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Our Favorite Gifts for Everyone Celebrating October Birthdays

October 2, 2018

Looking for a birthday gift for someone celebrating in October? We gathered 15 of our favorite goods that are sure to put a smile on their face, whether you’re looking to please a gin drinker, a baseball fan, or even an impossible-to-shop-for friend.


1. Clever gin glasses for the cocktail connoisseur.

They’ll drink to gin’s fascinating medicinal history with these bold Copa de Balon glasses designed to trap the spirit’s botanical aromas and slow the melting of ice. Each glass in the set of four is even printed with a charming phrase that speaks to the benefit of a good, stiff drink. (It’s “good for what ails you.”)

OriGinal Remedy Gin Glasses – $75 Buy Now »


2. Easy DIY herbs for the year-round gardener.

Help them harvest the power of hydroponics to grow tasty fresh herbs indoors. Choose from parsley, basil, or cilantro. (You can even throw in a replant kit, available for $18, if you’re looking to earn bonus points.)

Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter – $25 Buy Now »


3. Cozy (and delicious) comfort for the hot cocoa lover.


This set comes with two servings of scrumptious chocolate and a traditional Mexican molinillo to whip it with. All the birthday boy or girl has to do is drop the chocolate in a mug of warm milk, put the molinillo in fat end first, and rotate the stick between their palms to create a fabulous, frothy treat.

Mexican Hot Cocoa Set – $28 Buy Now »


4. A happy little mug for the painter or art lover.

This mug is almost as magical as Bob Ross. Fill it with hot liquid and one of the painter’s masterpieces appears behind him.

Paint with Bob Ross Mug – $16 Buy Now »


5. A special personalized book for the avid reader.

Their birthday is big news, but some other important stuff has probably happened on that day too. They can read all about it in this collection of New York Times front pages from the day they were born onward.

New York Times Custom Birthday Book – $99.95 Buy Now »


6. An empowering symbol for the woman who’s inspired you.

This handmade necklace features cracked glass held between two glass panes, making it a lovely symbol for all the women out there crushing it every day.

Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace – $68 Buy Now »


7. Colorful light-up bath toys for the creative kid in your life.

Get these friendly bath toys wet and they light up. They’ll also light up the birthday kid’s face.

Glowing Bath Time Pals – $20 Buy Now »


8. Pillows depicting famous stadiums for the sports fanatic.

Got a die-hard baseball fan with a birthday coming up? Pick a pillow featuring a blueprint of their favorite stadium and the gift is sure to be a home run.

Baseball Stadium Blueprint Pillow – Team Colors – $100 Buy Now »


9. A smoking system for the entertainer who has everything.

This sophisticated (but easy-to-use) system lets chefs, mixologists, and anyone who likes to do a little food and drink experimentation create smoky food and drinks at home. (Just make sure they invite you over for that smoked mac ‘n’ cheese they whip up.)

The Gourmet’s Smoking Cloche – $200 Buy Now »


10. A book of prompts for the thoughtful journal-er.

This one makes a sweet gift for a parent, grandparent, or friend who’s lived an incredible life. Packed with thought-provoking prompts, this keepsake journal will bring back memories and encourage your giftee to share their life story.

My Life Story – So Far – $30 Buy Now »


11. An ultra-cozy blanket for the happy homebody.

A thoughtful pick for the friend who would rather spend their birthday comfortable indoors than out partying it up, this Mexican blanket is backed with sherpa (incredibly soft and snuggly faux fur.)

Sherpa Backed Mexican Blanket – $144 Buy Now »


12. Grow-your-own blooms for the flower child.

These DIY flower kits come in flowers for all 12 months, so grab the marigold version for your October birthday pal and they’ll be growing in no time.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit – $34 Buy Now »


13. Burrito socks. (Sure, go ahead and call them bur-feet-os.)

Burrito Socks | UncommonGoods

Unroll these fuzzy burritos to reveal a pair of sweetly silly socks.

Pair them with another fun set for a gift that will knock their socks off.  See more socks.

Unusual Socks | UncommonGoods

Unisex Burrito Socks – $15.50 Buy Now »


14. Colorful puzzles for the friend who’s up for a challenge.

These laser-cut jigsaw puzzles aren’t just pretty, they also provide a fun, next-level challenge.

Geode Puzzle – $60 Buy Now »


15. A cleansing candle for the birthday buddy seeking calm.

Cleansing ritual candle | UncommonGoods

For years, people have burned sage to cleanse a new home. Take that idea and add a little lavender, cedar, and lilac crystals and you’ve got this candle. It’s a fun way to help someone move into a new year, symbolically clear the air (and their head), and get a fresh start on what’s ahead.

Cleansing Ritual Candle – $24 Buy Now »


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