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11 Thoughtful Gifts for the Yogi You Love

November 20, 2018

Downward dog. Lotus. Shavasana. We’re speaking her language, and now we’re going to let these yoga-mazing gifts do the talking. They’re designed for maximum “om” both at home and out in the world. Because let’s face it—keeping calm during the holidays is tough—even for a seasoned yogi.

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Maker Stories

Bending Stereotypes:
Dan Abramson’s Yoga Joes

November 11, 2016

Dan Abramson | Yoga Joes | UncommonGoods

When Dan Abramson was brainstorming with a friend in a coffee shop back in 2014, he hadn’t intended to start a movement. The art director, who had founded the tongue-in-cheek “manly” yoga accessories company Brogamats two years prior, was “trying to come up with a funny way to get more men to do yoga,” he recalled. “We were wondering, What can we do to make yoga more macho?” He considered a series of videos of men at construction sites or at football games striking the poses. Then, said Dan, “I thought, What if we had classic green army men doing yoga?

Yoga Joes - Green Army Men Practicing Traditional Yoga Poses

The San Francisco resident, who’d started doing yoga himself to heal a back injury, thought he had simply come up with a good video joke: “I thought we could do it on Reddit [with existing figures] and it would be funny for a day.” But after a great deal of research into plastics, he realized he could actually make the figures, posing them the way he wanted. So Dan worked to create a set of classic, plastic army figures arranged in postures such as Downward Dog and Warrior One and put his concept on Kickstarter. “It ended up blowing it out of the water!” he shared. “It raised way more money than I anticipated and had a huge audience.”

Something else happened that Dan hadn’t expected: A large number of those who donated were associated with the military—veterans, active service members, and loved ones of military members. “I started getting really heartfelt messages,” he said. “I didn’t have any idea that there was such a huge community of people doing yoga in the military.” Emails poured in from workers in veterans’ affairs, vets adjusting to life after service and loved ones of veterans. Some emails recalled happy stories, others tragic memories. But most of the messages shared a common thread: Yoga could save service members’ lives if only the practice could spread across the military community. “It was incredibly humbling,” said Dan. “I knew then I had a responsibility to do this well and do it right.”

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Maker Stories

Precious Gem Chakra Balancing Necklace:
Rocking the Chakras With Erwin List Sanchez and Deborah Stotzky

March 30, 2016

Erwin List Sanchez and Deborah Stotzky

Jewelry artists and devoted yogis Erwin List Sanchez and Deborah Stotzky, makers of our new Precious Gem Chakra Balancing Necklace, believe in beautiful stones – and not just because they’re pretty. They keep carefully-chosen pieces of quartz crystals around their studio because of the power they hold.

In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, the term “chakra” (Sanskrit for wheel) refers to human energy centers. There are seven main chakras in the human body. It was probably inevitable that Erwin and Deborah would create a necklace that beautifully visualizes these powerful, invisible forces.


Precious Gem Chakra Balancing Necklace | UncommonGoods

Precious Gem Chakra Balancing Necklace | UncommonGoods
Gems, from top to bottom: Amethyst, Indigo Sapphire, Topaz, Emerald, Citrine, Orange Sapphire, Ruby. (Note: Image is highly magnified. See below for actual size image of pendant on model.)

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Gift Guides

Gifts for Women: 19 Finds for the Zen Seeker

November 28, 2014

Gifts for Women: 19 Finds for the Zen Seeker

Getting a daily dose of relaxation can be difficult when we’re surrounded by a hectic world, but some women are so passionate about finding balance that they seem to make the most of every moment. These zen seekers can teach us a lot about doing what’s best for our bodies and minds if we would just listen to them as well as they listen to their Chakras. This collection of 19 gifts celebrate self-awareness, meditation, and the yoga lifestyle.  So, while we may not all be as in-touch with the universe as these wise women are, we can still let them know that we appreciate the lessons they’ve taught us about connecting with our surroundings and our inner selves.


1.Yoga can take a load off the body and the mind, but lugging a mat isn’t always relaxing. This Upcycled Sari Yoga Bag makes the commute to class as peaceful as Lotus pose.

Meditation Box | UncommonGoods

2. Even those who seem the most calm may need to take a moment to reflect every now and then. This low-tech “tablet” is the perfect place to write down thoughts and watch them fade into the sands of time.  | Meditation Box

Yoga Poses Poster| UncommonGoods3. Whether she’s just starting her practice or is a long-time yogi, she’ll love this artful collection of illustrated Asanas. | Yoga Pose Poster

Zenguin Mugs | UncommonGoods

4. Zenguin Mugs— Because the quest for zen doesn’t have to be without humor.

Yoga Tote | UncommonGoods5. The Yoga Tote carries everything she needs before she lets go of the days extra baggage in Shavasana.

Yoga Pose Pendants | UncommonGoods

6. She may not be able to break into Bow pose in the middle of an important business meeting, but she can wear a Yoga Pose Pendant as a comforting reminder to stay calm even when things get stressful.


Chakra Flag Chime | UncommonGoods

7. The Chakra Flags Chime is a handmade reminder to stay in touch with the 7 Chakras, or “windows to the soul.” The pretty sounds  made by its rustling bells are reminders that beautiful art goes beyond what the eye can see.

Ganesh Chain Chime | UncommonGoods

8. If vertical art fits more easily into her personal space, she’ll love the Ganesh Chain Chime.
Chakra Bath Salt Set | UncommonGoods9. A long, hot bath can be one of the best ways to de-stress, and this Chakra Bath Salts Set makes soaking even more serene.

Teabag Tub Soaks | UncommonGoods

10. If bath salts aren’t her cup of tea, she might enjoy a soak enhanced with herbs. | Teabag Tub Soaks

Cherry Blossom Snow Globe | UncommonGoods11. Give her springtime in the middle of winter with this tranquil scene. | Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Recycled Wine Bottle Candles | UncommonGoods12. She may already have a soundtrack for her daily yoga routine, but eucalyptus and lemon or lavender will add a lovely scent-track. | Recycled Wine Bottle Candles

Many Moons Screenprint | Uncommongoods

13. She may be the earthy type, but she’ll be over the moon when she opens this gift. | Many Moons Screenprint 

Silk Wrapped Soul Bracelet - Consciousness |UncommonGoods14.  Those who seek zen must find a connection with the present; this Silk Wrapped Soul Bracelet – Consciousness symbolizes awareness of the moment.

Chai Tea Kit | UncommonGoods

15. Enjoying a cup of tea is a great way to loosen up after a long day, and this loose-leaf collection with make that cup even more enjoyable. | Chai Tea Kit

Glass Teapot with Stand | UncommonGoods

16. Of course, that moment of zen doesn’t have to end when the first cup is empty. | Glass Teapot with Stand

Healing Stone Mugs | Uncommongoods

17. Add yet another level to that soothing tea-time experience with a handmade Healing Stone Mug.

Zen Cat Garden Sculpture | UncommonGoods

18. Whether she prefers to meditate in an outdoor garden or in a corner of the den, these calm kitties will fit right into her quiet space. | Zen Cat Garden Sculptures

Balance Necklace | UncommonGoods

19. The busier her lifestyle gets, the more amazed you are that she always manages to find balance. Show her how much you appreciate this special quality with charming necklace says it perfectly. | Balance and Harmony Necklace



Gifts for Women | UncommonGoods