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Our Favorite Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-for Mom

April 17, 2018

Our Favorite Gifts for the Impossible-to-Shop-for Mom

You gotta love a mom who, when she wants something, goes right ahead and gets it. Except when, well, it’s the time of the year for you to get her something she wants. (Ahem, Mother’s Day is on May 13th.) Don’t worry, though. We see your claim that she already has everything and raise you this: a phone-charging bracelet, hand-blown glass jellyfish that wave in the wind, and a whole bunch of other unexpected gifts.


1. An enchanting wind chime with an under-the-sea theme.

Glass Jellyfish Chimes | UncommonGoods

A find this pretty really takes the sting out of M-Day shopping, right?

Glass Jellyfish Chimes – $60 Buy Now »



2. An elephant mug that supports a larger cause.

Protect the Elephants Mug | UncommonGoods

Each mug sold = $5 donated to the PAMS foundation, which protects wilderness habitats for animals in Tanzania.

Protect the Elephants Mug – $40 Buy Now »



3. Decadent brownies with a meaningful mission.

Benevolent Brownies | UncommonGoods

Aside from tasting delicious (these are the only brownies Ben & Jerry’s uses in their ice cream), these sweets also support Greyston Bakery’s Open Hiring mission—that is, to provide jobs to people regardless of their past circumstances.

Benevolent Brownies – $35 Buy Now »



4. An artful take on the mother of all sea creatures.

Fantastic Whale Wall Sculpture | UncommonGoods

Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here. Your mom and this piece are sure to get along swimmingly.

Fantastic Whale Wall Sculpture – $75 Buy Now »



5. Stylish candles that won’t lose their unusual shape.

Architectural Candles | UncommonGoods

The wick burns down a well in the middle, so no need to worry about melt-age.

Architectural Candles – $35 Buy Now »



6. A serving board that’ll rock her dinner party world.

Jammin' Serving Board | UncommonGoods

See, you found something perfect for your music-loving mama. No need to fret. (Get it?)

Jammin’ Serving Board – $17-84 Buy Now »



7. A minimalist bracelet that doubles as a phone charger.

Phone Charging Bracelet | UncommonGoods

Form meets (the most important in our digital age) function.

Phone Charging Bracelet – $149 Buy Now »



8. A framed print for the mom who appreciates fine art—and fine puns.

Take Your Time | UncommonGoods

Does she take her time with cream and sugar?

Take Your Time – $60-115 Buy Now »



9. Cards for feminist moms who aren’t afraid of fun and games.

"Woman Card" Playing Deck | UncommonGoods

Playing the old “woman card” again, eh? No, really—this deck features detailed portraits of trailblazing American women throughout history.

“Woman Card” Playing Deck – $20 Buy Now »



10. The. Prettiest. Puzzle. Ever.

Geode Puzzle | UncommonGoods

Stuck between a rock and a… really cool puzzle.

Geode Puzzle – $60 Buy Now »



11. Chocolate covered pretzels with a culinary twist.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels | UncommonGoods

With flavors like toffee, birthday cake, cookies and cream, and more, maybe you ought to get a set for yourself, too. Y’know, taste test them first.

Gourmet Chocolate Covered Pretzels – $30 Buy Now »



12. A serving solution that’s truly out of this world.


Saturn Glass Sculptural Bowl | UncommonGoods

The most compliment-worthy bowl this side of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Saturn Glass Sculptural Bowl – $150 Buy Now »



13. An art piece that’ll put her phone’s camera roll on display.

Personalized Travel Tags Photo Art | UncommonGoods

Let her show off her inner nomad.

Personalized Travel Tags Photo Art: Color – $65-85 Buy Now »



14. A custom print that immortalizes your cutest childhood catchphrases.

Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art | UncommonGoods

Remember that time you were four and called spaghetti “psghetti”? Mom sure does.

Kid Quotes Custom Wall Art – $55-100 Buy Now »



15. Mugs with everyone in the fam’s mugs on ’em.

Personalized Family Mugs | UncommonGoods

Coffee time at your next family gathering just got a whole lot cuter.

Personalized Family Mugs – $30-160 Buy Now »



16. A true gem of a catchall dish.

Birth Month Mini Dish | UncommonGoods

Choose the one that matches her birthstone (she’ll appreciate it all year round).

Birth Month Mini Dish – $44 Buy Now »



17. A screen-printed summation of what makes Mom great.

Anatomy of a Mother's Heart Screen Print | UncommonGoods

A little bit of worry, a heaping serving of joy, and a whole lot of mixed feelings, all secured by a membrane of adoration.

Anatomy of a Mother’s Heart Screen Print – $40 Buy Now »



18. An earthy necklace for every letter of the alphabet.

A to Z Letter Necklaces | UncommonGoods

We’ll spell it out for you: there’s no way she won’t absolutely love this one.

A to Z Letter Necklaces – $78 Buy Now »


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