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Jewelry to Make Your Valentine Shine

January 25, 2019

Dating five months vs. married five years. A bond built on world travel vs. raising kids together. A love you’ve just discovered vs. one with lots of history. The jewelry here toasts your one-of-a-kind connection. Made with love, each piece celebrates its special sparkle.

1. A bouquet that never fades.

Birth Month Flower Necklace | UncommonGoods

A pretty dried flower pendant for your love, symbolizing the month she was born.

Birth Month Flower Necklace – $48 Buy Now »


2. A necklace that links memories, hopes, and right now.

Past Present Future Necklace | UncommonGoods

She’s a doer. These links remind her to take “right now, just be” breaks.

Past Present Future Necklace – $54 Buy Now »


3. Tell her you’re her ever-loyal bestie.

I'll Be There Necklace | UncommonGoods

Two trees, two layers, two metals, and one heartfelt message of true friendship.

I’ll Be There Necklace – $102 Buy Now »


4. A brass “birch bark” bangle “carved” with your initials.

Personalized Love Birch Cuff | UncommonGoods

As romantic as the real thing (and cast from real birch), it celebrates your love without harming an innocent tree.

Personalized Love Birch Cuff – $100 Buy Now »


5. A starry “sky” in their sun sign’s constellation.

Sign of the Zodiac Necklace | UncommonGoods

Whether she’s a practical Capricorn, an imaginative Pisces, or a magnetic Scorpio, tell her she’s your favorite constellation with this delicate silver pendant.

Sign of the Zodiac Necklace – $38 Buy Now »


6. A pendant that carries balm to keep her pout pretty.

Made with kisses in mind, this ingenious pendant keeps her lips soft and luscious.

Luscious Lip Balm Storage Necklace Set – $12-89 Buy Now »


7. An attentive pup to listen to her thoughts.

You’re pretty sure she loves you as much as the dog. That’s why you’re not too jealous to give her this ever-attentive pup to hear the thoughts you can’t be there for.

Good Listener Kinetic Necklace – $250 Buy Now »


8. Pretty winged pals that perch on her fingers.

Birds Of A Feather Ring Collection | UncommonGoods

She’s so amazing, people flock to her. But this lucky bird gets to stay—just like you.

Birds Of A Feather Ring Collection – $87 Buy Now »


9. Upcycled floral sari swatches that float on her wrist.

Upcycled Floral Sari Bangle | UncommonGoods

She’s got way more than a snippet of boho adventurer. These swirling scraps of color say you love that about her.

Upcycled Floral Sari Bangle – $79 Buy Now »


10. Her favorite urban skyline, always on hand.

Cityscape Rings | UncommonGoods

The city where you met. Or fell in love. Or tied the knot. Give her a piece of that romantic real estate in miniature.

Cityscape Rings – $99 Buy Now »


11. A tiny vault for wishes, to wear on her wrist.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet | UncommonGoods

Her first wish was you, so she knows they come true. With this pretty beaded bracelet, she can keep that magic going.

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet – $58 Buy Now »


12. Snips of story-filled saris to hang on her ears.

Kantha Chandeliers Earrings | UncommonGoods

She’s no wallflower. Celebrate her vivid presence with dangly earrings to match it.

Kantha Chandeliers Earrings – $22 Buy Now »


13. A necklace that’s ready to rev her up.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace | UncommonGoods

Lucky you: she’s passionate, and not afraid to show it. Lucky her: you knew she’d love this.

Vesper Vibrator Necklace – $69-150 Buy Now »


14. A heart made of trunkfuls of elephant love.

Love "Nose" Necklace | UncommonGoods

Show your super-sized sentiment with this silver heart pendant, formed from a couple of canoodling pachyderms.

Love “Nose” Necklace – $96 Buy Now »


15. A bit of her favorite beach, strung with sea-colored beads.

Sentimental Sand Custom Karma Bracelet | UncommonGoods

Give her this custom bracelet and she’ll carry the good vibes of that beach you both love wherever she goes.

Sentimental Sand Custom Karma Bracelet – $48 Buy Now »


16. Eye candy for her ears.

Sprinkle Heart Studs | UncommonGoods

She’s really sweet. And these are real sweets: sprinkles, set in silver hearts.

Sprinkle Heart Studs – $28 Buy Now »


17. So Mama can keep her love bugs close to her heart.

Love Bug Necklaces | UncommonGoods

This adorably sweet piece will melt her heart, because the little love bugs (and you!) are the joys of her life.

Love Bug Necklaces – $72-129 Buy Now »


18. Peek-a-boo hearts on hoops for her ears.

Sleepy Heart Hoop Earrings | UncommonGoods

Your love for her is no secret, but you don’t need show it off all the time. Just like these subtle bronze hearts snuggling in silver hoops. They’re hidden until she turns her head (to thank you, of course).

Sleepy Heart Hoop Earrings – $74 Buy Now »


19. She’s “it” for you! This necklace reminds her, always.

TAG! You Are Loved Necklace | UncommonGoods

Love in a nutshell: I tag you, you tag me. With this silver arrow, you (and Cupid) can tag her good.

TAG! You Are Loved Necklace – $92 Buy Now »


20. A sparkly modern take on the 12 astrology symbols.

Bejeweled Zodiac Necklaces | UncommonGoods

She’s into ancient astrology, but has up-to-the minute taste? We bet you can see this modern, minimal zodiac pendant in her future.

Bejeweled Zodiac Necklaces – $78 Buy Now »


21. A sweet silver piece for adoptive mothers and their children.

Adoption Is Love Necklace | UncommonGoods

“Not under my heart, but in it,” it reads. That’s just how she feels. This necklace makes a hard-to-express sentiment simple, and her motherly pride visible.

Adoption Is Love Necklace – $98 Buy Now »


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