task that I can: cooking, folding laundry, braiding my hair. I also like to listen to music while I clean my apartment, shower, and start my work day. My phone speaker isn’t loud enough and doesn’t provide good enough sound quality to be used without headphones. I’ve tried other Bluetooth speakers and because they’re bulky or a pain to move around, they typically hang out in one room. I don’t think this will be the case with SoundFlex because it’s small and slim.

The SoundFlex is waterproof and has a bendable handle, which sounds promising to me, because it should be easy to hang wherever I want to listen. Plus it’s a great, small size, so it won’t add more weight to my bag – important, since I walk and ride the subway every day.


I think the SoundFlex will be pretty easy to use. Its size and function suggest that it’ll be a great accessory for outdoor activities as well as at-home use. I foresee this item being the perfect thing for picnics, beaches, and park loafing because the handle is meant to attach to most things, and the fact that it’s waterproof is perfect for both beach and bathroom.


I tried out SoundFlex in 3 different environments and tested for ease of use, sound quality and overall function.

Soundflex Bluetooth Speaker | UncommonGoods
In my kitchen, I hooked the speaker onto a kitchen drawer. Thanks to the speaker’s silicone shell, I didn’t need to worry about scratching it as I shut the drawer on the handle.

Soundflex Bluetooth Speaker | UncommonGoods
In my bathroom, I placed the speaker on the shower rod, a no-brainer. In my bedroom, I tried bending the speaker so that it was standing alone with just the support of the handle and it actually stayed put!
I was able to easily place the speaker in a convenient location in each room, and to connect with my cell phone in well under a minute. I’m also pretty pleased with the sound quality. It got pretty loud.
I think my favorite function of this speaker is how easy it is to hook onto practically anything. I didn’t have to fumble to get the SoundFlex propped and ready for use. And even more impressive, it can stand alone. Plus, with the waterproof feature, I didn’t have to worry about splashing liquids in my kitchen or in my bathroom. SoundFlex served me well when I was belting out songs in the shower.

Soundflex Bluetooth Speaker | UncommonGoods

This is a handy little device that works in so many different scenarios and will be going with me to the beach next summer.

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  • Reply David October 23, 2017 at 7:43 am

    It seems that this speaker is the perfect gift for those who want to bring their favorite music anywhere. The fact that it can be hung almost anywhere makes it a real must-have! You could have mentioned the price in your review: as I can see, the speaker is pretty cheap, which is also a good point. A real good Christmas gift idea!

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