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11 Thoughtful Gifts for the Yogi You Love

November 20, 2018

Downward dog. Lotus. Shavasana. We’re speaking her language, and now we’re going to let these yoga-mazing gifts do the talking. They’re designed for maximum “om” both at home and out in the world. Because let’s face it—keeping calm during the holidays is tough—even for a seasoned yogi.

1. Mindful metal sculptures that sway in their home or yard.

Take their practice from the mat to the garden (or doorway, or porch) with these serene hanging sculptures.

Yoga Pose Hanging Sculptures – $48 Buy Now »


2. A necklace that brings peace of mind—anywhere, anytime.

Exhale through this pendant, which slows the breath and helps calm your body and mind.

Mindful Breathing Necklace – $95-115 Buy Now »


3. Deeper stretches, tighter core: this is their new BYF (best yoga friend).

The do-it-all prop they didn’t know they needed? It’s this round little wonder that stretches and strengthens.

Cork Yoga Wheel – $48 Buy Now »


4. A mat that finds a new use for reclaimed wet suits.

First, they surfed some epic West Coast waves. Now wetsuits are “reincarnated” as a beautiful (anti-bacterial) yoga mat.

Recycled Wetsuits Yoga Mat – $89 Buy Now »


5. Candles that set the mood for their sun salutations.

Fact: A yogi can never have too many candles. These soy-wax designs melt slowly and fill their space with a calming aroma. We can almost hear their “ahhhs.”

Soothe the Soul Yogi Candles – $28 Buy Now »


6. Help them soldier on through their basic (yoga) training.

Yoga can be challenging sometimes. Make it light and fun with these posing servicemen who have one mission: keep inner peace.

Yoga Joes – $25 Buy Now »


7. Garden stakes that remind them to keep an open heart.

Help them align their anahata (heart chakra) with these recycled steel ornaments that pose among plants.

Heart Center Garden Stakes – $25 Buy Now »


8. Wear your practice on your sleeve—er—wrist with this sterling silver bracelet.

Seven posing figures clink softly on their wrist, reminding them to keep the good vibes going after class.

Yoga Pose Charm Bracelet – $50 Buy Now »


9. This water bottle doubles as a foam roller for all your mindful multi-taskers.

First, they’ll hydrate. Then, they’ll go to work on sore muscles and tight spots. Consider it a 2-for-1 zen special.

Foam Roller Water Bottle – $35 Buy Now »


10. A superior nanofiber, quick dry towel for hot (or not) yoga.

Jumping from crow straight into plank means one thing: sweat. This quick-drying, anti-bacterial towel is just the thing they’ll reach for.

NanoDry Towel – $34.95 Buy Now »


11. Everyday enlightenment comes in the form of sparkly, stackable bracelets.

Seven colorful bracelets represent the seven chakras, helping them stay aligned and oh-so-calm.

“I Am” Chakra Bracelets – $59 Buy Now »


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