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Our Favorite Products This Week:
Garden Edition

April 18, 2018

Our Favorite Products this Week | UncommonGoods

Is it just us, or did winter feel endless this year? Or maybe that’s what it feels like every year. We’re losing track. At least we know this much: gardening season is here, baby, and that means dirt, bugs, and flowers galore. (Seriously, we love all those things.) It also means our weekly picks this time around feature a selection of our favorite stuff for your corner of the great outdoors, from watering cans to spinning sculptures to bird feeders to, of course, grow kits. Read on for more.

1. A watering can in the shape of a friendly frog.

Frankie the Frog Watering Can | UncommonGoods

If you’re lucky, you’ve probably spotted a toad or two popping up from your garden already. Since tree frogs are a rarer sight, let Frankie bring the charm of the tropics to you. We also hear he makes a great gift:

My mom loves to collect frogs, and this watering can was perfect. She loves to garden, but decided she would display it more like an art piece than actually use it to water plants because she loves it so much. Success!Rani, Boston, MA, ★★★★★

Frankie the Frog Watering Can – $42 Buy Now »


2. A set of mama and baby bird garden sculptures.

Quail Set Garden Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Baby quail are so adorable, we couldn’t resist these handmade steel versions. Here’s one satsified customer’s take:

We have several quail families in our area and even they are curious about these sculptures! They are fun to move around and rearrange. We consistently receive compliments from our many visitors. They are well made, sturdy, with a strong attention to detail. Great gift or addition to any garden!NW Quail, Washington, ★★★★★

Quail Set Garden Sculpture – $45 Buy Now »


3. Cast brass plant markers for your favorite herbs.

Cast Herb Plant Markers | UncommonGoods

Say “goodbye” to popsicle sticks and “hello” to these charming, durable replacements, each handmade in New York.

Cast Herb Plant Markers – $50 Buy Now »


4. A trowel that does so much more.

Pocket Trowel Multi-Tool | UncommonGoods

A gardener’s needs are many, and that usually means your tools are, too. Thankfully, this trowel packs serious punch: it’s a saw, a weeder, and much more in one!

Pocket Trowel Multi-Tool – $23 Buy Now »


5. A grow kit that makes sunflowers unintimidating.

Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit | UncommonGoods

If you’ve ever worried that you can’t handle caring for a 10-foot-tall bloom, think again. Here’s what one happy buyer had to say:

This is a no-brainer seed starter for someone who isn’t too sure about growing things from seeds.Abe Froman, Chicago, IL, ★★★★

Sunflower in a Bag Grow Kit – $12.95 Buy Now »


6. A handmade home for solitary bees.

Solitary Bee Hive | UncommonGoods

Not all bees live in hives, you know—some are loners, a little like people. Give solitary pollinators a place to call home with this wooden “condo” developed by a real beekeeper.

Solitary Bee Hive – $40 Buy Now »


7. Terracotta stakes that keep your plants well-watered.

Recycle a Bottle Plant Nanny Stake - Set of 4 | UncommonGoods

Whether you’re planning a two week vacation or simply can’t remember to water your plants, there terracotta stakes will keep them green as long as you have a recycled bottle handy. Says one real reviewer:

The stakes are easy to install. I love that I can take ‘water the patio pots’ off of my daily to-do list. I also love the fact that the bottles are easily removed when you have company over (as I prefer when entertaining). Love this product!R., Midwest, ★★★★★

Recycle a Bottle Plant Nanny Stake – Set of 4 – $14.95-16.95 Buy Now »


8. A kit to craft mojitos from the ground up.

Grow & Craft Mint Mojito Kit | UncommonGoods

You’ve already got a green thumb, so why not put it to good use crafting cocktails? This mint grow kit comes with a muddler, strainer, and mason jar shaker for A+ mojitos with homegrown herbs.

Grow & Craft Mint Mojito Kit – $24.99 Buy Now »


9. A custom sculpture that celebrates love.

Stars Aligned Personalized Wind Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Personalized with your names and a date that’s important to you—you know, like your anniversary—this outdoor sculpture twists, turns, and toasts your union for all to see.

Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture – $95 Buy Now »


10. A bird feeder made from hand-blown glass.

Water Drop Bird Feeder | UncommonGoods

This droplet-shaped feeder protects precious seed from the elements and looks pretty cute doing it, too.

Water Drop Bird Feeder – $80 Buy Now »


11. Gloves, tools, and a patterned kneeler for bird lovers.

Birds & Blooms Gardener's Accessories Set | UncommonGoods

Decorated with 19th-century motifs from the archives of the Royal Horticultural Society, this cheery kneeler and matching glove set make gardening even more adorable. (Pretty turquoise tools don’t hurt, either.)

Birds & Blooms Gardener’s Accessories Set – $34-50 Buy Now »


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