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Why We Joined the TurboVote Challenge

September 17, 2018

On November 6, Americans will choose every single member of the US House of Representatives, a third of the US Senate, and many of the state and local officials who influence how our communities function daily.

Sounds important, right? Unfortunately, it’s pretty uncommon to see strong voter turnout during midterm elections.  Only 36% of the voting-eligible population cast ballots in the 2014 midterm election, according to the US Elections Project. Voter turnout among women between 18 and 24 was just 18% during the last midterm election.

We’ve joined the TurboVote Challenge, powered by the non-partisan non-profit Democracy Works, to help the US achieve 80% voter turnout by 2024. Democracy Works develops technology to help Americans overcome process barriers related to voting,  including registration problems, lack of time, or inconvenient polling places. Through their TurboVote tool, you can register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and receive reminders about local, state, and federal elections.

Here at UncommonGoods, it’s our mission to use business as a force for good. It’s why we’ve donated more than $2 million to non-profits through our Better to Give program. This mission is what drives us to advocate for causes we believe in, like standing for paid family leave, protecting the Endangered Species Act, and supporting the IRC’s refugee resettlement programs. We know that the leaders we vote for in November will not only affect these issues and our non-profit partners, but they will also affect our neighbors and our planet. While we don’t endorse any specific political parties or candidates, we do believe voter participation is essential to being a force for good. We’re not trying to tell you what to think. What’s most important to us is that you feel empowered to use your voice this November and in future elections. Because every election matters. Your voice matters. Your vote matters.


There are a few simple ways to make sure you’re midterm ready:

1. Check that your registration is current. Visit to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and receive reminders about local, state, and federal elections.
2. Mark your calendar. National Voter Registration Day is Tuesday, September 25, and Election Day is Tuesday, November 6. In many states, you can vote in-person or by mail before Election Day. Find your state’s early voting deadlines with, a tool developed by Democracy Works. Keep an eye on our social channels for important reminders.
3. Learn your polling location. Democracy Works also built a tool called Get to the Polls that allows voters to find everything they need to get ready for their upcoming elections—where to vote, what will be on their ballot, and contact info for local election officials.

Here are other ways to help make voting easier – for everyone:

1. Purchase an I’m a Voter Necklace, Keychain, or Paperweight, and we’ll donate $5 to Democracy Works.
2. Choose Democracy Works at checkout and we’ll donate $1 (at no cost to you) through our Better to Give program.

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